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Warning! This page contains spoilers for "Avatar: Perfection".

Lia is one of the main protagonists of Avatar: Perfection who is an Earth Kingdom escapee whose home was attacked by the Fire Nation. She is thirteen years old in the beginning of the story, when she meets Fire Nation boy Ryuu.

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Lia was born in 66 AG in a small Earth Kingdom village which was inhabited by very few people. There she lived most of her life with her parents and two other siblings happily, but in fear of the Fire Nation. Lia discovered that she was an Earthbender at 9 years old, the only one in her family. She furthered her skills alone, but also learned from Xian Chi, a master Earthbender who lived in the village. In the year of 79 AG, her village was attacked and burned to the ground by Fire Nation troops, who killed her family and friends. She barely managed to escape their grasp after fighting off several soldiers, though she did not make it out without any bad burns and bruises.

Earth Kingdom Escapee

After escaping from her ruined home, Lia unknowingly wandered into a forest in the Fire Nation, located outside the Capital City. There she hid, hoping to recover with her encounter from Firebenders and then luckily make her way to Ba Sing Se, the only safe place from the Fire Nation. On her second day of hiding in the middle of the night, she is discovered by Ryuu, a young Fire Nation teenager. He seems surprised and hostile to see her, but quickly realizes that she is in pain. Ryuu offers his help, but Lia denies angrily, retorting that she'd never accept help from any Firebenders. Confused and annoyed, Ryuu leaves, only to return the next day with food and light medical supplies. Lia had begun to develop a hacking cough and her wounds had only worsened, and she grudgingly accepts Ryuu's supplies without any thanks. She explains about the devastation the Fire Nation brought to her village, and all the sorrow they're causing all over the world. Ryuu grows upset and angry that Lia would talk about the Fire Nation like that, and that Lia was wrong to blame them for her problems and misfortune. The two argue, and Lia eventually tells Ryuu off, who leaves her there.


Even at a young age, Lia was stubborn and hot-headed. On the run, she is forced to grow up even more, and this only increases her independent and proud nature. She makes it clear that she despises the Fire Nation, as they are responsible for the deaths of her parents, siblings and many friends. It takes her a long time to accept and treat Ryuu like any other person, at first only seeing him as another future Fire Nation killer.

On the inside of Lia, there is a lot of built up pain and sadness that she does not show on the outside. She replaces these feelings with sarcasm and acts of rebellion to display to others that she is tough, and can take whatever is thrown at her.



Earth shield

Lia using her Earthbending to shield herself from an attack

Though neither of her parents where Earthbenders, Lia was clearly born with a bender's spirit and strong-will. She continues to develop her Earthbending over the course of the series, hoping to find someone to teach her and take the place of her former master after his death. She knows the basics, and a few special techniques that help her defend herself against Firebenders, as seen in "The Earth Kingdom Girl" as she hurls a chunk of earth at Ryuu in warning. Lia is determined to increase her skills and one day master the art.

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