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Legend of the Fire Hawk
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Legend of the Fire Hawk is the fourth one-shot chapter of Avatar: The Mini-Adventures. The one shot is about Team Avatar investigating a myth Zuko had mentioned after their members start to disappear one by one. It takes place after The Southern Raiders.


Zuko tells the team a legend about a mysterious creature which haunts Ember Island and when one goes missing, the rest of the team decides to investigate in the dark of the night.

Legend of the Fire Hawk

The fire crackled, consuming each stick with a loud crack. Still, it gave heat and warmth to Team Avatar. The group sat in a circle around the fire.

"So, why are we sitting around a campfire in the dead of the night?" Aang asked, shifting uncomfortably in the moonlight.

"Because Twinkle Toes, it's about time we do something fun." Toph answered.

"So telling scary stories in the pitch black dark night is fun?" Zuko asked.

"Yeah, pretty much." Sokka answered.

"Unless you're scared." Katara teased.

"Azula used to always do this when we were little just to make me wet my pants." Zuko admitted.

"Did it work?" Aang asked.

"Yes." Zuko mumbled.

Team Avatar laughed out loud until they heard a branch snap and screamed.

"Knowing Azula I'm pretty sure you know some scary stories. Tell us one Zuko." Suki suggested.

Team Avatar mumbled in agreement.

"All right." Zuko said. He clapped his hands and the fire was extinguished. The prince summoned a ball of fire from each of his palms, illuminating his face. "Legend has it of this extraordinary creature called the Fire Hawk. This bird had talons big as trees." One of the fireballs erupted, turning the tree trunks into talons. Team Avatar huddled closer.

"Their screams deafened anyone a mile away." With his free hand, Zuko scratched a log and the gaang covered their ears in terror. "And every time they fly, a fiery tail follows it." Team Avatar looked into the night sky, seeing a red tail disappearing behind the treetops. "It whispers your name and you go into a trance."

"Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Suki." A raspy voice whispered.

"You'll run but your feet start to burn as if they were on fire." Zuko kicked blasts of fire at the gaang's feet and they yelped. "The Fire Hawk you up and then, when you're higher than the clouds," Zuko appeared at the top of a treetop. "It will drop you." The prince fell out of the treetop and extinguished his flame.

Team Avatar looked around in worry. "And no one hears from you again." Zuko's voice announced in the darkness. The flame erupted back to life. Team Avatar sighed as Zuko smiled, his arms crossed.

Aang stood up. "Well, I have to go change my pants."

"Ew." Team Avatar said. "Gross."

Aang walked into his room and changed.

"Aang, Aang." A whisper said.

"Who's there?" Aang asked, taking a battle stance. "Zuko? This isn't funny."

"Aang, Aang." The whisper got louder and louder. "Aang, Aang, AANG!"

Aang screamed as birds chirped and flew from the treetops in terror.

"What was that?" Katara asked jumping from her seat.

"I think it was Twinkle Toes!" Toph shouted.

"We'd better split up and look for him." Suki said and grabbed Sokka.

"Zuko and I will check the house!" Katara announced.

Katara and Zuko ran through the woods as the trees gave them ominous looks. They laughed and growled as the duo ran inside a small clearing. A red shimmering tail flew behind them.

"Zuko." A whisper said.

Zuko's eyes dilated as he mindlessly walked toward the beach. Katara followed shouting his name. Zuko walked, but as Katara drew nearer, the prince broke into a run and sprinted across the sand.

"Zuko!" Katara shouted.

"My feet are on fire!" Zuko roared.

Fire erupted from Zuko's fists and he launched himself over the water. Katara froze a path for herself, and manipulated the water to make her go higher. Zuko launched himself toward the clouds as a red tail bobbed through the fluffy white clouds. Katara reached out to grab Zuko's leg but talons erupted and grabbed his shoulders.

"No!" Katara shouted and shot a volley of water at the talons, but they grabbed Zuko and disappeared in the clouds.

In the middle of the forest, with broken tree trunks and looming trees, Sokka and Suki looked around for any sign of Aang. "I don't believe in any Fire Hawk." Sokka announced, slicing trees and branches with his machete.

"Sokka, Sokka." A whisper said.

Sokka stopped slicing. "Suki, did you say something?"

"No, I haven't said anything." Suki revealed.

Talons burst out of the forest and grabbed Sokka and Suki before flying toward the sky.

"Let go of me!" Sokka grunted. He swung his machete and sliced off one of the talons. The Fire Hawk screeched and let go of the warrior.

"Sokka!" Suki shouted.

"Suki!" Sokka cried as he landed face first on the sand.

"Sokka, are you okay?" Katara asked, as she jumped from her wave and landed next to her brother.

Sokka immediately jumped to his feet. "That thing's got Suki!"

"Katara, Katara." A familiar whisper announced. "Sokka, Sokka."

"Duck!" Katara and Sokka shouted as they jumped onto the ground.

The talons turned around and flew back to the beach. Katara shot a huge wave at the beast but fire erupted and evaporated the liquid. Sokka ducked to avoid the fire blast and threw his boomerang. Boom!

"Ow." Zuko's voice shouted.

"Zuko?" Katara asked.

The waterbender created a lasso out of water and shot it around the talons. She grabbed the water and thrust it to the sand. Appa growled as he landed on the ground with fake talons attached to his legs. Zuko was on Appa's head and Aang and Suki were tied up on Appa's saddle.

"Show's over." Toph announced, jumping out of the sand.

"What?" Sokka asked as Katara freed Aang and Suki. "Explain yourself."

"Calm down Sokka." Toph said, knocking the warrior down. "I just wanted to have a little fun and Zuko joined me. I went around underground whispering your names while Appa flew around grabbing you guys."

"That wasn't nice." Katara shouted.

"Whatever, I'm tired. G'night." Toph yelled.

Still mad, Team Avatar went to their respective rooms.

"Suki, Suki."

"Zuko, Zuko."

"Toph, Toph."

"Sokka, Sokka."

"Katara, Katara."

"Momo, Momo."

"Appa, Appa."

"Aang, Aang."

Aang instantly woke up. "Did you say something Momo?" Momo squeaked. Appa roared. Aang ran outside to check up on his friend. Something shimmered as a red-scaled creature soared into the sky. Its gold talons stood out in the dark night. A fiery tail followed the creature.

"Wait, Appa, you're there, then who's there?" Aang asked.

The creature shrieked as its fiery tail vanished in the full moon.

Production Notes

This was based off a Native American legend known as the Wendigo. I was greatly intrigued by the story and decided to put an Avatar spin on the tale. I make no profit from this, it's purely for amusement. RuleroftheBisons97(Fanon) 05:21, December 30, 2012 (UTC)RuleroftheBisons97

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