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Lenet is an ancient being from the nearly extinct Nifrin, that has haunted the world for many millennia. As the last of her kind, she seeks revenge against the ones responsible for her species' extinction, the Avatar.


With the passing of the Stormbenders, the Avatar born in the wake of the Storm Grave was left with the impression that an Avatar was a crusader who hunted down the monsters of the world. He found a mischievous species to target, the Sehr or Nifrin, called witches for their strange powers.

The witches were hunted down and soon wiped out, though one was known to survive and hide out in the world. After failing to find her, the Avatars gave up. Lenet was this survivor and the last of her kind.

She had since vowed for vengeance and wants to kill the Avatar. Aware that she must kill the Avatar in the Avatar State to permanently end them, she has waited patiently in slumber.

She has awoken again in 320 AG, seeing the Avatar in a vulnerable state that can be taken advantage of. Seeing The Fifth Nation War as her opportunity to kill the Avatar, she observed the distress she was in after betraying her former comrades and joining the siege on Omashu.

Lenet has joined with Urri, whose hatred of both Rishu and Tala serves Lenet's purpose. Lenet soon realizes that Rishu is as great a threat as the Avatar due to his knowledge of magic.

Lenet has begun to target various functions of the war, making it hard for the siege due to the fact they can't defend against magic. Her first attempts on Tala's life ended in failure when both Ralyn and Rishu were able to save her, though the former was unable to keep Tala from going into a coma from a toxin of Lenet's design.

Powers and Abilities

As a witch, Lenet's powers derive from sorcery and magic. This means that she can use incantations and spells, some spoken, some not. Certain objects that can be used by both humans and witches will have different powers and abilities because they do not bend elements.

Sinister Hama

Lenet's first seen form was that of an older woman.

A very potent ability of Lenet is her ability to possess multiple objects, from trees to boulders and turn them into demon drones that attack her enemies. Lenet can seemingly dissipate into thin air and travel at incredible speeds. As a witch, she has extrasensory perception that makes sneaking up on her or surprising her impossible. This same sense give her a near full understanding of her surroundings. She has full sight over the city of Omashu but is nearly blind beyond its range. She makes up for this with incredible speed to travel.
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Lenet can take the form of a much more attractive woman when it suits her goals.

Lenet has a great knowledge of poisons and toxins, able to make deadly darts that can make one weak and comatose on contact but lethal for sustainment.

Lenet is capable of shape-shifting, making her appearance look as she wishes it. She often takes the form of a kind old lady, however, she will also take the form of a young, white-haired goddess. Regardless, she has white hair, implying that it is her true hair color.

Lenet is capable of energybending, though the level of her proficiency is unknown.


  • Lenet's kind are called witches because their powers are not understood very well. They have other names based on the ancient tome Rishu has about ancient creatures.
  • Lenet is the menacing presence that watched both Rishu and Tala from afar.
  • Lenet's two forms are based on Hama from book 3 of ATLA and Lieselotte from 11eyes.
  • Lenet might have a short series overlooking her early life called Witch's Scorn. It would start with the death of her parents and end with her slumber.

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