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The Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra the Azure Edition is an ongoing fan-fiction by the author AzureSpider on the website The story is primarily a novelization of The Legend of Korra but also features a large amount of edited and added content, done in the name of creating a "better" version of Legend of Korra. The story can be read on Fan-Fiction.Net and stands as the author's longest and most reviewed story. 

Reason for writing

The story was first written shortly after the Book 1 finale of Legend of Korra came to an end due to the author's dissatisfaction with the way the ending was done, as well other issues with the series as a whole. Deciding to try his own hand at the story, AzureSpider began the long task of both novelizing and also re-writing the entire first book of Legend of Korra, and then continued the story into Book 2.

List of Major Differences between the Azure Edition and the original show

  • Meelo's character is omitted entirely due to the author's disdain for the character.
  • Korra's personality becomes progressively less belligerent and arrogant as time passes.
  • Mako remains with Asami and never expresses any romantic interest in Korra. The author regularly makes clear his contempt for the Korra/Mako romance and also cites Mako and Asami's continued romance as also being a necessary part of the story in that it counters Amon's belief that benders and non-benders cannot co-exist.
  • Bolin is shown repeatedly to be a womanizer, with his one-night stands including the Wolf-Bat's girlfriends. It is this behavior that convinces Korra that she and Bolin could never have a good romantic relationship (due to Korra's not wanting to be shared).
  • The Wolf-Bat's firebender is made the honorable member of the trio and criticizes his teammates cheating during the match against the Fire Ferrets. 
  • Hiroshi Sato's being affiliated with the Equalists is revealed sooner. It is also revealed that the "selfless loan" he got that was the beginning of his fortune was in fact from Amon, who later came to get the debt paid in the form of Hiroshi's services. Hiroshi for his part is portrayed as more tragic and sympathetic, confessing that he liked Mako due to his making his daughter happy but nevertheless feeling compelled to fight him due to his being a bender. He also admits in the end to being proud of his daughter for standing up for what she believes in, lamenting that he did not try to convert her to the Equalists' ways sooner.
  • Rohan is renamed Kuzon due to the author's finding the Rohan name to be a poor choice, joking that Tenzin and Pema's next child should be named "Gondor". 
  • Tarrlok and Amon (who's real name is still Noatok) are not brothers but rather were once friends. Therefore, Amon's ability to de-bend people comes not from bloodbending but rather is a "gift" to him from Koh the Face-Stealer in exchange for helping Koh exact vengeance on the Avatar (it is revealed that much like Kuruk before him, Aang attempted to kill Koh when he stole the face of someone he loved). It is also revealed that Yakone similarly got his enhanced bloodbending ability from Koh.
  • Amon's resistance to Tarrlok's bloodbending is the result of all but one of his limbs being mechanical.
  • The Equalist Lieutenant is Amon's son and his first "recruit". 
  • Amon's origin has been changed drastically to that of a family man who struggled (and failed) to make a living in a bender-supremacist society and eventually became desperate enough to resort to thievery. His scarred and burned face (which here is not fake) was the result of burning rubble falling on him during a botched robbery attempt.
  • In lieu of her canon relationship with Mako, Korra here has clearly taken a romantic interest in General Iroh, flirting with him. For his part, General Iroh's personality has been altered into a more "old world" individual who is prone to speaking in a very polite and formal manner, acting chivalrously towards women (namely Korra and Asami), and (perhaps most humorously) being unable to recognize Korra's flirting with him. He also has a designated "tea time" here, in reference to the original Iroh's love of tea.
  • Bolin accompanies Korra to her confrontation with Amon in place of Mako, who attacks the air-field alongside Asami and General Iroh. The three also do not get knocked out by the electric fence, which is instead destroyed by General Iroh using his own control over lightning.
  • Due to Amon not being a bender, Korra discredits him by challenging his ideas, using Asami and Mako's relationship in particular to show that it is possible for benders and non-benders to peacefully co-exist.
  • Amon and Tarrlok do not die at the end of the Equalist Revolution. Tarrlok's fate is left unknown while Amon and his few remaining followers flee Republic City and under Amon's guidance seek out his daughter.

Besides the large assortment of different changes, several original characters and concepts have been added, including but not limited to new characters (Shaobing, the Kyoshi Commandos, the Fennu, the Weida-De, and Yanwu), to entirely new nations.


  • The story is considerably darker than the source material, containing mild swearing, drug references, hate-crimes (including racially motivated murder), blood, torture and the threat of torture, attempted genocide, and even mentioning of child murder. Lin Bei Fong and the Kyoshi Commandos also show a willingness to kill Equalists if necessary. 
  • The story has numerous references to Batman:
    • Mako's remembering how Shady Shin once said that if one creates enough hunger than everyone becomes a criminal, mirrors a line said by Ras al Ghul to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins.
    • Mako's flashback to his parent's deaths involves leaving a theater and cutting through an alley where they are then ambushed by the mugger that kills them. Also like in some versions of Batman's origin, the murderer is never caught. The author admitted that this reference was intentional and meant to poke fun at how Mako's backstory is already similar to Batman.
    • The character Shaobing, primarily his being a masked vigilante battling criminals, his brutal interrogation methods, and his antagonistic relationship with the police all draw parallels to Batman. His battle with the Red Monsoon leader also bears some resemblance to Batman's fight with the Mutant Leader in The Dark Knight Returns, with Shaobing even using many of the same moves Batman used against the Mutant Leader.
    • Some of Amon's lines are ones used by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Some of his other lines are similar to Hugo Strange in Batman Arkham City.
  • While subduing Korra with his bloodbending, Tarrlok quotes Saruman the White from The Fellowship of the Ring when he tells her that he gave her the chance of aiding him and that she has now elected "the way of pain".
  • Following his defeat, Hiroshi's admitting to being proud of Asami is extremely similar to what Haytham Kenway tells his son Connor right before he dies by his hand in Assassin's Creed III.

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