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Fire Nation

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Weapon of choice

Fire, sword, energy

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Firebending, swordfighting, Energybending,


Fire Lord Azulon

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  • Former Crown Prince of the Fire Nation
  • General
  • Host of the Egg of Destruction

Leonard, also known as Banished Prince Leonard or ex-Crown Prince Leonard, was once a Prince of the Fire Nation whom lost an Agni Kai to his brother: Fire Lord Azulon, he was made eternally young by Daemon when the Dark Avatar saved him.


During his time as a Fire Nation Prince, Leonard was childish and full of himself the same way that Azula was for most of her life except lacking the cruelty that she showed however after his battle with his brother he began to change, Leonard became more serious and left behind his past life. He showed unrivaled loyalty for Daemon which Eris calls a crush; however, Daemon simply dismisses it as loyalty over saving his life, despite this the loyalty only intensified over the next 80 years which Daemon continued to feel more at home with Leonard, Leonard's goal was to shatter Daemon's cold heart and make him open up to the love which Leonard was offering which succeeded even though Daemon refused to admit it in public.

As a sign of his change, Leonard cut his hair so that it was shorter than usual its original form and wielded the Spirit Sword that Leonard had stolen in his last life, it got to the point where Leonard could summon the Spirit Sword from anywhere in the world from a portal of Negative Energy. Leonard, unlike Airlia and Than


Birth as the Fire Nation Prince

Leonard was born the youngest son to Fire Lord Sozin yet was seen as the favorite to become the next Fire Lord, with that news under his belt it took time for Leonard to become proud and childish where he willingly saw everyone as less than important then himself and the Fire Nation as the greatest nation of them all, Sozin saw a weakness in his son and instead conspired to have his elder son take the title of Fire Lord so long as he did away with his younger brother away from the Fire Nation Capital.

Traditionally, Leonard was taken away by Azulon to Roku's Home Island and fought him in an Agni Kai however during the fight Azulon forced an eruption of the volcano and while Leonard was distracted he struck him down with Firebending, left to die it was then that Leonard was approached by Daemon whom revealed the truth behind why Leonard was attacked and betrayed by his brother which Leonard then willingly served Daemon while cutting his hair to prove his change in loyalty before becoming unageing kicked in.

Reborn as a General

Leonard's rebirth was a unique one that surprised even Daemon, Leonard awoke containing an energy signature that was somewhat similar to the "Egg of Destruction", a symbiotic life form that would feed off the energies of the world from within a host and would repay that host when it had reached full nutrition. Daemon saw Leonard as a means in which he could regain his position in the world despite the fact that he was trapped in the Temple of Destruction except for periods of times when variable recruits appeared, with the Temples combined and with the Leonard's power he could be able to destroy the present world and recreate it in his image.


Powers and Abilities


Leonard is a trained swordsfighter like many of those from the Fire Nation, he is explained at being the strongest swordsman in the Fire Nation prior to his defeat by Azulon and has since even improved compared to the legends surrounding his past, he is difficult to kill without a sword but wielding one makes him a near invincible asset in battle, as shown when he defeated Jet with just his swordplay the first time Jet learned he was a Firebender and he even defeated Soka and Zuko in a two-on-one swordfight.



Egg of Destruction

As Host

As the Host of the "Egg", Leonard's energy reserves were erratic at best since the "Egg" within him consumed energy at a rapid rate and used it to further its evolution, increased energy reserves was but one of many attributes that Leonard gained from the "Egg" including:

  • Energy Regeneration
  • Fast Healing
  • Telepathic Communication
  • The Ability to Create unnatural amounts of Flame without Sozin's Comet.
As Herald of Destruction

As the Herald of Destruction, the "Egg's" true purpose has long been revealed and evolved Leonard to a state in which he can rule as a God beside Daemon, to that end Leonard's strength and energy reserves are massively increased, his powers include:

  • Fast Energy Regeneration
  • Unnatural Healing Speed
  • Telepathic Communication
  • Telepathic Possession
  • The Power of Destruction
  • The Power of Annulment


"You can't go forward if you keep looking back"

"Now Die!"

"Argh, you're driving me nuts! I should just roast you and eat you right now!"

"How can those two watch an explosion go off right in their faces? I swear, they're not human." (about Airlia and Than)

"Wow, so you do actually smile on occasion." (to Eris)

"All I ever did was pay attention to myself. And I'm not even sure I saw myself clearly."

"Just how long can we come saying 'just this once' until it becomes a habit?"

"It's not my fault!" (after making a mistake)

"This is a situation report, not a letter!" (About Eris' letter, which describes the situation in the Fire Nation)

"Shut up, Thing!" (Scolding a Water Spirit whenever he's annoyed and the Water Spirit talks)

"You're blue, have weird ears, sound like a girl, and breathe fire... You're a thing." (When he called a Water Spirit a "Thing")

"If it's kill or be killed, then dammit, I'm killing!"

"With this..I say goodbye to who I have been..." (After joining Daemon and cutting his hair)


  • The name "Leonard" means "Bold Lion".

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