Legend of Korra Behind The Scenes : The Meelo Cam 2
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The Legend of Korra

Since the last Meelo cam was a huge success, Meelo decided to create another Meelo Cam, showing behind the scenes of The Legend Of Korra.


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The Story

(Static snow is shown, then we get a clear shot of Meelo gnawing on the camera, he stops and backs up)

Meelo: "Hi everyone! Welcome to 'The Meelo Cam 2'! Since the last Meelo Cam was such a success, I decided to make another! Let's go!!"

(Meelo lifts the camera up and leaves his dressing room, he walks around the set and finds Tenzin's dressing room)

Meelo: "Let's see what daddy's up to!"

(Meelo enters Tenzin's dressing room and we witness Tenzin shaving his head)

Meelo: "Daddy, why do you shave your head?"

Tenzin: "It's Air Nomad tradition, Meelo. Just like how your head is shaved, mine must be shaved. It's to show our Air Nomad tattoos which you will get one day."

(While Tenzin's talking, Meelo is zooming in on Tenzin's newly shaved head. He drops the camera and the camera records Meelo airbending his way onto Tenzin's shoulders and gnawing on his newly shaved head)

Tenzin : "I just shaved, Meelo!"

(Static snow is shown and the next shot is of Meelo)

Meelo: "I should really see a specialist on that. Let's see what else is going on."

(Meelo leaves his room and we find Tarrlok speaking to the Director)

Tarrlok: "Think about it! My very own show, The Legend Of Tarrlok, it would be better than The Legend of Korra!"

Director : "Dude, you're an 'impressed with yourself' dictator, the show would be canceled after one episode!"

(The Director leaves an angry Tarrlok, Amon walks over to him)

Amon: "Believe me, man, I tried. They're not gonna crack."

Meelo: "What are you both talking about?"

(Amon and Tarrlok spot Meelo, pick him up and throw him in the trash can. The camera changes to static snow. Next scene is of Meelo getting out of the shower room in his clothes)

Meelo:  : "Mommy is not gonna be happy. I STILL smell like garbage. *Sigh* Let's continue the tour."

(Meelo picks up his camera and leaves the shower room.)

Meelo:: "I wonder where Mako is."

(Meelo enters Mako's dressing room and finds him making out with Asami)

Mako: "I love you, Asami."

Meelo: "Hey, Mako, when are you gonna tell her you're dating Korra?"

Asami: "You're what!?"

Mako: "NO! I'm not dating Korra!!!!"

(Asami grabs her electrified glove and it begins to spark.)

Mako: "Isn't that just a prop?"

Asami: "What? You REALLY think those Equalist extras were faking being electrocuted?"

(Mako runs out of his dressing room screaming on the top of his lungs, leaving Asami and Meelo alone.)

Meelo: "Soooooo, Pretty Lady......... Wanna go out?"

Asami: "Get out."

Meelo: "Can I just get a kiss?"

(Asami sighs and kisses Meelo on the head. Meelo drops the camera and the camera records Meelo fainting in a haze of love and he has a kissy mark on his forehead. Static snow forms. Next scene is of Meelo with Bolin and Pabu.)

Meelo: "Now we're with Bolin and his pet fire ferret, Pabu!!! Tell me, how did you find him?"

Bolin: "I found him scrounging around for food one day. I felt bad for the little fella, so I took him in."

Meelo : "What can he do?"

Bolin: "LOTS of things! He's no one trick Poodlepony."

(Pabu starts leaving Bolin and walks over to the camera; he climbs on top of it.)

Meelo: "What's he doing to my camera?"

Bolin: (His face changes from a smile to a face in horror.) "Oh Sweet Mother of the Earth King! Mako was right about getting him neutered!"

(The button on the camera is clicked and static snow is shown again. This time Meelo has another close-up.)

Meelo : "Okay, Bolin is taking Pabu to the vet. Let's go check on Chief Beifong."

(Meelo is walking over to the makeup station where Chief Beifong is tweezing her eyebrows.)

Meelo : "Hi Chief Beifong!"

(Chief Beifong ends up tweezing the wrong hair and takes a few more hairs on her eyebrows than expected.)

Chief Beifong: "Hey! Thanks a lot kid! My eyebrow is completely ruined! Now I gotta trim the other side!"

(She metalbends the whole floor while Meelo runs out. She slams the door shut with her metalbending.)

Meelo : "Okay, I guess we can forget her. We have one more stop! Korra!!!!"

(Meelo leaves the room to find Korra in the break room, having an argument with Tahno.)

Korra: "I'm sick of how you're using my Polar Bear Dog to run errands around town without my permission!"

Tahno: "I only 'borrowed' her to grab myself some coffee."

Korra: "And hair gel and a brand new couch! And you really had to take the shortcut through the park?! Thanks to you, not only is Naga gonna be sore for a week, but she had several thorns in her paws I had to rip out!"

(Naga walks over to Korra, whimpering.)

Tahno : "Big deal."

(Korra waterbends him out of the room and Tahno lands on Meelo. The camera turns to static. Next scene is a close-up of Meelo.)

Meelo : "That ends the Meelo Cam I guess. I wanna give it a break before Korra completely breaks my camera again-"

(Korra barges in.)

Korra: "YOU WERE FILMING AGAIN?! That does it, Meelo!!"

Meelo: "That's the end of the Meelo Cam 2, bye!"

(Meelo presses the button on the camera quickly before Korra gets the camera.)

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