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Let's start the world over!
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Avatar: The Continuity of Aang





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June 19th, 2012

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The Aftermath

Let Start the World Over! is the second chapter of the series, Avatar: The Continuity of Aang.


The Avatar and Team Avatar have a meeting with Earth King Kuei, Sokka receives a vision of a "man with a mask" and Zuko encounters a vision of him that an attack was going to happen to him.


Aang and Katara

We were at the house, we had nothing else to do, but just be impatient of meeting everyone and Kuei. I really wanna make the world a better place, no doubt but I really do, I kept thinking of ideas, maybe taking Fire Nation colonies out of the Earth Kingdom, mostly my idea to was the colonies, the great idea was to make a nation out of those colonies. So I was ready to state my idea which was taking the Fire Nation colonies out of the Earth Kingdom, bring balance back to the nations.

"Katara, let's leave, let's go get everyone and bring them here and we shall spend the night here." I said.

"I don't know if we should, they would already leave." Katara replied.

"No, I don't think so." I said.

"Well Avatar, look at the messages from the team." Katara said.

She handed me the paper, and I was surprised that I wasted all that energy waiting and deciding to go to them but they are coming here, but now I have to wait more.

"Oh my gosh and you didn't let me know. Well anyway, wanna go around Ba Sing Se and wait." I said.

"No, all of them are coming here by nighttime." Katara said.

"How?" Aang said.

"The letters... You forgot to read the down part I guess." Katara responded and gave me the letters.

So shocked and so impatient, we decided to wait, I didn't know what to do, so I didn't respond to Katara, just took her hand and went outside and walk around Ba Sing Se for an hour.

"Where are we going?" Katara said

"We're gonna go have fun." Aang responded.

She decided to go walking with me as well.

By nighttime, they all were here and saw me and Katara coming home walking, shutting down everything and once we opened the door, surprised. They all said, "SURPRISED!" except Sokka saying oogies, and Katara went after her.

"Well Aang, tomorrow is the day, we shall change it all." Zuko said but then a tension came to his mind, "Aang, I had a vision, of me being attacked or something by someone, well if anything happens that makes me turn into my father Ozai, you take my life."

"I don't wanna, you're my friend and if I took your life, I will never forgive myself." I responded sadly.

"You need too, I deserve this. Do whatever to kill me." Zuko frustrated and responded in a nice tone.

"Well if you wanna then, okay I'll try." I said, leaving with no choice but kill a friend.

So after the surprise, it seemed to be a party, it was a party for me and Katara's starting relationship, but Sokka was looking like a jokester kept saying oogies, and Toph punched Sokka to stop, Suki made Sokka be quiet by taping his mouth shut, Zuko was worrying, but we party too anyway.

We party a lot and went to sleep soon, we woke up in the morning and immediately got ready to get to Kuei's place for the meeting.

Meeting with Kuei

We flew there by Appa, Appa was in his always mood, he was relaxing and sleeping and I woke him up, but he was fine to ride. So we all flew that morning to the palace, we left from Appa and entered the palace, we all had the same expression on our faces. Then we saw two of the Royal Earthbenders guarding the palace.

"ID, anything that tells that it's you people to meet the king." the earthbender said. "I'm just kidding (laughing), welcome, the Earth King has been awaiting."

"Okay then, let's go." I said.

We entered the throne room, and there was Kuei, along with his men, the Council of Five, and other generals around the Earth Kingdom.

"Welcome Team Avatar, I have returned as king and learned new things in the world after Ba Sing Se was controlled by the Fire Nation, I've turned into a man and have learned how to become a bigger, better king than just sitting while my people do themselves instead of me in the way, but we still have other problems. Zuko, there's a chair next to me where you as Fire Lord can sit. Well, after the Liberation of Ba Sing Se, Long Fei has escaped with his Dai Li and we must find them soon and capture them, or return to their place, we must take ....." Kuei said.

"Yes, yes... but we are hear for our first thing, which you were about to say, we can soon handle all that soon, but our first priority is to take Fire Nation out of the Earth Kingdom colonies." I said.

"Yes, we should, but how? My people should stay but since you said, I think we should take the seniors and other people by Appa, and we'll do a walk for the children and young people." Zuko said.

"I agree, okay in the map here, there are a lot of colonies, how are we gonna take them out of the colonies? One by one?" Kuei said.

I look through the map, and saw that we could make it possible to take some one by one and I made a decision, "I've decided that we should go with Zuko's idea, let's go through his plan, so the Fire Nation adults and some children are taken by walking, ships, transportation of land, and the seniors and children are taken by air by Appa. Also Zuko, we need to provide care, shelter, all that we need for the mayors and citizens." I said. Then I remembered the canyon where it was me, Katara, and Sokka and we had to handle two tribes to get to the city.

A pause happen then Zuko spoke, "Great plan, when do we start?"

Fire Nation colonies map

Aang pointing and planning by looking at the map at the meeting

"Soon, Zuko, very soon, but we need to plan out everything we need for everyone, like the land in the Fire Nation." Aang replied, standing strong and tall.

