Great Divide
Left Behind
"The way the world's gone, who needs the Avatar?"
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Avatar Vyakara


The Legend of Korra


It is the year 240 AG. Fifteen years ago, Avatar Korra was struck down by lightning in an attack on Republic City by the New Ozai Society. It's a tripolar world, as the United Republic, the Fire Nation, and the Union of State Supporters of Metal struggle to control the Water Tribes and the various successor states to the Earth Kingdom. The Air Nomads are stuck in a quandary, the White Lotus has turned cultist, the Zui Ren Clan is causing trouble with necromancy, and the Avatar, the Koh-stolen Avatar, is nowhere to be found.

Follow the experience of three teenagers–a Firebending boy, an Earthbending girl, and a Waterbending...someone–as their lives in a small town near the Great Divide becomes enthralled in larger politics, including the incursion of the New Ozai Society, the Ren Zui Clan raids, the Three Portal Cold War, and the race to leave this planet–and all spirits on it–behind for the moon.


  • White Lotus
  • New Ozai Society (新敖載革命): the remnants of a militant group within the Fire Nation, planning to overthrow world order and kill the Avatar once and for all
  • Ren Zui Clan (认罪族): a mysterious group that appears to be producing, by the rumours, their own Avatars...
  • Aliran (案例藍): one of the few Genderless in Baoshi (饱食), Aliran is a Waterbender who can't wait to leave home. An excellent singer in the style of New Earth Music.
  • Shenti (身體): a Firebender with a broken home life, Shenti works at the Excavation with Huapo. He is resistant to change of any sort, but enjoys historical operas.
  • Huapo (滑坡): an Earthbender kleptomaniac, Huapo has only managed to keep her job at the dig because her father is the lead funder. A strong believer in Red Lotus Theory, Huapo nevertheless has a strong connection to the past.
  • San (散, 散, 三): an Airbender/Waterbender/Firebender with False Avatar syndrome.
  • Di Yin (低音), founder and main singer for the Yins (音樂隊). Real name Changshi Lai (籟嘗試).
  • Nigao Yin (女高音), singer and pipa player for the Yins.
  • Zhong Yin (中音), trombone player for the Yins.
  • Nangao Yin (男高音), djembe player for the Yins.


Chapter 1: The Enemy on the Gate

Appendix A: Taxonomic Chart

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