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Lemur Lost, Reward If Found
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Lemur Lost, Reward If Found is a one-shot chapter in Avatar: The Mini-Adventures. This chapter is about Momo exploring the woods where he runs into many dangers like a hog-monkey. It takes place immediately before Jet.

Lemur Lost, Reward If Found

Momo looked at the ground, sniffing the floor. The lemur purred in delight after picking up a scent and followed the smell into the woods. He scurried under trees and jumped through bushes, eventually arriving at a big clearing with trees ringing around it. He sniffed the air when his ears twitched. Rustle. Rustle. The lemur turned, noticing a shrub twitching for a few seconds. Momo crawled closer as the rustling grew louder and louder. He poked the bush, earning a roar in return. Momo flipped backwards and looked at the bush. It had stopped moving. Whatever was there, had already left.

The lemur picked up the smell and followed it into another small clearing. He looked around and purred in delight. Momo ran toward a pile of leaves and started digging through it, finally reaching the prize. Lychee nuts were scattered on the ground, waiting for a lemur to come and eat them. Momo grabbed the nuts and started eating. He turned his head to spit out the seeds. Thump. Thump. Thump. The lemur curled his ears and squeaked. A Hog Monkey was growling as the seeds shot him in the neck repeatedly. The animal turned to see the lemur and roared, chasing after him.

Momo flew to the nearest tree and scrambled up, barely avoiding the hog monkey's claws. The lemur jumped higher as the beast pounced on a branch. The two were locked in a constant chase as they jumped from branch to branch. Momo flew into the air, ready to escape, but the hog monkey slammed into him. The two rolled like a snowball, slamming onto the ground, creating a hole, and causing a tremor. Boar-q-pines squealed and ran down a hill. Momo crawled out of the hole and turned, spotting pebbles jumping up and down. The pebbles stopped and Momo sighed. Rumble. Rumble. Boar-q-pines exploded out of the bushes, stampeding toward the lemur. The lemur crawled as fast as he could, but was easily over run by the animals. Momo tried to fly, but he was knocked back to the ground by the hog monkey. The beast squealed as he was knocked aside by the boar-q-pines.

Momo tumbled through the ground and flew into the air. The lemur smacked into a tree branch and fell on one of the animal's face. The animal shook her head and threw Momo off of her snout. The lemur tumbled down another hill and turned into a ball. Armadillo bears, curled up in their protective shells, tumbled along with Momo. Momo twirled to the left, barely avoiding the animals. The lemur crashed into one of the animals and ricocheted into the air. Taking advantage of the momentum, Momo extended his wings. The lemur slammed into a tree trunk and fell into a river. The tree shook and dropped lychee nuts on the animal's head. Momo smiled and grabbed one. He brought it to his mouth when a fish jumped and swallowed the nut.

The fish tried to escape, but Momo grabbed its tail. The lemur held his breath as he and the fish went underwater. The fish tried to eat the nuts, but Momo grabbed the rest and flew out of the water. He turned to see the fish biting on his tail. Momo tried to shake the fish off, but it bit even harder.

The lemur turned around and shivered. Cats were licking their lips and pounced after the fish. Momo screeched and turned to ran as the cats ran after him, trying to grab the fish. He flew into the air, but the hog monkey smiled and tried to catch him. The lemur glided into a clearing and ran down hill to the river. With a flick of his tail, Momo tossed the fish into the river and ran off. The cats screeched as they tried to slow to a stop. The first one sighed in relief as it screeched to a halt by the river. The other cats slammed into the first one and flew into the water, much to their dismay.

Momo flew back to the second clearing, finding his patch of lychee nuts still intact. Rustle. Rustle. Momo looked up to see the hog monkey. Grabbing some nuts, the lemur flew off. The Hog Monkey watched the lemur fly away and tried to follow, but flew into the air in rage. He turned around and squealed, head-butting the cage it was now trapped in. Momo flew to the first clearing and started eating his lychee nuts happily. The lemur tried to crawl, but tripped over a branch and tumbled down a hill. He rolled into a ball and tumbled out of the woods. Momo landed on his back with one paw on his belly. "Oh, there you are Momo." Aang said and patted the lemur's head. Momo fell with a thud. "Momo?"

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