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Lego lord


Lego lord

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May 12 2011

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Lei is the first chapter of Forever Entrapped. Comments will be much appreciated!

Plot and script

Jidane awoke from his sleep, and noticed that Lei was gone. Gradually, he arose from the murky ground and wondered about his real life; what happened when he was gone? He was murdered. He is forever entrapped in the Spirit World, but why, he was the Avatar, wasn't he? Now the next Avatar will come to pass over him, while he was still in the Spirit World. He wasn't dead, he was just gone from the real world, so he still existed. Jidane yelled out in terror,

"Why...? If only I wasn't the Avatar, this wouldn't have happened... none of it... Mang wouldn't have died...! I wish the power of being the Avatar has never approached my sight... it only tears my life apart..."

Jidane punctured his neck with his dirty fingernails, pushing himself towards the murky ground, as he heard the faint sounds of the blowing wind, and the shrill sounds of Lei coming out from his dark hiding place.

Jidane shouted, "Go away!"

"You are, all by yourself, falling into oblivion... overcome it. If you do not, rid me of your insanity..."

Jidane got off of the ground hastily in anger, and was trying to drag himself out of the murky cave to rid himself of Lei. Lei chased and gained nearby. Jidane looked back as he ran and yelled again,

"Go away!"

Lei's sharp legs nearly stepped over-top of him, but he managed to skid out. Lei drove out a shrieking noise, infuriating Jidane's mind. Lei spoke shrilly and questioned.

"Why do you run...? Why do you cry...?"

Jidane looked back, and yelled, "I hate you...! Go a-" he was interrupted when he accidentally tripped into a keen-edged ditch. He tried to get out of it, but something had punctured into his back, something sharp. Lei walked over-top of the ditch, shadowing over Jidane. He could scarcely see anything at all, the cave was murky and dark. Jidane felt nauseated, he didn't want to move, but Lie was onto him, he needed to get out of sight. Lei was just about to grab him, but hastily Jidane rolled out of the ditch, knocking Lei onto the wet dust. When Lei had picked himself up from the murky ground, Jidane was out of sight, he must have already fled from the dark cave. All he knew that he was out of sight, he was too far away. But where was he running? Jidane ran as far away from Lei as he could; he didn't want to be found, he wanted to be alone, weeping in the clear air. When Jidane knew he was completely out of the sight of Lei, he slowly dragged his feet so he could finally catch a breath.

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