Legend of Korra: Prey (One-shot)
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July 15, 2012


A one-shot set a few moths after Book 1 of Legend of Korra. Team Avatar arrives at a town to solve a series of murders that have been happening in a nearby forest. The villagers blame the murders on a spirit. While the group tries to find the killer, the killer has chosen them as its prey.


In a forest in a nearby town, a group of hunters were sitting around a campfire. They were talking about there day and how much fun it was. Then they heard a sound. They got up and looked around. One of them took out his sword, ready for what ever it was. While they were looking, something came by the one with the sword and stabbed him in the back. The other two looked at the man in horror and shot fire and rocks at the direction the man was at. They hit nothing, as the thing that killed the man dropped his body and disappeared.

The two went to check on the man, when they heard another noise. They shot fire and rocks at every direction, hoping it will hit the creature. Then a spinning bladed disk cut the earthbending hunter in half. The firebending hunter kept firing at every direction. He started to scream for help, but no one can hear him. He started to run, but he didn't get far. A spear went right through his heart and fell to the ground.

The next day New Team Avatar arrived at the town. The team heard that people were being killed in the nearby forest and people were blaming the spirits for the killings. They started to talk to people and met someone who has survived an attack by what ever has been killing the people in the forest.

"Can you tell us what happened?" Korra asked.

"It was a few weeks ago when it happened. Me and a group of friends decided to go hunting in the nearby forest. After a day of hunting, we decided to camp for the night. I was telling my friends a story when we heard a noise. We all got up and took out or weapons. We thought it was some animal, but it wasn't. We realized that when one of them was killed in front of us. We tried to defend ourselves, but it killed us one by one. Me and my still living friend started to run away, but it got to him before we could get back to the town."

"I'm sorry for your lost. Can you tell us what the creature looked like?"

"I didn't see it. None of us could see it. It was invisible and the only thing I saw was it's glowing eyes."

"Thank you sir. We'll get to the bottom of this." The man left and Korra looked at the others. "Do you guys think it was a spirit?"

"I'm not sure Korra. It sounds like it's a spirit, but why would a spirit kill these people?" Asami asked.

"Maybe the people here upset the spirits," Mako said.

"It could be that. Most of the people that were killed were hunters. The spirits might be angry at the people for killing so many animals," Korra said. The group sees a group of men running in one direction. They follow them and find Bolin at a nearby tree. He was about to get sick and they go up to him.

"What's wrong Bolin?" Mako asked.

"You have to see it for yourself," Bolin answered.

"You two go check it out. I'll stay with Bolin." Korra and Asami went where the men were. When they did they were horrified at what they see. Two men were hanging on a tree and they were skinned. The two looked away, as they were feeling sick looking at the bodies. Mako and Bolin catch up to them and Mako sees the bodies.

"What could have done this?" Mako asked

"It's the spirit I tell you," an old lady said.

"Why do you think a spirit is doing this? Also what have you done to make the spirit angry?" Korra asked.

"It's a spirit alright, but we did nothing wrong to anger it. It's a hunting spirit and it hunts here very year. It hunts dangerous game and what would be more dangerous then man."

"So it's killing people because it's a hunter? That's the first time I herd that," Asami said.

"It doesn't matter. I'll stop this thing from killing more people," Korra said.

"You can't stop it Avatar. You might even die trying to. I wish you good luck Avatar. Maybe you'll survive the spirit that makes trophies out of men," the old lady said before leaving. The group looked at bodies one last time before leaving. As the group was walking around town, they heard Naga barking. They headed towards the barks and found Naga growling and barking at a tree.

"What is it Naga?" Korra asked.

"Maybe it's the spirit," Bolin said. The group looked around, but didn't see anything. Korra looked at Mako and he was staring at something. She walked up to him and looked at the direction he was looking at. Mako had a strange feeling something was watching them, but he couldn't see anything. There was something watching them. It was watching them since they arrived at the village.

"Mako are you okay?" Korra asked.

"Don't worry I'm okay. I thought I saw something," Mako said. Korra was able to calm down Naga and they went back to questioning people. When night came they stayed at a hotel in the village. They were having a peace full sleep when they heard someone screaming for help. They got up and started to look for the man. It was coming from the forest and the group went inside. As they were looking, Asami got separated from the group. As Asami was looking for the group, a man carrying a sword bumped into her. He was very scared and Asami knew this was the man they were looking for.

"Are you okay?" Asami asked.

"We got to get out of here. The spirit is here," the man said.

"Don't worry I'll get you out of here. First we need to find my..." Before she could finish, the man was stabbed in the back and lifted from the ground. Some of the mans blood was splashed onto Asami's face. She looked up in horror as the man's body was dropped to the ground. She saw the creature's eyes flash for a second and it left, carrying the body of the man. Asami stood there in shock, she couldn't believe at what she saw. The group soon arrived and looked at Asami.

"Asami what happened?" Mako asked. Asami didn't respond. Mako grabbed her arm and got her to look at him. "What happened?"

"It got him. It killed him in front of me," Asami said.

"Did you see what killed him?"

"I didn't see anything of it besides its eyes. They flashed for a second before it took his body away."

"I think we should leave now, before it comes back," Bolin said.

