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Shocked guard
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Fire Nation


29 (100 AG)

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During The Hundred Year War

Len was first seen when Katara attempted to be captured for Earthbending for the purpose of saving Haru [1]. Right from the start it's easy to detect that he is not always quite so bright; completely missing that Katara was attempting to Earthbend and believing a lemur, Momo, was performing the art. He's also not well known for handling his own money properly as his best friend, Razei, is always swindling him quite easily. However this is largely his own fault seeing as he is quick to suggest the most foolish of ideas. Not to mention he's mostly willing to accept any bet as to his success on said ideas.

Despite his aforementioned lack of common intelligence, he is actually quite capable at following orders and regulations. At the prison rig he was in charge of several small squads of Fire Nation guards. His duties were typically to patrol the prison rig to ensure no foul play was being attempted by prisoners. He would also occasionally be sent to the mining village to monitor citizens' morale, seeking to root out any stray leftover Earthbenders to bring them into captivity. When he acquired any free time he could typically be found lounging in town with his best friend, Razei. That is, unless Razei had some scheme in mind and made use of Len's presence, which was usually the case.

Currently it has not yet been revealed what became of him after the Warden threw him overboard at the prison rig, other than the fact that he survived both it and the Earthbender revolt.


It should be noted that he was not capable of Firebending, relying solely on his pike for his offense. What he lacked in intelligence and bending, he made up for with his ranged weaponry prowess. However, he isn't quite so skilled when it comes to close range combat, always preferring to stay a good step away from his adversary.


  • When attempting to explain that he and his patrol had sighted Appa, he couldn't rightly discern whether Appa was a bison or a buffalo, stating he couldn't tell the difference.
  • He achieved the rank of captain of his squad, but he doesn't make a very good leader. His guards never did understand how to make conversation around him without feeling awkward.


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