"What do we call it..." Sokka said. "Ooo, ooo, I got it, what about the Harmony Restoration Movement."

"I like it. Well it's called the Harmony Restoration Movement."

"Well as Earth King...." Kuei announced.

"As Fire Lord..." Zuko announced next.

"This meeting is over, and the Harmony Restoration Movement shall be started soon according to the Avatar commands." Kuei announced and looked over at Zuko then to General Shu, "We need you to get all the men ready for the watch out over Ba Sing Se, check the areas to see any Fire Nation, also if anything so bad, call for more help and absolutely alert me if anything is in danger."

"Don't worry Kuei, I will make sure, as the Avatar, I have to keep the world a safe place, so I will make sure Ba Sing Se is safe from the bad." I spoke without asking.

Silence came in the room and then we left immediately out, Zuko had worries in his mind too as I saw, so I decided to just wait till he wants to tell. It was then time for everyone to continue on as usual, everyone left to where they were supposed to go, so me and Katara decided to relax and plan out what we should do to prepare.

Two months later

Two months passed, me and Katara instead of having a relationship boom, we focused on the movement, we immediately started two months later, we brought everyone together and came one-by-one. First, we took the first colony in Earth Kingdom called Tu Zin colony, there were many Fire Nation seniors, for the Fire Nation adults and kids, they were taken by walking a few miles, then took by a ship to their arrival location near the Fire Lord Azulon's statue.

For the seniors and the mayor and his family, I traveled with them to entertain them, mostly the family of the mayors, the first ride of the seniors, I tried singing, fun, and mostly fun, showing air moves but it was kinda fun, but the second ride was the most fun the seniors were having to mostly talk about my past, but one made me sad but I become happy then, still they get me.

So, then we move colony-to-colony, one time Katara got sea sick for there was almost a disaster but she made it through the disaster and safely made it.

Zuko occupied to help by telling the mayors of the plan to move, then let us know by calling a hawk to us and we would start the process. Each time, we kept going, we kept getting inner and it was then hard to walk and travel all the way, cause everyone was getting tired but we did it for this was for the world.

Sokka's time

My time's gonna great as usual, yep as usual for now, hope we can end this, luckily Zuko gets home early and does whatever for Team Avatar stays to work and work, we stop but for a day, I was luck back then but I'm exhausted, hope it will end soon. The first colony was fun and I helped a lot, mostly entertaining by telling them jokes and now I have fans... mostly the young ladies. Whenever I saw Katara looking at the skies, thinking of Aang, I thought of one thing "oogies", whenever I starred at her, she knew it was that and she would be mad but I didn't care, I was making fun.

I then had a thought that this was wrong in a couple of other trips, but I had faith that I would continue to do so till this ends 'cause I want this really bad for the word.

Well I have a lot to do for, I have plans and a lot of plans for the future, hope they're just right.

Back at the Capital

"Back so soon dear... I thought you would be gone for months or years or decades, just kidding well I have food ready for you." Mai said in a good way. "Come in, your favorite, the special is Fire Noodles."

"Wow Mai, what's up with you, something good happen." I said.

"Look at you, you did something that will change the world and make it better."

Zuko kisses Mai

Zuko kisses Mai for he missed her.

"Well, I will and you must eat with me or else...."

"You will what?"

"Come on you..." I said and laughed then I held her hand and kissed her on the lips for I missed her.

She paused and was so shy that I could see that she is and looked around the room, I said, "I'm sorry...", and I silently ate my dinner and she went out and came back in 10 minutes later with sweet talks.

"One day, we will marry, we will grow and we will be together, we will have a child, we will live together and never be separate, oh Zuko I love you." Mai said so kindly and with a touchy voice.

I was shy too, but I said back, "I wish so too and shall we be." I said.

Then I spotted one soldier looking at me and her talking, I called him in and he was scared that I only asked two questions and asked him not to tell anymore or more will happen but nicely. He accepted and left the room immediately by running.

Me and Katara's two month relationship

It's been two months, and Katara should know and I know. Me and Katara were helping out the world, but then after we solve at least half of the colonies in the Earth Kingdom, we decided to have a break and walk around places in the world, We then went to the restaurant and I decided to give her a something, a necklace I made for her back then for her, but that was a different one which I awaited to give..

"Katara, I have something to give you." I said.

"Hello, welcome, what shall you have Avatar and the young lady?" Waiter responded.

"Please come back in five minutes, sorry but I have to talk about something." I said being impatient.

Kataang engagement by gimpy girl-d2xplyt

Aang puts the necklace on Katara.

"What Aang?" Katara responded.

"This necklace for you, I made it a long time, well let me put it on you." I smiled and said.

I put it on and I said, "Happy two months anniversary relationship, Katara.."

She said, "You too, Aang. I was gonna do something too but maybe this is fine..." and we hugged immediately, they begin to clap and we decided to leave, but the waiter was coming so we decided to eat and have our first date.

After that, we left flying on Appa and waved to everyone who was clapping their hands for me and Katara. That started a new thing to our relationship.

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