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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Legendary Spy:The Tales of Malu in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Legendary Spy:The Tales of Malu.

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Legendary Spy:The Tales of Malu
Desires, triumphs, failures, amusement, romances and tragedies. All form the stories of one celebrated woman.
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The Earth is the same as viewers know it. The four nations, however, aren't. 25,000 years before the arrival of Sozin's Comet casts a permanent scar on the world, the international relationships have seen strained ties due to centuries of disputes and conflicts. The Air Nomads in particular are in turmoil; a series of attacks against them by the other nations and their successive reprisals have isolated the airbenders from half the planet. In addition there is a potentially explosive rift forming between the nomadic residents of the Northern and Western Air Temples that is becoming increasingly difficult to overlook. As a result of the bleak situations they're in, the nomads lost trust in the other nations and although some diplomatic progress was made, the airbenders are still wary and suspicious of outsiders and not nearly as friendly as they once were. A consequence of this mentality was the creation of the Air Nomad Intelligence Agency (ANIA), widely respected and feared by the other nations for their cunning and use of offensive airbending and sometimes violence to accomplish their tasks. Years later, a shy girl was recruited by ANIA and trained to become one of the most skilled operatives in the agency's history. That girl was Malu. This operative with an occasionally-dark personality learned to do anything to complete her mission, whether it involved physically harming or seducing others to move on to the next objective.

Malu is human however, and as such has her own trials and tribulations to deal with when not on the job, including a complicated romantic and personal life. How she dealt with all these challenges and risks is how she became to be known as a legend among the Air Nomads for millennia afterwards. Whether good or bad, she was a polarizing figure who shaped the culture more into what it is currently known for. This is her story.

Dramatis Personae

  • Malu: The protagonist of the story. An ANIA Special Agent who's worked for the organization for half her life, Malu is an extremely skilled operative specializing in counterintelligence. Her work has staved off attacks, kept diplomatic relations with the other nations in check, and resulted in a notable, if not significant restoration of Air Nomad prestige and status. She has a somewhat cold personality with a few violent tendencies as a result of her aggressive training program. Through that program, she's learned to inflict harm, kill, airbend offensively, wield non-traditional weapons, and use her own feminine charm to get the job done. She also learned to calculate the countless analyses needed to determine the viability of her operation on the fly, and has been taught to abort missions if the thresholds weren't met at any time, even if it meant possible personal and diplomatic hardships later. Her story is told from three timelines; as a young Field Operative (ages 17-20), a middle-aged Special Agent (ages 30-40), and an 85-year old elder who's been retired for nearly a decade, living a stress-free lifestyle.
  • The Narrator: Considered the deuteragonist of the story, he narrates the past timelines of the tales, save for Malu's personal opinions and logs, as well as Malu's commentary from the present timeline. He's considered a friend of the former spy, as observed by their occasional comedic bickering over minor details and his interviewing her for her commentary on specific tales. He does tend to get a little annoyed when Malu attempts to downplay or augment certain elements of her story, even though she does it in jest.
  • The Author: A mysterious presence who dictates the Narrator's narration of the story from time to time, and possesses knowledge of events far in the future, much to the Narrator's chagrin. The god-like entity is not referred to by name, but is acknowledged by the Narrator, who even attempts to learn more from the spirit despite being rebuked at times for not needing to know certain events until a certain time. The presence also has an occasional tendency to break the fourth wall and foretell events which have absolutely nothing to do with the story. When the author speaks, the words are encased in brackets to distance them from the narrator's storytelling.
  • Brother Tarris: A 20-year old airbender and an ANIA Deep Cover Operative (DCO). He becomes a close friend of Malu and eventually has an on-again/off-again relationship with her. He's one of the only people Malu knows who can help her get through her troubles and struggles (when she lets him) as he's had similar challenges in getting to where he is at the time readers first encounter him.
  • Avatar Ekasu: A 40-year old earthbending Avatar who serves as a mentor to the then-young operative. As a native of the Earth Kingdom, Ekasu understands the turmoil isolating the Air Nomads and thus has no problem allowing Malu to vent at him when needed, knowing that he's fully educated in the matter. At times he teaches Malu techniques that could prove useful to her in her missions, and will contribute something important to her specific development. As the Avatar, he is briefed on some of ANIA's activities (except sensitive missions which could compromise world stability if word got out). Their friendship continues for the rest of Malu's long life, with Ekasu providing advice every step of the way.
  • Monk Qindaq: Malu's 55-year old battle-hardened instructor and ANIA's Executive Director. Because of an accident that resulted in the death of Malu's parents while he was a Special Agent, Qindaq took it upon himself to recruit, train, and act as a surrogate parent for the young operative. Malu remembers the accident and knows of his involvement, but repressed the memories until her training began. Her relationship with her adoptive father is mixed; at times she idolizes him, and at other times she dreams of killing him in his sleep (either because a memory of her parents' death resurfaced or because she hated him for part of the training she underwent). Qindaq struggles to deal between his own grief, his duties and his adoptive daughter's violent tendencies as a result of his training program for her. He eventually becomes a member of the Northern Air Temple's Council of Elders.
  • Monk Taisoh: Age 37. Malu's Operation Coordinator and occasional Equipment Manager. It is he who under orders from Monk Qindaq assigns Malu her objectives and inventory of supplies.
  • Karth: Roughly Malu's age, she is an occasional partner and sometime rival. Karth is an ANIA Field Operative (on retainer from ANIA's smaller sister branch at the Western Air Temple) who's been working for the organization for a little longer than Malu has, though the latter quickly outranked her. Specializing in foreign relations, most of her jobs take her to the other nations where she acts in an "official" capacity as an Agency Liaison. Karth and Malu sometimes engage in airbending sparring to blow off steam and to test each other's abilities. What Karth lacks in brute strength she makes up for in technique, enabling her to beat Malu more than the opposite has happened.
  • Akoze: A 35-year old Fire Nation DCO and the primary antagonist of the story. Malu has numerous run-ins with the firebender, including a few that result in fatalities over the course of the tales. He eventually is promoted to the rank of General, granting him even more power to try and dispatch his longtime foe, and granting Malu easier means of locating him. He is sometimes referred to as the "Limited Innovator" for his resourcefulness and his unique ways of firebending in less-than-ideal conditions.
  • Keruda: A 30-year old Water Tribe acquaintance of Malu's residing in the Northern Water Tribe. A fairly-skilled waterbender, he works as a barkeep with a penchant for acquiring information vital for Malu to complete her mission. However this comes at a price; oftentimes one that Malu can't easily guarantee or deliver.

The ages given in the character descriptions are the respective ages at the beginning of Malu's first timeline (i.e. when Malu is 17).




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