By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Lezu is a medium sized canine-like animal that became a member of the Spirit Council, and now resides at the Core. He is a unique canine because not only can he talk human, but also multiple human languages, 34 at last count. He sometimes mixes up different languages for his own amusement. He can talk English one moment and mix Japanese, Spanish or some other language the next. He is put in as the Spirit Council translator, since he understands so many languages so well.

Avatar: New Universe II

Lezu hardly makes that big of an appearance in this story. For some odd reason, he was somehow captured by Slenderman. During the final escape, he sees Azula and begs her to release him. When she does, he hobbles out and sees himself on out of the foundation, finding the others outside. He collapses then and there, too tired to continue on any further. Katara goes in and comes to his aid as he tells them was Azula is doing, somehow knowing her name.

Avatar: New Universe III

Lezu appears back at the core. He is fully healed thanks to Katara and somehow got himself back to the Core unscaved. He explains his special ability in multiple languages, adding different mixes of languages with his sentences. When Starfire says of her translation, he puts it to the test by saying sentences in many languages. the first two were single languages but the last one mixed three languages, which Starfire got perfectly. He compliments her on her skills before they left to start on the new world.

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