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Riza Hawkeye
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


80 AG

Physical description



5 ft. 4in.

Hair color


Eye color

Light brown

Personal information
Bending style(s)

Waterbending (Bloodbending)

Chronological and political information



Black Lotus Assassins


Self taught




75,000 gold pieces


Childhood and Teen Years

Lian was born to a wealthy family in the Northern Water Tribe. Her childhood was spent in luxury. Her parents gave her everything they she ever wanted. She enjoyed her life but often became bored with fancy parties and stuck up rich boys. Every so often she and her friends would go "slumming" and would just hang out with the common folk. Unfortunately, almost every time she got into trouble and had to either bribe her way out or fight her way out. During one of the times she fought her way out, the person she beat was a very bitter man, and a poor loser.

Recruitment into the Black Lotus

The man hired an assassin from a local Black Lotus base to kill Lian for his humiliation. The assassin accepted and tracked her down and attacked her during a party at Chief Arnook's palace. The assassin threatened to kill everyone present at the party if Lian didn't surrender herself immediately. Master Pakku offered to take care of the man for Chief Arnook, but Lian said that she'd handle it. She quickly defeated the assassin much to the amazement her parents, and Pakku, and everyone else at the party. Unfortunately for Lian her double life was out and her parents never let her go anywhere with out a bodyguard. One day she learned who sent the assassin after her and snuck away from her bodyguard. She tracked the man down and brutally killed him.

A few days later she was approached by two men, both very large and well muscled. The older of the two introduced them as Des and Zheng. Des offered her a position in the Black Lotus Assassins. At this moment her bodyguard stepped forward to fight the two but was blown to pieces by Zheng. Both terrified and intrigued she left with them, causing her parents and everyone else to believe she was killed with her bodyguard.

Recruiting Nero

After a few years of training and team assignments Lian was approached by Des. During the coarse of those years Lian had developed her own style of Bloodbending, she could drain the body of blood through the smallest scratch. He asked her to assist him and Zheng to help recruit a new assassin. Lian eagerly agreed thinking after this she might finally get to go a solitary mission. On the way Des talked about their "target", some boy named Nero. From what Des said he came from a situation that was practically the opposite of hers. His family was murdered and he has been living off the streets ever since. She was expecting Nero to be some filthy slob who would probably stab you in the back as soon as he got the chance, boy was she surprised. When she saw Nero her heart nearly stopped, aside from being handsome he also seemed well mannered. Her attraction to him was almost instant. After Des lectured about how Nero's life would benefit from joining, excluding the fact that denial meant certain death, Lian tried to help the decision by claiming that the group was like one big happy family. She was almost afraid he'd decline once he responded with I doubt that. She was pleased however once he agreed to join.

Hunting Team Avatar

Healing Nero

After Nero's fierce battle with Aang, Lian found her bleeding friend at the bottom of the canyon where they fought. Barely alive as his blood seeped into the sand. Lian bended the blood back into his body and healed his open wounds. Once she sealed all of his injuries Lian carried Nero to the nearest base, where they got transport to Home Base on Ember Island.

Nero's Trials

When Nero had to face the Black Lotus Trials, Lian was given the task of attacking him during the Trial of Agility. She bended the water into a ferocious assault where she held nothing back. She eventually trapped Nero in a giant wave that she froze, he quickly escaped however. Once Nero went through the Trial of Strength Lian offered to heal Nero's wounds. When he refused she hugged him and lightly kissed his cheek while wishing him luck.

Capturing Mai

Lian assisted in the kidnapping of Mai and her children a few days after the trials. As Nero went up to capture Mai, Lian began to heal an assassin who they'd sent up a few minutes earlier. Once she finished she and Des waited for Nero to return. After losing her patience they went in the house in time to see Nero defeat Mai and capture the kids.

Defending the Home Base

When Team Avatar invaded Home Base, Lian went to its defense. She showed up just in time to save a Firebending assassin from Katara. She and the firebender dueled Aang and Katara on equal footing, the tide shifted momentarily however to Aang's and Katara's favor once Aang knocked Lian back and Katara struck down the firebender. Unfortunately for Aang and Katara however the tide almost immediately shifted again once Lian revealed that she was a Bloodbender, literally. Realizing they were outmatched in the narrow tunnels of the base Aang grabbed Katara and fled.

Taking Over for Nero

Once Nero died Lian was given his assignment, kill Team Avatar and those who influenced the war. She eagerly accepted for a chance to get them back for Nero, not knowing he betrayed them.

