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Legacy of Chen
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Romantic comedy, suspense, action












The Legend of Korra


Thirty-eight years in the future, and eighteen years after the death of Avatar Korra, a new Avatar is born. His name is Chen, a young earthbender, and he is the next Avatar but he hasn't realized it, yet, until he turned eighteen and discovers his ability to, also, firebend. When the Order of the White Lotus discovers his existence, he must go out and learn the other three elements before the world is thrown off balance by the evil Siren Tu.


Main Characters

Chen - The new Avatar; Being born in a middle-class family in the Earth Kingdom, he was trained to be an Earthbender by his father and was left in blissful ignorance to the fact that he was the next Avatar. Like Aang, he is childish, naive, kind-hearted, and fun loving, but, like Korra, he is known for being hot-headed and rebellious. He has a crush on Mitsuko.

Mitsuko - Princess of the Fire Nation, Mitsuko is the granddaughter of the current Fire Lord, Iroh, and is a gifted Firebender, but has only learned the defensive forms of firebending. When Chen visits the Fire Nation, he meets Mitsuko in the Earth Kingdom while she was disguised as a vagabond and joins him on his adventure as both his companion and mentor. Mitsuko is about a year older than Chen and is obvious of his crush on her, reciprocating them in the second book.

Choden - A descendant of Avatar Aang and an airbender-in-training. He is the son of Jinora and her student, until he met Chen when he came to Air Temple Island to learn airbending. Choden is very devoted to his culture and joins Chen and his "Team Avatar" so that he could visit the four Air Temples and, hopefully, find lost Air Nomad artifacts along the way. He becomes Chen's airbending teacher, teaching him all he knows while researching new airbending techniques from ancient airbending scrolls and other relics.

Aisu - Granddaughter of Avatar Korra and Mako, from their eldest daughter. Born in the South Pole, she is considered the spitting image of Korra, despite having longer hair, and is proud of being related to such a person, calling her a "hero". She was recruited by Avatar Chen and his team to teach him waterbending. At first, the two didn't get along due to different personalities but, over time, became good friends. Aisu develops a crush on Chen and develops a one-sided rivalry with Mitsuko.

Secondary Characters

Li Huoduan - A powerful Firebender from the island of Tu'laka who becomes Chen's teacher. It is shown that he is Mitsuko's maternal uncle.

Bolin - The brother-in-law of Avatar Korra and the younger brother of Mako. Bolin falls in love and marries Asami Sato and becomes co-head of Future Industries; both making the company more prosperous than it was before. Like his brother, Bolin was devastated by Korra's death and when he met Chen, he knew that Korra was still alive but in a new body. Over the years, Bolin has become more mature but still acts a little childish. He acts as Chen's mentor in earthbending, teaching him new techniques and giving him advice on the art.

Mako - Bolin's older brother and Avatar Korra's husband who becomes owner of the reopened Pro-Bending Tournament. Korra's death had a strong effect on the firebender, becoming somewhat depressed. He seems to get along well with Chen, knowing that he is Korra's reincarnation. He and Korra got married and had five children (Two waterbenders, two firebenders, and one non-bender).

Asami Sato - Co-head of Future Industries and Bolin's wife. Sad about the break up, Bolin comforted Asami, which led to them falling in love and starting a family. They had two daughters and are very happy together.

Avatar Korra - The Avatar before Chen. She was considered the youngest Avatar to have died, since she was only 37; however, her death was not a coincidence. During an attack on Republic City by the mysterious 'Order of Nirvana,' Korra was killed in Republic City Park when a dagger pierced her in the back. She plays the role as Chen's spiritual mentor.

Order of the White Lotus - An ancient and formerly secret society that transcends the boundaries of the four nations, seeking philosophy, beauty, and truth. They are devoted to the sharing of ancient knowledge across national and political divides, and on Avatar Aang's request, they also concern themselves with the task of finding, training, and protecting the new Avatar. For the past eighteen years, the Order has been searching for the new Avatar; however, all they received were false alarms, until they received reports about the Avatar being sighted in Wu Jing. Learning the Avatar being a boy named Chen, they are dedicated to assist him in any way, possible, despite his protest of them training him, wanting to learn the three other elements on his own.


Siren Tu - The main antagonist of the story. An Earthbending master, Siren Tu is the leader of the Order, a paramilitaristic, philosophical organization dedicated to the end of the Avatar Cycle. He is responsible for Avatar Korra's death. His character is inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Satre, and Sun Tzu.

The Order of Nirvana - A secret society, founded by Siren Tu, based on the doctrine that the Era of the Avatar has reached its end and should end, along with the Avatar, himself. Unlike the Equalists, the Order has both benders and non-benders in the ranks and uses messenger hawks to send information from one base to another. The Order is ruled under a tetrarchy with the leaders originating from the three current nations (i.e. Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribes), two being waterbenders.


Book 1: Fire

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