Legend of the Avatar
We have been together for 10,000 years, it is time to share our story.
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Three Books


United Kingdom, English


August 8th 2014 - present






This series will explore the untold legends and stories of the Avatar. From their journey as Wan the First Avatar to Korra the current Avatar.

This Fanon will cover the first cycle of Avatar starting with Wan. Additions will be made to the Beginning's story and subsequent sequels will be added until the story connects up with the canon series.


Below is a list of characters that will have a major role in each of the Legends. The Legend of Wan

Wan - (萬)The young man who became the first Avatar at the age of 20.

Raava - The Light Spirit that governs peace, she is the bringer of harmony.

Vaatu - The Dark Spirit that governs chaos, he is the bringer of destruction.

Aye - Aye - The guardian of the oasis, this spirit became one of Wan's most trusted friends.

Jaya - The leader of the settlers that left the Fire Lion Turtle City, he is a human who was like a brother to Wan.

Xintu- (信徒)A believer and follower of Wan's who admired him. She followed in his footsteps and was banished.

- (壳)A young girl whose fate brought Wan and Raava closer together.


Prologue: Prologue: Before the Era of Raava

The Legend of Wan

Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Book Two: The Beginnings, Air

Chapter 1: Final Breath

Chapter 2: Light and Dark

Chapter 3: Spirit Guide

Chapter 4: Promise

Chapter 5: Becoming Human

Chapter 6: Village

Chapter 7: Mistaken Trust

Episode 8: Forgiveness

Chapter 9: From Fire to Air

Book Three: The Beginnings, Fate

Chapter 1: Edge of the World

Chapter 2: City in the Sea

Chapter 3: Verge of War

Chapter 4: The man who seeks power

Chapter 5: Journey to the East

Chapter 6: The Final Element

Chapter 7: Humans and Spirits

Chapter 8: Protecting the Light

Chapter 9: The Legend of Wan

Chapter 10: Dawn of a New Age

Chapter 11: Avatar Wan

Author's note

I am a former Media student with a degree in Film and TV, recently due to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and a discussion with friends and other fans of the Avatar franchise. I came up with the idea of mimicking the system used in Doctor Who, where the writer and producer are succeeded in order for the series to expand and develop even more.

Perhaps this idea may inspire the creators of Avatar to one day see the potential to pass on the series and allow someone else to expand on the universe of Avatar.

As a fan of the series I feel that I should create a fanon that feels as close to the canon of the series. When it is time to put down my pen I hope I will find a successor to carry on this fanon project.

News and Updates Page: News and updates/Legend of the Avatar

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