"I agree with you. It's too dark to see anything," Korra said. The group heads back to the town and decide to look for this spirit in the morning. The next day the group gathers all of their gear and head into the forest. They kept their eyes open as they look. As they were walking, Bolin thought he heard something and stopped. Since he was in the back of the group, no one saw him stop. Bolin kept looking at the spot he thought he heard the noise. Once he stopped looking, he realized he was alone. He tried to find the group, but then he heard something. He stopped walking and looked around. As he was looking, he saw something heading towards him and shot rocks at it. The creature was partially invisible and it dodges all of Bolin's attacks. Bolin shot a huge bolder at the creature, but it blew up the bolder with one of its weapons. Bolin kept shooting rocks and started have rocks of spear come out under the creature feet. Bolin then lost sight of the creature. He started to look around, but the creature shot a net at him and pinned him to a tree.

As the creature was about to kill him, Asami came behind the creature and gave it a shock with her electric glove. Due to the shock, the creature's clocking device malfunctions and the creature was now visible. The creature looked at Asami and she looked back. The two engaged in a fistfight and the two were evenly matched. As they trade punches and kicks, Asami tried to find a week spot, but she couldn't find one. With her electric glove, Asami was gaining the upper hand. She kept shocking it and the creature knew it had to get ride of the glove. As she was about to shock it again, the creature took out a bladed disk and dodge her attack. As the creature dodge her attack, it cut of the arm that had the electric glove on. Asami fell to the ground in pain and the creature kicked her towards a tree. When she hit the tree, she looked at the creature before passing out.

As the creature was about to kill her, Mako came and shot fire at it. The creature was caught off guard and took direct hits from Mako's attack. Since it was caught off guard it dropped its bladed disc. The creature tried to get its grounds, but Mako wouldn't let it. Then the creature deployed a small mounted cannon on its shoulder and started to shoot at Mako. Mako tried to dodge and attack at the same time. He shot a huge fire blast at the creature. It hit the creature, but it had no effect on it. The creature was still standing and Mako was running out of ideas. Mako generated a huge lighting bolt and shot it at the creature. It hit the creature, but it did something Mako didn't expect. It redirected the lighting at him. Mako dodges the lighting, but it hit a tree and it landed on top of him.

Mako was pinned by the tree and couldn't move. The creature walked up to him. Before the creature could get any closer, Naga came and slapped the creature away from Mako. Naga pinned the creature to a tree with one of her paws. She tried to bit the creature, but it kept Naga's face away from it. Still Naga was able to scratch the creature in several places. The Creature deployed its wrist blades and started to stab the leg Naga was using to pin it down. After being constantly stab in the same spot, Naga could no longer pin the creature down. She tried to switch legs, but the creature pushed her away from it. Once Naga got back on her feet she charged at the creature. When she got close, the creature took out it's net gun and wrapped up Naga's front legs. Naga tripped and slid into a tree. She tried to bit the net off, but couldn't and it was so sharp that it cut her tongue. As the creature took out its spear, it turned around and saw Korra.

"So you're the one who's been killing people. Well your little hunt is over," Korra said. The creature charged at Korra and she jumped out of the way. She had pillars of earth come out of the ground, under the creature's feet. It jumped out of the way and threw its spear at Korra. She barley dodges the spear, as it flies across her face. After dodging the spear the creature was right in front of her. Before she could react, it punched her in the stomach. Korra fell down to her knees in pain and the creature kicks into the air. As she tried to get up, the creature kicked her again. Every time she tried to get up the creature would always hit her. The creature then grabbed her and held her above its head. Before the creature can finish her off, she entered the Avatar State. She blasted the creature away from her and landed on her feet. As the creature got up, she blasted it away again with air. As Korra was fighting the creature, Asami woke up. She saw Bolin tied up in the tree and grabbed the creature's bladed disc. She used the disc to cut Bolin free and went up to Naga and did the same thing. Naga got up and lifted the tree off Mako. Mako was unconscious and Bolin tried to wake him up.

"Mako you have to wake up, Please wake up," Bolin kept saying. Mako eventually woke up and looked at his brother. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Where is Korra?" Mako asked. Korra, still in the Avatar State, was still fighting the creature. The creature was using its shoulder cannon, hopping it will hit her. Korra used rocks to protect her from the creature's shots. Korra shot a rock and took out the creature shoulder cannon. The creature took out two bladed disks and threw them at Korra. Korra used a blast of wind to send the bladed disks at the creature. The bladed discs miss the creature. With its last ranged weapons gone, the creature tries to get up close and personal to Korra. Korra threw a big bolder at the creature, but the creature was able to destroy it with a powerful glove. Just as it destroyed the boulder, a big spear of ice came towards it and pinned the creature to a tree. It looked at the ice spear and then it stopped moving. Korra went out of the Avatar State and went up to the creature.

As she got to it, Mako, Bolin and Asami caught up to her. They looked at the creature and Korra removed its mask. They took a good look at the creature's face.

"That's one ugly mother..." the creature roared back to life before Bolin could finish.

"What are you?" Korra asked.

"What are you?" the creature said, mimicking Korra's question. Knowing it couldn't escape the creature looked away from the group and opened up its wrist computer. It pressed some buttons and symbols popped up. The wrist computer started to make beeping noises and the symbols were changing. When one of the symbols disappeared, the creature looked at them and grinned. The creature started to laugh and the group started to run away. The creature kept laughing in till a big explosion happened.

The explosion took out a good chunk of the forest and the group made it back to the village alive. People started to ask what happened and Korra told them that she got ride of the spirit. She knew that no one would believe them if they told them it was alien. The group went to a healer to get their wounds treated and the group was happy that the creature was dead. During the night, Korra looked at the stars in the skies and wonder if more were out there. She kept thinking about it, but eventually she went to sleep. In the Northern Water Tribe a group of hunters were sitting around a campfire. What they didn't know was that something was watching them. A new hunt was about to begin.

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