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The Legend of Korra


Meelo takes his new video camera out for a spin by showing a comical documentary of what goes on behind the scenes of The Legend Of Korra.













The Meelo Cam

(Static snow is shown, then we see a clear picture of Meelo breathing on the camera, trying to clean the lens. Meelo backs up to show a full view of himself.)

Meelo :"Hi everyone! I'm Meelo and this is The Meelo Cam! I bought the camera with the money I earned from the show. So I decided to do a documentary for all the fans out there! Let's go!"

(Meelo picks up the camera and leaves the room and shows his dressing room door with his name on it.)

Meelo: "This is my dressing room! Isn't it awesome!!!!!"

(Meelo begins to wander around the filming site; the crew is moving all of the cameras, props and microphone boom. Some of the crew says hello to Meelo. Meelo passes by Tenzin's dressing room and stops at the door.)

Meelo: "Let's say hi to daddy!!!"

(Meelo enters Tenzin's dressing room and we witness Tenzin in the middle of practicing his lines for an episode.)

Tenzin: "That was a... (clears his throat, then changes the tune of his voice.) That was a 2,000 year old relic!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Meelo: "Say hi to the camera, Daddy!!"

Tenzin: "Where on Earth did you get that camera, young man?! And are you recording all of this!?"

(Pema suddenly appears out of nowhere.)

Pema: Meelo, sweetie, you got a smudge on your face. (She licks her thumb for a second.) Let mommy fix that.

(Meelo begins backing away.)

Meelo: "NO! I'm fine! I don't want mommy spit!"

(Katara appears out of nowhere.)

Katara: "Come here and give GranGran a kiss!"

(Katara picks up Meelo, who drops the camera, and the camera goes to the side. Meelo begins struggling while his grandmother gives him a kiss. Meelo begins yelling, "UNHAND ME, STRANGE WOMAN!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!". The camera goes static and then a close-up of Meelo covered in kissy marks is shown.)

Meelo: "That was not suppose to happen. Okay, let's continue the documentary."

(Meelo turns the camera around and begins walking around the set; we see the camera crew filming the scene Amon announces the Anti-Bending Revolution. Meelo walks on the scene.)

Amon: "The Revolution has begu-"

Meelo: "Amon! Amon! Tell the fans what you're doing right now!!!"

Amon: (To the Meelo Cam) "What the @%*#! (To the crew) Whose kid is this?!"

Crew: "Meelo! We're filming!"

Director: "Cut!"

Meelo: "Oops."

Crew: "Okay. Meelo, get out of the shot. Amon, we're re-filming!"

Amon: "No, we're not! We filmed this way too many times! I'm done! I'll be in my dressing room, bring me my dry cleaning, black coffee and The Republic City Newspaper. Chop! Chop!"

(Amon storms out of the scene and goes down the hall.)

Meelo: Okay, while the Drama Queen calms down, let's go see where my sisters are."

(Meelo continues the tour of the studio, where we see some of the crew handling Naga and Oogi. we find Jinora reading a book.)

Meelo: " Hey! Sis! Whatchya reading?!"

Jinora: "One of the books about grandpa and GranGran's adventures."

Meelo: "Shouldn't you be reading your lines?"

Jinora: "Already did." (She flips the page in her book.)

Meelo: Wanna tell the fans what's gonna happen in the show?"

Jinora: "Who do you think you are? Ikki?"

(Ikki pops up.)

Ikki: (While talking very fast.) "Did someone say my name? Hey, Meelo, where did you get that camera? Are you making a movie? Are you gonna post it on to the internet? Do you wanna be a director or a camera man when you grow up? Did you hear what happened with Amon? Is this a good view of me? I can't wait to finally see the whole video!"

(Meelo gets so bored with what his sister is saying that he falls asleep; the camera shows Meelo lying on the ground, drooling and a snot bubble forming from his nose. Static forms again. We see Meelo in the Lunch room sitting next to Bolin.)

Meelo: "We're in the lunch room right now, here with the famous Bolin."

Bolin: (With his mouth full.) "Vull, i'mf nawt asp poppuwlar as Bako."

Meelo: "Speak when your mouth isn't full."

(Mako walks by and spots the camera.)

Mako: "What are you doing?"

Bolin: "Meelo is making a documentary."

Mako: "So he's the one who's been causing trouble on the set?! I'm going to find Tenzin."

(Mako leaves the shot when Bolin waves his hand and sends Mako flying into the air and landing hard on the ground.)

Bolin: "Run, little Meelo! Run!"

(Meelo grabs the camera and begins running off when he trips and the camera goes static again. The camera soon shows another shot of Meelo's face.)

Meelo: "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!! I'm going to show you the star of the show, Avatar Korra and what she does when not filming!"

(Meelo tip toes to a door that has a star on it and inside the star it says "Korra". Somewhat of music can be heard inside the room. Meelo opens the door and enters the room. In the room, we find Korra in her pajamas, bathrobe, wearing her hair in a towel and a green facial mask. She is dancing in front of the full view mirror, while the music is blasting and she's singing in her hairbrush. The song is "Don't You Want Me Baby")

Korra: (Singing horribly.) "Don't you want me baby! Don't you want me oooohhhhh! Don't you want me baby! Don't you want me-"

(Korra stops for a minute and looks at the mirror. She spots Meelo recording all of this through the mirror, then breaks the hairbrush into two.)

Korra: "Meelo! You're so dead!!! Get out of here!!!!"

(Korra storms over to Meelo, who is backing up.)

Korra: "Wait till Tenzin hears about this!! You're gonna be missing a few teeth after this!"

(Korra's hand forms into a fist with flames all over it.)

Meelo: "Not the face! Not the face!"

(Korra punches the camera, breaking the lens and causing the video to end abruptly. The next scene is of Meelo in a dark room.)

Meelo: "Well, I guess that ends the Meelo Cam. Korra broke my last camera into a gazillion pieces and it can't be repaired. So I got a new camera without my parents knowing. I did manage to save all the footage of the last camera. If you're wondering where I am, I'm in my room because I'm grounded for 'causing chaos on set and recording a girl's most embarrassing moment.' I hope you enjoyed the Meelo Cam. See ya next episode!"

(Meelo presses a button on the camera ending The Meelo Cam.)

The Meelo Cam 2

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