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Electrified kali sticks
Leon Reynolds
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Republic City Tunnels



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Air, Thompson, Captured Equalist Weapons.

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Sam Reynolds, Collin Reynolds, Carter Reynolds (Brothers)


John Rider, Team Avatar, Refugees


The Grandmaster, Gunslinger Loyalists

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Gunslinger (formally) Second in Command of Refugees



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"My Brother is gone, he died on your watch. Can you bring him back? Can you?!"
— Leon to John

Leon Reynolds is a character from the Avatar Fanon The Gunfighter. He was second in command of the Refugees, and later Grandmaster of the Order after the Whaletail Island incident.


Leon was born as the eldest of four children to an Irish Airbending family. His early years were composed of running the family farm. Leon's father, a veteran of the Great War, taught his four sons everything he knew about the Bending Art. His skills advanced to the point where The Gunslingers took notice of him.

Sometime between the events of The Unknown and The Gunfighter Leon was accompanying Liam Rider in Italy while searching for the new Avatar. However they where ambushed and Liam was killed. Before he died however, Liam entrusted Leon with the object that allowed travel between worlds, asking that he deliver the object to his son John.

A short while later, Leon learned that the New Grandmaster had branded John a traitor, ordering that all members kill him on sight. Leon quickly devised a way to save his old friend by sending him to the World of the Avatar. However, in order to do so, he had to locate John, who had gone into hiding. After a long time of searching, he finally located John, who had been hiding in Nepal since being betrayed.

With six men being killed by John's hand, Leon reviled the reason why he was there, as he was not trying to obey the Grandmaster's orders but rather save his life. He then handed over the object and arranged for an unmanned drone to destroy the shack where he had been living.

With John's departure, Leon took command of what would quickly become an open rebellion against the Grandmaster. However they were outgunned and outnumbered, quickly being battered into a corner after many battles with the Loyalists. Seeing no other option, he sent a call for help to John, asking to be brought to Republic City.

After arriving in the city, Leon began to direct command of the Refugees alongside John. During the Central City Station Confrontation, Leon was more vocal then his counterpart while leading the Refugees. Leon remained loyal to John as a second in command throughout the course of the war, fighting alongside his friend in the Battle of Republic City even after being wounded in the neck by a flying piece of shrapnel.

His views shifted however after the Battle of Tam River, in which his brother Collin was killed. The airbender grew cold and distant, eventually switching sides and fighting his best friend in a duel to the death.


Leon is said to be a master Airbender and sharpshooter. He is also trilingual, able to speak English, Irish, and the Unnamed Gunslinger Language.

Leon is also proficient in the use of Equailist weapons, as demonstrated when he used electrified kali sticks during the final duel with John. This ties back into his training with Kali when he was younger.


Currently, Leon is one of the only characters from Ireland to still speak with an Irish accent. All others lost their accents due to traveling almost constantly.

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