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Liang is one of the main protagonists in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny fanon.

Before the story

Liang was born at the exact moment that Tui was killed by Admiral Zhao during the Siege of the North to a small family in the city of Ba Sing Se, capital of the Earth Kingdom. The small shards that remained of Tui's spirit fled into Liang as he was being born. The remnants of Tui have dwelled within him all his life, though he was unaware of his special spiritual connection; the only outside indicator was his shock white hair. He has been haunted by a vision of a woman in the moon ever since he was young, but he passed off his vision as a hallucination and didn't mention it to anyone. As he grew up, he excelled in nothing - he was not born an Earthbender and his parents never allowed him to pick up or train with a sword in the times of peace that followed the end of the War as they feared a return to conflict. In school, he did well, but was never the top of his class nor was he popular as his white hair was ridiculed by his fellow students. However, Liang is a surprisingly perceptive boy and sees things that most other people wouldn't notice. This trait, and Iroh's belief that Liang had a touch of destiny about him, earned him the admiration of Iroh and a position as an employee of the Jasmine Dragon, despite Liang's mediocre tea-making skills.

During the story

Meeting with Yue

When Diyi, the first Airbending child in over a century, was born in the Western Air Temple, Liang was contacted by Princess Yue, the spirit of the moon, who informed him of his special spiritual connection. She told him that he was the only person that she could contact in the physical world, other than the Avatar. She asked him to deliver a message to Kyoshi Island. Initially reluctant to travel there with his lack of experience, he was eventually persuaded to go by his boss, Iroh. He met up with a Fire Nation boy, Wuoyan, on the outskirts of Ba Sing Se and traveled with him to Kyoshi Island.

On Kyoshi Island

In Kyoshi Bay, Liang and Wuoyan were attacked by two soldiers of the Cult of Sozin under the command of Shaoshang. Wuoyan was able to fight off the soldiers, rescue Liang from the Unagi and the two were able to get safely to dry land on Kyoshi Island. Liang met up with the Kyoshi Warriors and their leader, Suki, who paralyzed him with chi-blocking when he made a bad move. Eventually, he was cured of his paralysis by Ty Lee and he was able to deliver Yue's message to Sokka.

Traveling to the North Pole

After hearing Yue's message, Sokka immediately went to the Northern Water Tribe, taking Liang, Wuoyan, Suki, and unknowingly, Shaoshang, who had stowed away aboard Sokka's ship. En route, they were attacked by a Water Tribe shipped captained by Hydros, who believed they were Cult of Sozin soldiers. As Wuoyan and Sokka were defeated by the surge of water and ice, Liang remembered what Iroh had told him back in Ba Sing Se and attempted to look the 'frost' (Hydros bending ice onto the ship) dead in the eye. When he did, he discovered his hidden Waterbending talents. After arriving at the North Pole, he and Sokka met up with Yue and she explained the nature of the world's problems, but she was kidnapped by Shaoshang before she could return to the Spirit World. Liang participated in the battle above the North Pole, showing his new-found mastery of his Waterbending talents in combat.

Attack on the South Pole

After Yue was killed by Zhao, Liang discovered he was the only person left in the world who could Waterbend. He used his talents successfully during the Attack on the South Pole, using his bending to produce a massive wave that gave the Southern Water Tribe enough time to escape and survive the attack.

He was able to learn how to heal and used his new-found ability to heal Hydros, who had seriously wounded after a shipwreck caused by the loss of Waterbending. This turned on him though as Hydros soon kidnapped Liang after learning that he could still bend when in Liang's presence. Hydros caused Liang great pain by stealing Liang's energy in order to Waterbend; Hydros took Liang against his will to the North Pole, where he intended to raise a small army of Waterbenders to get his revenge on Zhao.


Liang, due to his age and the fact that he hasn't traveled the world before now, can be very naive and just a little gullible, but is a good-hearted person and is very kind, even to strangers. He is also easily scared and can be very sarcastic at times.


Liang does not know how to fight. He cannot Earthbend and he was never trained in any weapon or combat skills. He is quite perceptive, though, and picks up little details that most people wouldn't even notice, a trait that Iroh admires in him.

However, after being attacked by Captain Hydros and fulfilling a prophecy given to him by Iroh, Liang has discovered his hidden ability to Waterbend. Suki theorizes that having a small part of the former moon spirit, the original Waterbender, inside him will make him a very powerful Waterbender and he hadn't discovered it before simply because he never tried to Waterbend and was not in a dangerous situation. Despite this, Liang has had no formal training and is not very experienced as a Waterbender. He proved unable to bend water from a nearby canal onto fire in enough time to stop Shaoshang in Due North.

Time has proven a good teacher to Liang. His Waterbending skills have improved drastically and he is able to use them in combat effectively during the battle above the Northern Water Tribe. After Yue was killed by Zhao, Liang assumed his bending was lost like the others, but The Many Failures of Avatar Aang revealed that he does not need the moon in order to Waterbend and can draw the energy from the fragments of the former moon spirit inside of him. This currently makes Liang the last Waterbender in the entire world. Katara has described him as a natural Waterbender and that she has not met a faster learner since Aang himself when she was teaching Liang how to heal, an ability that Liang has taken to with great skill.

In Best Laid Plans, Hydros accidentally discovers that Liang can power other Waterbenders that are close in his vicinity, allowing them to also Waterbend, despite the lack of a moon spirit. However, as Sokka explained, Liang is a human being and not a spirit, doing this causes Liang an intense and crippling amount of pain.


  • In romanized Chinese, 'the moon' translates as 'yueliang'.
  • Iroh gave Liang the following prophecy: "The frost will come, young one, and when it does, look it dead in the eye." This came true in Cold Snap.
  • Liang is the only character in the Child of Destiny fanon to be able to bend an element that isn't of his own nation, other than the Avatar.

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