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Leng was a manifestation in Shenji's dream. He was a large Firebender whose brutality nearly killed Shenji.


Being entirely fictional, Leng had no history. Clearly, his persona became a Fire Nation soldier and was assigned to the Earth Kingdom. Leng was the de facto leader of his group, being able to intimidate and bully anyone who stood in his way.

When Shenji stumbled into the area, Leng, among the other soldiers in his unit, assumed that Shenji was a fellow Fire Nation soldier. The group continued their planned ambush on an Earth Kingdom unit in the valley below. Leng slaughtered several soldiers single-handedly before Shenji noticed the group was Fire Nation. After defeating the rest of the soldiers, Leng was the only one left. The soldier laughed off all attempts to attack him, but was eventually killed by the Earth Kingdom soldier. The dream was enough motivation for Shenji to leave his unit and follow Kuro in an attempt to prevent the founding of a fort.


Leng, being a figment of Shenji's imagination, is the embodiment of what Shenji hates. Leng is uncaring, brutal, and fairly immoral. He has no qualms with killing or maiming opponents and traitors alike. He is also quite overconfident, allowing a tired Shenji to defeat him despite several advantages.


Leng is a competent Firebender. He favors swift and preemptive strikes, using his size to intimidate his opponents before overwhelming them. His stature allows his attacks to have more force behind them, making his fast attacks particularly troublesome for his opponents.

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