By Avatar Vyakara Part of the Left Behind continuity.

The premise is quite simple: it is my attempt to add a non-Avatar multibender while still keeping in canon to some degree. This may be already used outside of my story, but please, if you saw it here first and want to use the idea then let me know.

False Avatar Disorder and San

We all have theories about Bending and how it works, but the fact of the matter is that any person, besides the Avatar, is limited to just one element at a time. Perhaps it is chakra-linked, perhaps it is simply force of personality; but whatever the case, it is there.

But is it limited only to personality?

Herein, we have a conundrum. If a person were to have multiple characters inside their body–a schism of the mind–would that mean they are out of sync, or that they are more in sync?

Hence, very rarely across the Avatarasya but still part of the world, we have "false Avatars" of sorts. Some are nonbenders (Class 1, like Dock/Xu/Bushi); some can only Bend in one of their personalities (Class 2, like the Boulder/Luanshi 卵石). Class 3 False Avatars are the rarest; these can Bend in all of their forms, but (very frequently) Bend two or three different elements.

It is not fun. It is something approaching Hell.

And San, in his three forms, is stuck with it.

There is  the Waterbender, the default personality. He is in charge of the body most of the time, although he is most prominent in the night and early morning. He tends to be quiet and reserved, with a very cynical view of his own abilities (he is primarily a healer) and constant grieving for his brother. Then there is 散 the Firebender, who also understands the loss, but is more overcome with the guilt that came with letting his brother die; while he loves the midday sun, he is more likely to come out whenever San as a whole is cornered and in danger. 三 the Airbender, who takes over in times of true calm, knows he should get help, knows he shouldn't hide his abilities, but still feels the same guilt–and the shame of being the weakest of the personalities, and the one least comfortable with violence. Above all, San–as a whole–is afraid; of the terrorists, of the world, of spirits, of himself in all its complexity and darkness.

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