By AvatarfanSLO Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt continuity.


Battle in the Realm of Koh


The Red Revolt


Battle of the Northern Water Tribe


Earth Spring of 101 AG


The Fire Nation

  • Fire Nation Capital


  • Red Revolt Victory
  • Azula is freed


Red Revolt

Fire Nation


Captain Isho


Forces involved

Members of the Elite 4th Firebending Company

Fire Nation Domestic Forces


1 Captured

Several wounded


The Liberation of Azula was a battle fought by the Fire Nation Domestic forces against the Red Revolt members in the maximum security prison in the Fire Nation Capital.


When the Hundred Year War ended, the former Heir to the Fire Nation Throne, Princes Azula was put under lockdown in the Fire Nation Capital Prison.

After the defeat in Was Na Si, the Red Revolt grew weaker and weaker each day. Admiral Shinzou, the leader of the conspiracy decided that it was best if a new leader was chosen. Since Phoenix King Ozai lost his Bending abilities the Generals decided, that it should be Princes Azula, who would lead the Red Revolt.

Admiral Shinzou picked Captain Isho and his Elite Firebending Company to lead an attack and to free the next leader of the Red Revolt. Captain Isho and his soldiers boarded a War Balloon and started flying towards the Fire Nation Capital. Since most of the Fire Nation Domestic Forces were stationed in the Earth Kingdom, where they were still fighting some units of the Red Revolt, Isho and his men arrived to the Capital unseen.

The men landed the War Balloon right at the gates of the Prison, stormed the building, secured it and freed Princes Azula, who was still in shock about the recent events. The Firebenders and Azula ran towards the War Balloon, but were spotted. A single Firebender chose to stay behind, in order to secure a safe passage for the others.

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