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Legend of Katary
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Daiquan Gordon




Daiquan Gordon


The Legend of Korra

Avatar: Legend of Katary is an animated series set in the Avatar universe. The series starts two hundred years after the end of The Legend of Korra story arc with brand new characters. The protagonist of the series is Katary, the next Water Tribe Avatar after Korra. The series follows Katary as she faces challenges, duties, and enemies while being the Avatar.


In Legend of Katary, Katary faces challenges from ending a civil war between the Northern and Southern Tribes to defending Republic City from a bloodbender with the power to control other people's bending, an elite group of waterbenders to the Red Lotus.


  • Katary is the current Avatar and the main antagonist. She is a talented bender.
  • Katana is a waterbender and Katary's older sister. She cares for her little sister.
  • Tashi is an airbender.

Other Characters

  • Liyang is the Avatar predecessor of Katary. She helps Katary while she learns to master all four elements.
  • Azari is the Fire Nation princess and friend of Katary. She trained along with Katary while she was learning firebending. 
  • Kana is a waterbender and Katary's mother.


Book One:

Having learned all four elements, Katary must find a way to end the civil war between the Northern and Southern Tribes. 

Book Two:

Book Three:

Book Four:

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