Air Nomad Genocide
"Kyfu, the fate of the world is in your hands."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Legend of Korra Season 2: Journey to Realization in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Korra waterbending
Journey to Realization (Book Two: Spirit)
Korra in the Avatar State. Will she master it?
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Action, Romance, Comedy






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English, USA




Katorra12, Makomako15 (Illustrator), Iceland77, The Ultimate Waterbender, OrderoftheWLinURN, AvatarKorraWaterbender


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The Legend of Korra (Book One: Air)


(Canon) "official" Legend of Korra Season 2


Hit T.V. show Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Air Bender


Korra tries to master the Avatar State and airbending as hope arises. However, problems seem to find a way into her life once again.

When a mysterious group called the Dragon Men try to capture Korra, everything seems to fall out of balance. The Dragon Men are a fierce group who were formerly run by the ultimate villain, Yakone. After his bending was taken away when he tried to rule Republic City from its criminal world, he swore vengeance on the Avatar. Yakone fled to the Northern Water Tribe and the Dragon Men never heard of him again. The group assumed a new leader named Shin Shu and decided to keep the legacy of Yakone alive. They are out to kill the Avatar! With the help of an enemy, they will do whatever it takes to end Korra. Korra and her friends will have to go to places they've never seen, encounter people they've never met, and do whatever it takes before the impossible.......


Characters and Their Roles In The Story

Korra looking out
Mako firebending
Hiroshi handing glove
Bolin with Pabu
Asami shocked

Raina- Illustrator: Makomako15

  • Korra- Is out and about dealing with trouble
  • Mako- Wants to start a relationship with Korra, but is interrupted by Asami and strange events
  • Bolin- Is doing great as always, lightening up the mood, and going on his first of many dates
  • Lin- Being the tough and caring woman she is
  • Tenzin- Raising a family and teaching a wild teen airbending
  • Asami- Mako's soon to be ex-girlfriend.
  • Pema- Loving mother
  • Jinora- The brains
  • Ikki- The chatty
  • Meelo- .......Meelo
  • Rohan- Cute and cuddly
  • Hiroshi Sato- Evil and wanting revenge
  • Bumi (Aang's son)-United Forces commander, crazy as usual
  • Aang- Comes in a vision to talk to Korra
  • Past Avatars- Are part of Korra in the Avatar State
  • Katara- A totally wise and awesome Gran Gran
  • Chief Saikhan- Out fighting crime, Chief of Police Force (for now....)
  • Police Force- Arresting criminals
  • Shin Shu (Leader of Dragon Men, new figure)- Unknown for now
  • Dragon Men (Group of firebenders, new figures)- Out to destroy Korra
  • Raina and Sahara- Sisters who lost their parents to the Dragon Men and Yakone(new figures)
  • Other outside characters- Doing what they're supposed to


Korra's journey to becoming a Fully Realized Avatar has officially begun. The war against the Equalists is over and a new threat arrives. A mysterious figure that begins to haunt Korra with well thought out plans causes her to loose focus on her airbending and training. On top of that, more relationships are arising. Can Korra make it through the tough times, or will they change her life?

Korra and her parents hug


  • This fanon should be considered a mini adventure for Korra and the gaang before the actual Book 2 of the Legend of Korra Series

Author's Note

Thanks to

I'd like to thank the people who've helped me adapt to Avatar Wiki. Some of them include Iceland77, Lady Lostris, Acer Indonesia, and many others! Just to be clear, I'm trying to make the characters personality as much as the ones on T.V., but as you all know I am not the creators. Therefore, I do not have the same insight as they do. I'll do my best though. I hope you like my story and I would like it if people could tell me ideas that could make it better. I won't mind constructive criticism for it makes you a better writer. Thanks!

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Welcoming A New Character

Ideas are closed, please don't give any more input

Hey guys! I need ideas for a new GIRL character in this fanon. Make sure you give me the background info, and also I need the character to be at least 15 or 16! Here's an example using me.

Ikki introducing her family

Name: Katorra

Bending: Water

Age: 12 (FYI Make sure YOU use 15 or 16 for the made up character)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Background: blah blah......

) Thanks!


