By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
Biographical information

Fire Nation




299 AG

Physical description



Lean but muscular



Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom


Omashu, Arkoda, Uluk

Chronological and political information
  • Lieutenant (formerly)
  • Captain in Fire Nation Air Force
  • Master Swordsman

Fire Nation



Captain Liam is an officer in the Fire Nation Air Force and the right-hand man of Grand Marshal Rishu. Liam is a master swordsman determined to prove he is the best, meaning he must beat Chief Arkoda of the Southern Water Tribe.


Piandao's castle

Liam was raised in this Estate before joining the Air Force

Liam was born in 299 AG. As a descendant of Piandao, he learned the art of the sword, particularly the Jian though he is proficient in the katana. He was raised in the same estate owned by his ancestor in Shu Jing. Liam joined the elite Fire Nation Air Force to make a reputation for himself.

Liam is recognized as a master swordsman but internationally as second to Chief Arkoda of the Southern Water Tribe. Liam is determined to prove himself as the superior warrior.

Liam was apart of the contingent of the Air Force that Grand Marshal Rishu commanded personally. He was present and active in the invasion of Republic City and reinforced the Earth Kingdom siege of Omashu.

On the Day of Black Sun, Liam and Rishu fought against Chief Arkoda, his lieutenant Uluk and their boarding party on the hull of their airship. Liam fought Uluk, a wielder of a gundao. The two held against the outnumbering foes until the eclipse ended and Rishu took the advantage again.

Liam was at Rishu's side when he challenged the Avatar to Agni Kai. It was the first time he ever met the Avatar, and found her to be a beautiful young woman.

Since the height of the battles have receded, Liam has been completing the errands of the Grand Marshal whilst also being an advisor.


Liam has been trained his entire life in the ways of swordsmanship. He excelled in use of the Jian and Katana. Liam is a determined swordmaster. He wants to be the best in the world, meaning that he needs to unseat the veteran Arkoda, who wields the Space Sword.


Piandao demonstrates his skill

Piandao is Liam's ancestor, and also a swordmaster.

  • Liam is a descendant of Piandao and likewise a master swordsman.
  • Liam now has a crush on Tala after seeing her on the Empyrean. Since she has joined Rishu, he has been trying hard while he has the chance.
  • Liam wants to fight Arkoda and beat him in a fight to prove he is the better of the two, showing a competitive edge.

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