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Lee Wang
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Fire Nation



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Siro, Zala, Zorin, Town advisor, Fire Nation

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Fire Nation, Sen Go Political Council

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Lee Wang is the father of Siro and Zorin, husband of Zala and a personal advisor to the leader of the Sen Go village, Governor Suran. He is a character in When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.


Lee Wang had somewhat of a rough childhood. He was born to his mother, Celia, and his father, Wang, in his hometown of Zolin and was their second and last child. Although his older brother, Jong, was a Firebending prodigy, Lee Wang was not born a Firebender.

Fire Fountain City

Lee Wang's hometown, Zolin.

While his mother understood this fact, his father was greatly disturbed and always favored Jong over Lee Wang.

Therefore, Lee Wang always had to turn to his mother for affection and solace, knowing well that his father was displeased with him for something that was never his fault. He would often awaken during the night to hear his parents yelling at each other; Celia berated Wang for the way he looked down on his son. Jong offered comfort to Lee Wang, but moved out of the house when his younger brother was only four after landing a job in another town. Despite being a marvelous student in school, he was still shunned.

As a result, Lee Wang led a melancholy and sober life, unfavorable in his father's eyes. At the age of seventeen, he moved out of the house and went to reside in the town of Sen Go. He continued to reside there
Iroh, Zuko, and Lu Ten at the beach

Lee Wang spending time with his family on the beach years ago.

and at the age of twenty, became the leader's personal advisor in the town's affairs. When he was twenty-three years-old, he met his future wife Zala who was, at that time, twenty.

They married just a year later and together had two children, Zorin and Siro. Lee Wang never looked down upon either of his sons, determined not to act like his father. Both his sons turned out to be Firebenders. Although sometimes distant and solemn and somewhat rigid with his family, he loves them all dearly.


Due to his upbringing and treatment he received as a child, Lee Wang was never truly happy and outgoing. He was always a more sober, uptight person even as a young child. He is a typically downcast, quiet and a bit hardened. He is never too openly affectionate with his family and prefers to keep to himself, but is still extremely supportive and loving of them.

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