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By NightHawk16117 Part of the No Secret continuity.
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Lian is a first year Ba Sing Se University student. Not much is known of her past. At some point she became friends with Cai, most likely due to the fact that they had a few classes together, and they live near each other. She met Cai's main group of friends when she ate dinner with the group. Here she met Cheng, another Ba Sing Se University student. As Cheng walked them home after dinner, a robber attacked them. Cheng decided to fight him off. Lian recognized this and immediately got Cai to safety and returned to Cheng to help him get back to safety. She helped tend to Cheng's wounds when they got to the safety of Cai's house. She had taken a liking to Cheng that night. The next day she found Cheng being escorted by a guard. By using what Cheng mouthed at her, she was able to convince the guard to let Cheng go. She then went to her history teacher to talk about Cheng. He offered her the advice to just give it time and he'll show if he is the right person.

Through some unknown events, Lian met Smellerbee, after learning that Cheng was planning to be The Blue Spirit. She asked Smellerbee to talk to Cheng about joining the Freedom Fighters, as a way to keep Cheng on the right path. When confronted about how she knew Smellerbee, she wouldn't tell him anything. Later after Cheng's first mission, she asked him how it went. Cheng again got suspicious, wondering how she knew about it, and again she wouldn't say much.


Lian is very reserved, not talking much unless it is wise to do so. She appears to be very smart, knowing how to talk to people, as well as how to handle herself in tough situations.


She has the ability to know things before Cheng wants her to know them. She can figure things out through some means, when Cheng is trying to keep them secret.


  • Lian can be translated in Chinese to the word "Lotus"
  • The relationship between Lian and Cheng is never actually stated, but rather just alluded to.

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