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Amon shedding a tear
Liam Rider
Biographical information




Birth place



17 (The Unknown) Deceased (The Gunfighter)

Physical description





200 Ibs

Hair color


Eye color

Dark Brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice

.45 Colt Single Action Army, Sword, Airbending

Bending style(s)



Avatar Isabella (wife) John Rider (son) Kya Rider (granddaughter)


Team Avatar. Order of the White Lotus



Chronological and political information

Gunslinger Grandmaster





"Sometimes the blind see better then those with the eyes of a hawk."
— Liam to Toph Beifong.

Liam "Lee" Rider is a main figure in the Avatar Fanon The Unknown. He is from a parallel world to where the story is set, possibly a future version of our own. Liam's main quest in the World of the Avatar is to locate a mythical artifact that will bring his beloved Isabella back to life and restore order to his world. He is a member, and later grandmaster of the Gunslingers, his world's version of the Order of the White Lotus.


Early Life

Almost nothing is known of Liam's life before he became a Gunslinger. What is known is that he earned his father's gun at an early age. Sometime after this: he met, befriended, and fell in love with his world's version of the Avatar, a girl named Isabella. According to Liam, and later John, the world had lost faith in the Avatar and the bending arts were consitered a taboo. Laws were even passed that forbade bending in public.

The Great War

"Some fought for idiologies, others for land, still others for resorces. But some groups, like the Gunslingers, fought for survival." - Liam on the War.

Baptism of Fire

Around the time that Liam turned 15, a conflict known as the Great War erupted and consumed the world. Liam, being a member of The Gunslingers, participated in the fighting even at a young age.

Death of the Avatar

When he was 16, Liam watched as his beloved fought the world's largest army, even managing to smash a good portion of it. However she was overwhelmed and killed in the Avatar State, severing the Avatar Cycle. After the battle, a distraught Liam returned Isabella to their childhood home and buried her in a tomb.

Fall of the Great Library

Sometime after Isabella's death, Liam and the other surviving Gunslingers made a last stand on the steps of the Great Library. Being as it was the world's largest collection of knowledge, the Grandmaster felt that it must be protected at all costs. It was here that a fellow Gunslinger by the name of Jeremiah made his betrayal of the Order known, by giving up battle plans and leaving his fellow members to die. The surviving members were then overrun, with only a few survivors escaping alive.

Discovery of a New World

Surviving the Fall of the Library and fearing that he was the only Gunslinger left, Liam began to search for ways to end the conflict that had consumed the world. While searching through books, scrolls, and papers for an answer; he discovered proof of parallel worlds that existed. Liam also discovered references to an artifact known as a Ritcherdson Orb. Apparently the Orb could not only help end the War and the effects it had on the world, but it could also bring the dead back to life and restore them to the state of health they were in before they died. However, almost all of the Orbs had been distroyed because people feared their power. The only known remaininng one was hidden in a "World with only Four Nations." Digging further through the collection, Liam discovered a device that allowed for traval between worlds.

Zuko as Lee

Liam during his time as Lee

Liam arrived in the World of the Avatar soon after Zuko joined Team Avatar, somewhere in the occupied Western Earth Kingdom. He quickly disguised himself as a former Earth Kingdom soldier, even going so far as to refrain from using his gun in order to blend in. Liam located the Team and began to follow them in the three week spand of time in which they were journeing from the Western Air Temple to Ember Island. After approaching and gaining the Team's trust, Liam dropped the soldier disguise for civilien clothing, but kept the helemet as a hat.

Joining Team Avatar

After three weeks of tracking Team Avatar across the Earth Kingdom, Liam finally approached them when they stopped to make camp for the night. He explained his background and quest while using the common name of Lee as a way to help them trust him more. While Sokka was doubtful about his story, Toph confermed that he was indeed telling the truth.

Making a small fire not far away from the Team's campsite, Liam settled in for the night. He was approached first by Katara and then Toph, both seeking to get to know him better. However Katara returned to the original camp after being embarrassed when Liam noteiced that she was in love with Aang, and Toph simply stole his supper.

