Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Legend of Zhao in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Commander Zhao
Legend of Zhao
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Legend of Zhao

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February 17

This the story of how Zhao survived. This Zhao's comical view of books 2 and 3.


I saw Zuko's hand but I would never hold hands with that scarred scoundrel. I was sinking, but then I used my beard as a flotation device. I gasped for air and I took a breath.

I stayed low for a few days. When I saw a ship leaving. I mugged a dude and I stole his clothes. I got on one of the ships. The ride was much different than what I thought it would be and I hurled.

I got off when we reached the nearest Earth Kingdom port. Despite all this, I was determined to get back to the Fire Nation so I went to a little village called Chin. To my horror, the only food they had were left over, week-old, uncooked dough. But for my luck, I discovered the Avatar had passed through a week ago.

I quickly found an Avatar costume and traveled through the Earth Kingdom. I questioned people from every town I went to. I got to an oasis when I saw a man who claimed the Avatar said he was going to Ba Sing Se. I made it to a port, but the lady did not believe I was the Avatar. In the middle of the night, I stole four tickets and used them to get to Ba Sing Se. When I got to the city I started asking people about the Avatar; they did not want to talk about him. One night I was walking home, which was a wooden park bench, when to men snatched me up. Next thing I new I was hanging upside-down staring into the ugly mug of Azula...

Fire Part 1 The Invasion

Azula looked at me she asked me if I would help her. Of course I said no. She then brought out a bunch of creepy earthbenders. They picked me up and carried me like a log through the facility. They tied me up and made me watch a light until, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew I was looking up at Princess Azula and Zuko on my knees. I told her I still would not help her. Then she snapped her fingers and acted like a possum-chicken. She asked Zuko to leave.

"I need you to help hunt the Avatar's friends. They are going to invade the Fire Nation and I need your help."

"Why me?"

"Let's just say your expendable hah ha ha."

So, I went to the Fire Nation. I arrived on an island which was called [insert Fire Nation name here]. A went around, but all I could do was scare little Fire Nation kids going to a party, no luck. I continued traveling until I reached on of the larger islands called [insert another Fire Nation city here]. They all were scared of a spirit. I said I could kill it and they left.

Spirit Catching 101: First, you need a large army or navy which makes stealth impossible, so they know you are coming. Secondly, you need to go when the spirit is strongest i.e. night. Third, you need a bag. It doesn't matter if your catching Hei Bai or La. You need a bag because spirits hate bags. Last, but not least, Sideburns! Yeah, the spirit got me and made me tie myself up, but don't laugh, yet because it also made me put a bag on my head. I woke up to, "I think we are to late for this one ugh, oogies." I played dead and fell on the floor, waiting for everyone to leave.

I made it, finally, to the Fire Nation capital city, but when I got there, everyone was gone. Then, I heard explosions, was I to late. Nope, I wasn't. A guard was coming around, I hid in a house, found some lady clothes and asked him what was going on.

"Ugh, you an ugly woman. Anyways, there underground. I'll take you there."

I made it underground and now I was safe, but what about Azula?...

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