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Last Time On T.L.A.T. A janitor was interrogated, but it had no results. A meeting was called, and now as the room is cleared. A legend, is unfolding.


"Now onto those numbers, Avatar Gatton..." said High Sage Amax.

"Sir, they are useless. Just random numbers," replied Avatar Gatton.

"Gatton, just please tell me." Amax shouted, his voice echoing the room.

"Huh, five, two, and nine. But I did not even hear them; they may not even be correct, sir," remarked Gatton.

"No, but in reverse they mean a great deal to me. That day is the day the Water Tribe began to have spats. Brothers quarreling. There were some in the tribe who wished to murder the other groups. Yet, they manage to stay together for 125 more years until about 40 years ago. Even now they are peaceful with each other. To you remember this Gatton. After all you were there," said the sage.

"How could could I forget. It was my first task after my mother died. I thought there would be a fight, but there never was one. They got on the boat and just left. It is that about the one boat that was lost at sea. I hope somewhere they are still alive. They were good men," replied Gatton.

"Let us stay in the present Gatton. We need to focus on the task at hand," said Amax, trying to get Gatton to focus.

"Yes, Head Sage Amax."

Unbeknownst to them a figure disappears from outside the room. Fleeing through the corridors down a flight of stairs he says something barely above a whisper and the doors open. The figure continues his journey through the Dragon Bones Catacombs underground...

"There is nothing to do, but question the staff and hope some thing turns up," said Gatton.

"Sage, we can not put faith in blind luck. We are just sitting turtle ducks then. We should send a team out to search the city," the high sage said

"Avatar, should we come into peoples homes and do whatever we want just on rumors. We would be no better than a police state. Even if it is for the sake of the city I refuse to do that," replied the Avatar.

"You make a point," said Amax.

Avatar Gatton, feeling greatly confused, left the temple. He made it home just in time for his kids to get home from school. He took Finosa to the back yard and began another session of training. Finosa was in perfect form though she lacked control. Baizken, all alone, simply sat down and read a scroll about rumors and conspiracies. After a tree almost got burned down, Gatton and Finosa headed inside.

"Grandpa, is it true that almost all the sages are 1/16 dragon?" asked Baizken.

"Baizken, that is the most stupidest thing you have said all day. Is father a dragon? Bard may be weird, but he is not a dragon, Baizken." replied Finosa.

"He is not a good dinner guest either. Remember, Pass the salt, pass the pepper, I've got stripes like a zephyr. That is insane. Zephyr don't even have stripes." said Baizken.

"Children, do not speak cruelly of the sages! They want to help us all. What would your father says?" scolded Gatton.

"Yes, Grandpa." they both bowed.

"Okay, but I am still hanging on the whole dragon thing," said Baizken.

The next day Gatton wakes up late, however he doesn't mind. There is nothing to do today. Grandma welcomes him to the table and the children bicker about everything. Yet, he is happy. No thoughts of a plot are in his mind. After breakfast, he leaves to go pick up some beets for Grandma's Beets and Cheese (Trust me, it tastes better than it sound). The Avatar, along with his dragon flee to a mountain. Mist and clouds surrounding, Gatton landed on a cliff.

"Good morning, Avatar. As we know in the world, there's nothing free. Come in." A fortuneteller asks him for money in exchange for his fortune, claiming that he does not believe in superstitions. She drags him inside claiming she will do it for free.

"I see you being gone from this planet 2 years from now. A new Avatar shall be born at the the Central Air Temple. Darkness lurks in his heart. Power that shows no bounds."

"This is awful. What am going to do?" trailed Gattons voice.

"Great, that will be 25 silver pieces, Sir." replied the fortuneteller.

"It's horrific..." the Avatar replied in deep thought.

"Hey, I know I said it was free, but I lied." the lady said and laughing at him.

Gatton saw something, it was not his normal vision. He saw areas that looked devastated people on the verge of life and death. He was seeing the future of the Dark Avatar. But then it changed to the temple in the present another assassin was lurking. He raced out contemplating on everything he had heard and saw.

"Hey, you still paid me, thief!"

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