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To Be Announced

It came. My punishment. And it was not what I expected.

I was sentenced to solitary my room. For how long? As long as the Crown Prince deems worthy.

If I thought roaming the ship was boring, this was absolutely unbearable. All I had for entertainment was counting all the metal seams in my walls.

Escape? I considered it once, but where would I go? Even once I broke out I had to complete my mission. Breaking out would just further enrage Zuko.

All I did was sleep for a few days.But one day I awoke feeling terrible, sick to my stomach and I hardly left my bed. I thought all day about what would make me feel this sick. Poison in my food? No, Zuko wanted me alive to help with the mission.

Then, it hit me. I hadn't practiced at all during my sentence! How could have I been so blunt?! I sat up in my bed, and immediately regretted it, my side was still healing. I was going to try Firebreathing to speed my recovery! I looked at my thin slit window. I guessed I would only have about a half-hour to Firebreathe every day. I huffed my bangs out of my face. And Firebreathing wasn't going to keep me in shape.

I was going to have to work my muscles and that meant going through extreme pain. Luckily, I had managed to hide my piece of wood. I had great success with it on Kyoshi Island. Biting on it seemed to help me manage the pain.

I stood, holding in a grunt of pain. I lifted up the corner of my mattress, there lie my small piece of wood. I grabbed it and set the mattress back down.

I dove right in and started to do push-ups. It was the warm-up for my muscle tearing workout. I bit down hard on my wood, it was going to hurt more than my muscles.

Firebreathing. I had to cut my workout short, because the sun began to shine through my window. I quickly seized the chance to try my theory to heal my side. I soon realized that there was nothing to see in my bedroom, so I immediately proceeded to focus on my side.

I looked deep within my Flame. I moved my vision to my side, it was more Inflamed than it usually should be. I breathed deeper, trying to pull some of the heat and spread it out through my body.

After my short half-hour, I self-assessed my side to see any improvement. I removed my piece of wood and began to prod my side. It didn't hurt nearly as bad! Excitement lept through my stomach.

I found a way to keep me busy during my solitary confinement. It would serve me well the next few days.

Thanks to my new found tasks the days began to pass more quickly.

The doctor came to visit me the other day and promptly crushed my Firebreathing theory. He explained that the Inner Flame sends extra Heat to the wound to speed the recovery. When I take away the Heat the pain goes away, but it also slows my recovery speed. He sternly advised me not to continue the practice. I reluctantly agreed spirits crushed.

One day in my free time I figured I had been in my room for a solid 10 days. We could easily have traveled as far north as Omashu. Surely, we would have caught wind of the Avatar by now. I would have been able to catch him by now. Rhea always told me I excelled at tracking tactics.

I opened my eyes, Sun was shining through my window. Sun! My Firebreathing! I jumped off my bed, but the action was quickly followed by a painful groan.

I only closed my eyes for a moment. How long had I been asleep?

My solar vision weakened, confused I stood. A cloud had covered the Sun, but this wasn't a normal cloud. It was fog. Fog? I shrugged my shoulders, it would be a good opportunity to Firebreathe with partially cloudy skies.

A few minutes later I heard a loud Clang! that reverberated through the ship's interior.

In a heartbeat I was on my feet, pushing away the pain, examining the outside through my tiny window. A giant ship sailed past my window, I identified it as Water Tribe.

My heart stopped; We were under attack.

I pounded on my door, yelling for any one to hear. Surely Zuko wasn't as dumb to believe he could fight them off by himself. Sure enough I heard the squeaking metal of my door being unlocked.

I backed up and Razo, one of the soldiers I trained, came bursting through the door, huffing and puffing.

"Kyza! Zuko...sent get help," he heaved, out of breath. That was all I needed, I grabbed my piece of wood and ran past Razo.

I ran onto the deck, Fire and water flashed in front of me. Blue caught my eye, I leaned back, the water rushed past me. I straightened and looked at my attacker, a man at least one foot taller than me and around the age of thirty.

I Fired twice in his direction and ran to battle closer quarters. He quenched my attacks, with a puff of steam, but when the steam cleared I was already attacking again. I hit him with a few Heated punches and danced out of his hit range. I kicked his feet out from under him. He hit his head on the metal surface, unconscious.

