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"There was no army, no militia, no men, nothing but women and children! And we stood there and watched them burn!"
— Li to his father Zin regarding what he saw at the Eastern Air Temple
Li Ten
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Fire Nation




20 BG


15 AG

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Jian Sword, Bow.

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Zin Ten (father)

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Fire Nation (formerly), Earth Kingdom

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Li Ten was a former sergeant that deserted from the Fire Nation Army following the events of the Air Nomad Genocide. He would become a hero to those who fought for the Earth Kingdom early in the Hundred Year War.


Li Ten was born to a wealthy family in the Fire Nation home islands in the year 20 BG. After graduating from school, Li made the decision to join the Army. Despite his family's influence, Li refused to be enlisted as an officer and entered the normal way. He quickly rose through the ranks, reaching Sergeant in just two short years. Shortly before his first deployment, Li received training from the Yuyan Archers.

In the year 0 AG, Li was attached to a unit that participated in the Air Nomad Genocide. His unit was one of many that attacked the Eastern Air Temple under the light of the Great Comet. At first, Li thought that it was a furious battle that was taking place. He quickly realized that was a battle was in fact a genocide. Horrified, Li helped a pair of young Air Nomad sisters escape from the massacre, instructing them to head west into the Earth Kingdom mainland.

Afterwards, Li stood and watched the Air Temple burn, knowing that he could do nothing to help the culture survive. He, along with everyone else in his unit, was sent back to the Fire Nation to a hero's welcome. Li was shocked, and sickened, to learn of the lies that the Fire Lord had fed to the people of the Fire Nation regarding the Genocide.

Shortly afterwards, Li was dispatched to Yu Dao to participate in the massive series of invasions into the Earth Kingdom that were coming. Once in Yu Dao, Li shed his uniform for regular clothing and fled into the wilderness. He became a highwayman, raiding various shipments along the Fire Nation controlled roads.

Eventually, Captain Zhang began to track him down, forcing Li to flee to the Earth Kingdom city of Taku. Once there, he encountered Rinchen, one of the Air Nomad sisters that he had saved. He learned of Rinchen's sister's death shortly after fleeing the temple, and that Rinchen was making her way to the Western Air Temple to look for survivors.

Li quickly discouraged her from doing so, knowing full well of what awaited her there. Instead, he convinced her to remain in Taku with him. Together, the pair would make their way south toward Garsai in order for Li to hand over information regarding the Fire Nation's plans. Along the trip, the two bonded and became closer to each other.

Arriving in Garsai, they found that the city was already under attack by Fire Nation forces. Li quickly donned a uniform taken from a fallen Earth Kingdom soldier and sent Rinchen away from the fighting. he fought alongside Earth Kingdom forces, but despite his best efforts Garsai fell into enemy hands. As he was fleeing the burning city, Li was recognized by Crown Prince Azulon. The Prince realized that Li had changed sides and ordered that the deserter be hunted down and killed.

Afterwards, Li and Rinchen returned to Taku and settled in. The two fell in love and got married. Shortly after the birth of their first child, Taku came under attack by Fire Nation forces.


Li was once a happy and patriotic young man with a bright future in the military. However, his views were changed and his loyalty to his homeland was forever shattered after witnessing the horrors of the Air Nomad Genocide. Li was shown to be undyingly loyal to Rinchen, willing to risk his life for her in order to protect her.


Li was shown to be proficient in the use of a sword, easily dispatching two Fire Nation soldiers during the Air Nomad Genocide. Aside from the use of a blade, he was also shown to be an expert archer thanks to his training by the Yuyan Archers.

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