Reminiscing about the Good Old Days

The day before Lian left for her hunt she and Des had a few drinks at the mess hall of Home Base. While they drank Lian and Des recalled their last mission with Nero and Zheng. After a few drinks Lian left to get ready for her mission. When Des wished her luck she replied that there was no such thing in this business.

The Apprentice

When Lian and her team was about to leave for their mission Des brought a new recruit to her, Gao. Des told her that he was her new apprentice. As they prepared the ship Lian noticed that the kid was a bit strange. After they set sail Lian asked for a demonstration of Gao's abilities. She was greatly surprised when Gao created a massive fireball twice the size of their boat. In addition to his abilities with Firebending Lian noted that Gao seemed mentally unstable. She resolved to keep two eyes on him at all times.

Duel with Katara

When Lian and her team found Team Avatar at the port town of Two Rivers, they each fought a different member, Lian fought Katara. Lian quickly took the fight to open water when she was knocked off the ground and into the ocean, but before she landed she made an ice board. Katara made her own and chased after Lian as she surfed away. The two fought each other on relatively equal footing, until Katara formed two water whips and spun rapidly. This knocked Lian from her board into the water. When she climbed back on, she and Katara expanded their boards until they met. Lian them formed a water cloak around which protected her from Katara'a attacks. Lian eventually grabbed Katara and slammed her against the ground. She let her guard down however and was knocked unconscious when Katara hit her in the head with an ice covered fist. The only thing that spared her was Nero's spirit showing up to stop Katara.


When Lian came to, she was unaware of the intervention of Nero and went to collect her team. She found Hou dead in a building with a piece of debris sticking out of his chest, Mira tending to Mavado, who was severely wounded, and Gao standing alone having an argument with himself. Needless to say she was not happy. After they set out to sea again Lian fell asleep in her cabin. upon waking up she found Gao with Mavado in a headlock. After ordering him to let go Gao complied by snapping Mavado's neck. As Lian dragged Mavado's corpse next to Hou's she received a message telling her to report to the nearest field base. Her hunt was over.

Non- "canon" appearance

Katara and Azula fight

Lian and Mitsuki battling for the affection of Nero

Lian appears in the fanon cross over project Avatar: Clash of Worlds. Lian is standing just outside the Fire Nation Capital in the world of Kyoshi Revolts when Nero shows up next to her. Lian hugs then slaps him.

Their reunion is cut short however, as moments later a Fire Nation Royal Jet lands next to them. Princess Mitsuki comes out of the jet and mistakes Nero for a new nobleman, and subsequently falls head over heels for him. Lian is not pleased with Nero's new "fan" and steps in and shuts Mitsuki down. After Mitsuki calls Lian, Nero's mother, she loses it and attacks her.

As the two women fought each other Nero tried to stop them. However most of their attacks missed their target and hit him. Eventually Lian accidentally pulled all of the blood from Nero's body, leading to his death... again. Lian then says "You know, I think I'm getting used to him dying." and seems to forget her animosity with Mitsuki as she takes a sip of vodka.

At some point she gathered with all the other villains from the other series and goes to meet with the heroes. After introducing herself she and the other baddies partake in the consumption of cookies made from "'white powdery stuff".


Lian has two personalities, one for friends and another for enemies.

Attitude for Friends

Lian's attitude for her fellow assassins is usually friendly, if a bit on edge. She shows genuine concern for Nero when he is injured and during the Black Lotus Trials. However when Des claimed he knew what Nero's answer to her annual question would've been she did not hesitate to snap at him. She is not above killing her fellow assassins if it could benefit her in battle though. Her apprentice Gao seems to share this view and has caused her to be more on her toes than usual.

Attitude for Enemies

Lian's attitude for her foes actually varies depending on what she thinks of them. If an enemy has proven themselves to be a worthy opponent she'll be respectful to them. However if her prey is shown to be weak she will taunt and mock them before finishing them.



Lian's normal waterbending has been shown to at least equal that of Katara's. During her dual with Katara she fought on even ground and even gained the upper hand at point. When she was younger she faced and defeated a highly skilled assassin.


Lian had also discovered the ability to Bloodbend, but not the same form Hama discovered. Where Hama, and Katara, control people's bodies with Bloodbending, Lian drains blood out of the body through a wound and uses it as a weapon. This form doesn't require the use of the full moon because instead of reaching into the body to bend the blood, the blood is already draining out of the open wound, all Lian must do is pull it out, or push it in if she wishes to heal someone. However she can also cause a horrible death with this type of bending by draining the blood trough the pores of the body.


  • Main image used for Lian is of Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist

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