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Join the journey of a young Earth Kingdom Avatar, Tao Run. Throughout the book, you will experience him mastering all four elements and to become a fully realized Avatar. Along with his training, he must deal with a new evil that is rising in the Avatar World. A new upcoming terrorist group called the NBE is rising up to cause chaos in every nation, and the Avatar himself. The group, led by a terrifying leader, vows to eradicate the world of non-benders, with motives unknown. Through success and determination, over the past year they have been successful and killed many non-benders, innocent or guilty. With the Avatar reborn, it is the destiny to help bring peace, balance and harmony into the world but can he stop this troubling group?

Characters - Book 1

The Heroes

  • Avatar Tao Run – Born in Omashu in the Earth Kingdom, Avatar Tao Run was born into a destitute family. Growing up, his qualities as a person have been known throughout the city as being "helpful" and "brave", but to the entire world, he's known as the Avatar.
  • Lee Sin – Also born in Omashu, Lee Sin is a childhood friend of Tao Run. He provides as a sense of morality for Tao. Even as a nonbender, he is skillful in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Anjie – The brains of the group. She is a close friend of Tao and Lee Sin. While a nonbender, she is quite intelligent and makes the strategies for the team when in trouble.
  • Arryn – Arryn is Tao's Earthbending Mentor. As a child, Arryn was a prodigy earthbender in Ba Sing Se. After running away from Ba Sing Se, he settled down in Omashu to become an Earthbending Teacher.


The Judge -

Book 1: Earth

  1. Calm Before the Storm

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