Encounter with the Fire Navy

The morning after the first encounter with Team Avatar, Liam managed to secure a ride by offering to cook. While Sokka tried to come up with an excuse as to why he couldn't become the new cook, Katara smacked him upside the head, stating that it would be 'nice to have a break every once in a while'. Shortly after takeoff, they encountered a Fire Navy Blockade. After using his gun to destroy a fireball, Liam used a small crossbow he had brought with him to destroy a ship in the blockade, allowing them time to escape.

Travels with Team Avatar

Liam traveled to Ember Island with Team Avatar and began to help with training Aang so he could face the Fire Lord. It was during a training duel with Zuko that he reviled to the team his airbending abilites. The team was shocked by the fact that he could airbend, but Liam didn't think much of it. He even helped Zuko in his ambush of Aang at the beach party, using his sword to fend off Sokka and Suki.

Shortly after the ambush, he stumbled across an artifact plasma rifle bured in the sand. This confermed that his initial assumptions of artifacts being in the Avatar World existed. Liam then procceded to break apart the artifact and toss the parts in the ocean. He then used his gun to distroy one of two power core crystals he had recovered, keeping the second for himself.

A New War to Fight

Shortly after Aang had vanished, Liam traveled with Team Avatar to the outer wall of Ba Sing Se. It was here that he met General Iroh for the first time, expressing his respect for the man outright. From here, Liam traveled with Sokka, Suki, and Toph to intercept the Air Fleet. Boarding a central airship, Liam and the rest of the group split up in order to take down the air ships.

At least four ships fell to Liam during this time. On the last ship he attacked, he encoutered Jeremiah. The Gunslinger Traitor had journeryed to the Avatar World in order to sell technology to the warring nations. In the blink of an eye, the two drew their weapons and began to fire at each other. However the two could not score a hit on each other. 

Amon vs Lightning Bolt Zolt

While Jeremiah resorted to lightning and trickery, Liam's airbending skills won out in the end. Shortly after the end of the battle, Liam discovered the Orb and returned to his world to begin the rebuilding process.

Later Years

Liam married Isabella and later had a son named John. As Grandmaster of the new Order, it fell to Liam to preserve as much knowledge as possible. At the same time, he began exploring other worlds. Eventually, he stumbled across what he named the Eternal Storm, a timeless prison at the heart of all creation. Here he left a message for his son to find in an effort to help him under stand the ways of the universe.


Liam is very calm, collected, and usually the most in control of his emotiones. However he is shown to be rather violent when fighting Jeremiah and speaking with a message left by an Ancient Race. There are even rare times when he shows signs of annoyance or sarcasm. It has been said that his son John his far less serious then him, and more willing to crack a joke.



As an Airbender, Liam is a master, capable of using his bending with great skill. However he lacks the traditional airbender tattos due to his world's persicution of benders. After his battle with Jeremiah on the airships, Liam was able to guide himself to the ground and land safely, despite having been wounded and on the verge of conchesness. He was also able to hide this skill very well, surprising everyone when he unvailed it during his training with Zuko.

Leon would later claim that Liam's skill as an airbender developed to he point that he was able to stop bullets in mid air or change their direction so they would miss him. It is belived by John that he trained his wife, Isabella.


Aside from his bending and shooting skills, Liam was a master swordsman, capable of defeating both Zuko and Sokka as well as taking down an airship's crew.


Unnamed Father

Avatar Isabella (Wife)

John Rider(Son)

Kya Rider(Granddaughter)


  • Liam is only ever called by his real name during his duel with Jeremiah.
  • Liam's death is close in description to that of the real life death of Michael Collins.
  • According to a conversation Liam had with Toph in Airship Battle, he faced "Russian Hordes and Korean Death Camps". This indicates that he fought against Russian forces and was held as a prisoner of war in Korea during The Great War.
  • Liam's gun was mentioned to have been passed from father to son for several generations. However, his own son John does not use the weapon.

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