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Legend of Korra Season 2: Treasure of True Enlightenment Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

After leaving the South Pole everyone was safely arrived at the air Temple. Everyone was still sleeping early this bright morning. Lin had left early because she had just got promoted back as chief of police and she had to get to the academy bright and early. The sun just rose in the east where they could see it brightest. The air was windy and the sky was clear blue. There was not a single cloud in sight. Katara was the first to awake. She had been visiting and came along to the air temple to visit. Katara thought at this age any piece of sunshine was memorable. Katara was quickly followed by Tenzin.

"Good morning mother," Tenzin calmly said about to open the cabinet to get a bowl. Katara smiled and quickly replied.

"Don't worry Tenzin I'll make all dishes necessary. What everybody needs is some rest." Katara took out all the bowls and put them on the table.

"Thank you mother."

A couple hours later Tenzin was followed by Mako who awoke later. Mako and Bolin were in the far right of the air temple. Bolin awoke when everyone was already at the table. Katara had boiled rice and cooked chicken. She bended the pure fresh water into all the glasses. Mako sat next to Korra who sat next to Ikki who sat next to Meelo who sat next to Jinora who sat next to Pema who sat next to Asami who sat next to Bolin who sat next to an empty chair which was Katara's and that chair was next to Tenzin's who was of course next to Mako's...

"Thank you for the nice lunch!" Mako thanked Katara. "I didn't even notice how long I slept in."

"You're telling me." Bolin said across the table munching on the chicken.

"You slept in sooooooooooo late you missed breakfast and we had custard and and..." Ikki shouted with joy jumping up and down.

"Ikki!" Pema looked at Ikki with a look and Ikki sat down and continued eating.

"It wasn't much!" Jinora said to make them feel better. She then continued eating.

"Glad to know I didn't miss much!" Asami said glad to know they weren't eating dumpster food.

Korra smiled, "I'm still stuffed as it is. Thank you so much, Katara. I might go take a little walk in Republic City for a little."

Katara nodded and winked. Korra took the dishes and left to her room. She dressed up and got ready to go. She left to the back of the temple. She brushed Naga's white fur. Naga was eating hay.

"That's enough breakfast for you!" Korra suggested as the left the temple.

Naga swam in the fresh water of Yue Bay. Korra held on tight gazing off at Republic City. The bright beautiful city that was now in order. She looked at the huge statue of Aang. That was me in a past life. That was me! Korra thought. She looked around as Naga swam toward the city. She thought of everything that happened these last few months. Naga got closer to the city. I'm lucky. Korra told herself. Finally Naga reached the city and shook off all her wet fur. Naga walked wet into the city. Korra got of and walked into the heart of the city. She saw a huge camera in front of Lin's metal bending force. A reporter was asking Lin many questions.

"From our sources we all know Amon had deliberately taken away your bending. Of now you continue to be a metal bender." The reporter asked Lin for a closer look. The girl got all cameras ready. Korra hid behind the wall with Naga.

"We all now know the truth of Amon now don't we?" Lin responded as an answer to the reporter's question.

"How did you get your bending back then?" the reporter asked with a small grin.

Korra took off her hiding place and stomped over to the camera. She shoved her face into the screen so if squished her face. She then backed away, "Listen I gave the bending back with a type of power all Avatar's possessed called energy bending! The Avatar has the power to give and take bending of all people!"

Lin shook her head sadly. The reporter viewed her cameras at Korra's direction, "So we have a question for you Korra. Will you be giving back everyone's bending?"

People in the crowd stared to cheer and yell shouting with excitement. Soon the biggest crowd formed. Korra felt as when Tarrlok forced her with peer pressure to join his force. The worse thing was that as long as Korra didn't speak the crowd grew twice as big. Lin continued to stare then announced, "The Avatar will figure out her own duties at her own responsibilities."

"Are you saying you won't help any of these people and keep your powers and responsibilities to yourself?" the reporter said trying to turn this into town gossip.

Korra looked down, "I will give back bending to everyone and I will try. I just need to completely figure this whole thing out."

"Well you'd better hurry these people aren't getting any younger out here." The reporter told Korra as everyone left.

Lin looked at Korra, "I'm very sorry Korra. It was my fault I was outside at the wrong time."

Korra shook her head. "No it wasn't."

Korra ran with Naga all the way back to the bay with tears coming through her eyes. When Korra reached back to the island the radio had beaten them. The radio was playing and Korra was already in her room. She laid on her bed with tears falling down her face. The door opened.

"Korra?" It was Mako at the door and he entered in. "I know what happened about you having to give these people back their bending before the end of winter."

Korra was startled. The spring was close to finishing. "What do you mean by the end of winter? I never said that!"

"Well the reporter said..." Mako began but then stopped when Korra started crying again.

"She just said that to make me look bad. If I say no I will look bad. If I can't do it I will look bad." Korra sat up on her bed."

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