Bending:Earth and Metal



Eyes:Bright Blue

Background:His mother was from Republic City and his father was an immigrant from the SWT. His parents were poor and his mother and father both had to work. He ran away from home thinking that his parents would be better off without him. He was starving, so he joined the Earth Rumblers Triad to make some money. He got caught in a fight with metal bending cops and a cable missed and hit his right arm. The hit damage all his nerve cells, so he took an option and had his arm amputated. He got a metal limb and a police officer taught him how to control it using metalbending. After serving a five-year sentence, he was freed from jail. He works in a factory currently.

I don't care how he meets the Krew, but he will like Asami and will definitely show it. I would like him to be head-strong, but kind. I would also like him be a rival to Bolin.

Abilities:His metal arm can expand in and out using metal bending. His earthbending style is loud and has no stealth. He uses 25% metal bending and 50% earth bending. The other 25% he uses his metal arm to fight. The Kid 100% (wallcontribs)


Bending:Fire, Earth and Air.






Background:She was an orphan adopted by an old woman for 10 years in a village which the girl was famous for her fire-bending, earth-bending and air-bending. As for her water-bending, she isn't good at it. 10 years ago, Her parents were killed by bloodbenders and her older brother (who could be 10 by then) had gone somewhere else. She barely remember them as she has lost her memories since then. When she reached 16, her adoptive mother died. She was very miserable and she decided to go out and adapt Republic City. (she never heard of it before) She doesn't even know what Avatar means. One day, she was ambushed by the Dragon men and was asked about the Avatar. However, she just kept her mouth shut. When she was about to be attacked by those men, Lin Beifong saved her. (Rikka doesn't want to reveal her abilities)

When Rikka met Korra, Mako and Bolin, she thought Korra and Mako were cute for a couple. As for Bolin, she has romantic feeling towards him. She often gets jealous whenever seeing him with another girl but swallows the jealousy instead. Most of the guys who met Rikka fell for her prettiness but she doesn't seem to care about it. All she wanted was...Bolin's heart.

She met Asami and she admires her beauty. (even though she is also beautiful) And then she met Tokun, who was really nice and kind to her. She somehow noticed that he wears the same necklace as hers. (The necklace was a "left behind" from her biological family). She soon finds out the identity of Tokun.

Character: Rikka's tough at bending, but she is actually a soft-spoken and big-hearted girl. She likes tame animals. The activity she does during her free time is singing. (She's really good at it)

Appearance: Her appearance are most likely same as her father's and her long lost brother's appearance (whom she forgotten his name) are most likely like their mother's.

Abilities: She is very capable of her fire-bending, earth-bending and air-bending. She doesn't know how to water-bend and she is scared of the sea for some reason. ( She was once thrown into the sea when her parents were killed) Yet she likes swimming in the pool.

Dream:Not to be an Avatar but a heroine like Korra.





Hair:Dark brown


Back-round:Lives with her mother and her father in a small village in the Southern Water Tribe. Her brother ran away when she was 5. A year to the day, she and her sister were just playing around. Her sister was still sad and she set off to find him, leaving Nini alone. Every one thought her brother and sister were dead, but Nini never gave up hope. Her brother and sister left Nini emotionally scarred. When she turned 14 she decided that she was old enough and ran away to Republic City. She learned a lot on the journey to Republic City, but she taught some people too. She had to swim a lot of the way, so by the time she got near the city she was exhausted. she found Aang's statue on the memorial island and knew that somewhere there was someone just like him. She has an odd talent for knowing exactly where people are, where she needs to be, who she needs to meet, and sometimes she sees into the future. She meets Korra in the Northern Water Tribe and she still searches for her brother and sister. She keeps the fact that she is a blood-bender a secret because they always get the wrong idea. She figured out a way to blood-bend people painlessly.

Character:A sweet and understanding girl who knows when to stop messing around. At first she seems kind of dumb and far away, but in the end you see just how sharp she really is. She fools around with people and never gives a straight answer, which has proven to be a problem more than once. She is very independent, though she knows when she needs help and when to accept it.

That's a nice idea. Korra Sprite-01 Katara PL Sprite The Master Waterbender Katarasprite1 Yue Sprite (My Fanon) 19:19, September 3, 2012 (UTC)


Is there anything confusing in my story? DO you think I should explain this more? If you have questions right them here! I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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