I looked around for the next Warrior, I was surprised to see a boy my age fighting valiantly. He looked arrogant, I would have to stop that now wouldn't I?

He shot several icicles at one of my men, I shot a blast of Fire at the icicles and melted them. The boy's gaze turned to me, I smiled. I Fired at his feet, he blocked it and returned fire. I was surprised, I had never see someone return fire so quickly.

I danced closer, dodging all of his attacks. I jumped closer attempting to hit him with my Heated fists, but he dodged and hit me in the side.

I groaned; the pain was too great, I crumpled despite my wood. He seized the chance to knock me unconscious.

My eyes snapped open; where was I? I looked up and found myself staring at Zuko. He was tied to a post, I was likewise. I looked around our confinement. We were below deck of--I assumed--the Water Tribe ship. Light streamed in through the boards. The ship, itself, creaked and swayed with the waves. I took in all the minor and major factors of the below deck, trying to form an escape plan.

"How did you sleep?" A voice behind me asked. Anger flooded through me; I wanted to shout all sorts of obscenities at him. I wanted to burn through the rope that bound me and show them all just how well I slept.

But my better judgement whispered to me, saying that I could easily free myself, but Zuko was a completely different matter. I had to find out more information and to do that I had to be calm.

"Uncomfortably," I replied casually.

The voice chuckled, "sorry for the inconvenience, but obviously we couldn't chance losing our catch."

"Is that what we are? Your catch? And how did we become such?"

"Well, your soldiers were more well equipped than we had originally thought," I smiled bitterly, all that training paid off, "My men were forced to retreat, but we managed to escape with you and your comrade."

"And what do you plan on doing with us?"

"We are transporting you to an Earth Kingdom prison." Well, that information was taken easily.

"What would happen if we escaped?"

"Ha! Trust me, escape is impossible."

Impossible! Vicious anger burned my core, urging me to accept his challenge. "Very well, but do I at least get to know my captors?"

"Of course!" The voice walked into my vision. He was the boy that defeated me on Zuko's ship. It made me sick to look at him, all arrogant because he had his own ship and two unlucky captives. I had to suppress the urge to blow Fire in his face. "I am Dakkota, from the Northern Water Tribe."

I hated his name.

"I am Kyza, Wild Flower of the Fire Nation."

"Wild Flower? What did you do to earn such a title?"

"I have been trained since I was a little girl. In the Arts of Fire and archery, I have beaten countless numbers of Waterbenders and trust me, you cannot keep me captive." I seethed at him, attempting to voice my anger

"I have already beaten you once, Wild Flower," he pointed out, still deathly calm.

I scowled at Dakkota. "You struck the wound I got in the Earth Kingdom, the pain overcame me."

A smile touched his lips, "well, we fixed that problem for you. One of my men healed you."

I looked down to my side, it was true. I couldn't feel anymore pain. I looked up, "You shouldn't have done that."

"I didn't. Denni, our healer, the only male healer in the Northern Water Tribe, he healed you."

"Is he still aboard?"

Dakkota shook his head, "Of course, but he cannot speak. His tongue was cut out in a Fire Nation prison."

Obviously a lie. "Good! Then, you can tell him I will enjoy defeating him when I escape," I said darkly, I could no longer keep my Anger at bay.

Dakkota laughed. He laughed at me! I would have torched him right then, but I wanted to see the look on his face when we escaped.

So I just glared at him, and let my Anger burn through my eyes. He stopped laughing, looked down at me, and just started up laughing again, but this time he made his way to the stairs.

His amusement echoed down the steps, I breathed a few quick Flames to release some of my Anger.

Through my Anger, Confusion hit me. Not but two weeks ago, an Earthbender mother wounded me, and now a Waterbender Warrior, both enemies of the Fire Nation, healed me.

I was pulled from my confusion by Zuko. He was still out cold. Either they hit him really hard to knock him out, or he was in dire need of rest.

I scowled at him, I hated him for not doing anything, but I knew that Zuko was just an innocent bystander of my Anger. We needed to get out of here. I stretched out my leg and kicked Zuko a few times to wake him.

He groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He looked around the room and finally to me. "We're captured," he said simply.

"Yes." I replied grumpily.

Zuko burst out laughing.

"Stop it!" I snapped. Why did everyone think it was so hilarious that I was captured?

"My apologizes, O Great One!"

"Why is this so funny?" I fumed.

"Because you are the Wild Flower, a lethal combination of Firebending and Archery." He chuckled mimicking my voice.

I opened my mouth to shout about how everyone makes mistakes, but before I could stop myself (because I knew Rhea wouldn't like that comment) a beam of Sunlight blinded me through the cracks in between the wood of the deck. I closed my eyes and soaked it in, rejuvenating my body.

Zuko tried to talk to me, but I shot him a look that quickly shut him up. I began to Firebreathe, searching the open ocean for the ship. This was particularly difficult considering I could only see through the cracks.

Nothing....Nothing...Nothi-There!! Only a little ways off! Judging by the position of Sun, they would be there around High Noon. Perfect.

I opened my eyes, "your uncle is coming, he will be here at High Noon."

Zuko shrugged, "so how are they going to rescue us?"

My shoulders slumped, how thick could you get? "we are not going to be rescued. Zuko, we are going to escape."

And with that I told him how.

I breathed in the smoke from the burning rope; it was invigorating. Zuko stood up rubbing his wrists. "I hate ropes," he muttered.

"Come on," I say waving my arm.

We ran up the stairs, but I stopped just before we reached the deck. Just as I had hoped, Iroh had attacked Water Tribe Ship.

I led Zuko above deck. Immediately we found resistance, but renewed Anger fueled my actions. Not to mention, I was no longer handicapped by my bruised ribs. My abilities were at high. I ripped through the Water Tribe men easily.

In moments Zuko and I reached the railing of the ship. I turned around to cover Zuko while he secured the gangplank between the ships. "Done," he breathed.

"Fall back!" I yelled to the soldiers that were fighting on deck. "Hurry," I said to Zuko, "Get across."

"Not until my men are across," he replied firmly. Zuko turned around beside me and began keeping the Water Tribe at bay while the soldiers ran across the makeshift bridge.

"Go now," I told Zuko as soon as the last man was across, "I'll be right behind you."

He leaped across. I jumped onto the railing ready to follow, but a flash made my head turn. Dakkota also stood on the railing, he was waterbending the ocean. A wave came up and knocked the gangplank into the water below. I was trapped again.

I didn't need to turn to know that the Water Tribe Warriors were closing in.

Zuko needed to get away. He had to continue the hunt for the Avatar. In the water the Water Tribe ship definitely was quicker and would overtake Zuko's ship again. They needed a head start. There was no time for me to escape.

I yelled across the water to Iroh standing next to Zuko who was watching the scene in distress, helpless. "Find the Avatar, Iroh! Don't come back for me! Continue the Search!!"

Over the roar of the battle I heard Iroh yell to the engine room.

I also heard Zuko, "I won't abandon you, Kyza!"

I jumped from the railing and blasted streams of Fire in every direction, to give me some distance.

I turned back to the ocean. Zuko was still at the railing, but Iroh had gone to direct the ship.

"Don't worry," I yelled to him, "I'll meet you there."

I closed my eyes and breathed in the Sun. I began to Firebend. A new sensation came over me I had never combined both Firebending and Firebreathing.

I created a wall, inches above the water. It rose high above the ship and encircled it. A wall of Fire, it obscured all around the ship. Turning the air into billowing waves of Heat.

I didn't grow weary; the Sun's power flowed into me, forever recharging my energy. I could see everything through Firebreathing. The wall, Zuko's ship, the Water Tribe Warriors that were closing in on me.

I fell onto the deck; something had hit me. Darkness began to cloud my vision, but before it did I saw Zuko's ship sail out of my vision range. Relief, that had to be far enough they were safe. I sank into the Dark.

I opened my eyes to see Dakkota standing above me, his face confounded. I had told him I would escape.

I smiled, "I told you so."

Dakkota growled and suddenly I was unconscious again.

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