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"And I hear you don't fail."
"You heard right.
Yino and Lee in Hunted.
Lee Koisho
Biographical information

Fire Nation[1]


69 AG, Cho, Fire Nation[2]


100 AG, Ba Sing Se Bay[2]

Physical description




Hair color

Black[1] (Later shaven)[3]

Eye color

Gold (Right eye) Red (Left, scarred eye)[3]

Personal information
Weapon of choice
Chronological and political information

The Wind Killers[2], The Komodo-Frogs[1], Kuno Village Meat Shop[3]


1,200 Gold Pieces, Dead[4]

Lee Koisho was a fierce and feared bounty hunter from the Fire Nation. Throughout his life, Lee killed several people, utilizing weapons and corruption. Lee was malicious and cruel, due his life living alone and abandoned, and cared for no one but himself. His hunts became famous and was hired by several people; eventually, he even formed an elite team to carry out the acts, though after he was humiliated by Toph and Sokka, they abandoned him, leaving his life in the ruts.

Despite this, Lee bounced up, eventually regaining his honor and title as a bounty hunter. In his final hunt, he faced Avatar Aang in Ba Sing Se after being hired by a seedy group called the "Wind Killers." Though due to being overpowered and unfocused, he was defeated; the Wind Killers therefore had him drowned and killed.



Lee was born in the Fire Nation Village of Cho. His parents abandoned him after problems with the law, leaving seven-year-old Lee to fend for himself. He fought many of the people there for dominance, and learned to be fearsome and how to fight.

At age 12, he worked with a gang of Firebenders to burn down a village, where he participated by draining the water from the pipe-system via the sewers. The fire burned the whole village down to the ground, leaving nothing, and no one, alive. The group had taken and robbed the gold from the burned village, and Lee got his cut of 1,000 Gold Pieces, which he used to travel the Fire Nation, making even more money and an even bigger reputation.

By the age of 13, only 1 year later, he had already become a feared person around the whole half of the southern Fire Nation. He had gotten cocky, egotistical, and especially, skillful. Over his head, he had challenged a warrior named Don Fuso, a master at the art of Tonfa wielding. While dueling Don Fuso, Lee was shocked to realize that Fuso was his father, and angrily struck down his father. Lee declared himself disgraced, and spent the next 4 years nomadic, becoming a bounty hunter and assassin.

By the time he was seventeen, he had regained his honor and fear as the man with the scared face. He as well took an interest in the genocide of the Air Nomads and the Nomads themselves, finding the disastrous results of their wipe-out invigorating. [2][4]

Obtaining His Scar

At age 19, Lee was gambling at a seedy bar in the Fire Nation town called Cauis. There, while cheating at a game of Fire Cards, was attacked by a gauze-covered assassin named Creed. Creed tried to stab Lee, but Lee began to dodge her attacks. Creed succeeded in stabbing him in his arm, as Lee kicked her throw the door. Outside, she pulled out another knife, achieving in slicing a deep gash through his left eye. After a brief moment of expressing the pain, he wrestled the knife from her, and stabbed it straight through her stomach, killing her. Lee's gash was treated by the bartender, but it kept a scar, and Lee kept the assassin's Kunai Knife.[4]

The Komodo-Frogs

When he was 21, he had come up with a plan to rob five villages that had nothing in common but the fact that each had a total of 1,000,000 Gold Pieces in them. To do this, he needed to burn each building, and to do that he needed a team of skilled Firebenders, Swordsman, and riders. So, he gathered a group of tyrants and criminals, and all rode to there places on large Komodo-Frogs.[4]

After burning all the villages and gaining all the gold pieces (5 Million), they went on several other "missions" and gained a reputation as one of the most feared gangs in the rural Fire Nation.[4]

"[...]my friend did some scams with help from me and my best friend, and this Lee guy apparently was one of the people who got scammed, and attacked me and my friend...Long story short, we won, and he isn't so happy about it[...]"
— Sokka in Kuno Chaos.

At one point, he was scammed in a small village he was in by "The Runaway", Toph, along with Aang and Sokka. He was humiliated and was cheated out of several amounts of his money. He wanted revenge.[1]



Lee confronts Toph and Sokka.

First Attempt

Several weeks later, Lee and the Komodo-Frogs stumbled upon Sokka and Toph in the woods of a small village in the lower Fire Nation. He threatened them and tried to get his revenge on them, he was stopped by the knowledge that Toph was an Earthbender and ran away with his men.

After this, his men had left him without a group or any team, and was forced to fend for himself with only his reputation and no money He got a job in the village Kuno's Meat Shop in the Fire Nation, where he barely survived with the little money he made and was still feared by the people around him.[1][2]

Second Attempt

Lee discovers Sokka (Sokka's Days)

Lee re-encounters Sokka.

After a few weeks, he ran into Sokka again at the meat shop in Kuno, and wanted to get his revenge on him. He, along with his followers in the shop, chased after Sokka throughout the whole village. In the end, Lee's cousin, Poah, was told to capture and put away Sokka, where he was for several hours.

But, due to the fact that Aang and an elderly cell mate freed Sokka from his imprisonment, Lee was unable to fully have his revenge. He felt that he was right where he had been before and became very angry about such a defeat.[3]

Hunting the Avatar

Main Article: Duel in Ba Sing Se
"Why are you doing this!!"
"The same reason the other five guys were; you're the Avatar, and if you die, the war comes back to screw up the world!
— Aang and Lee in Bad Start.

Lee in the Wind Killer's hideout.

After the War ended, Lee was hired by the Wind Killers to kill Avatar Aang for the price of 70,000 Gold Pieces. Gladly, Lee accepted. Arriving in Ba Sing Se, Lee blew up a barrel of Exploding Jelly, causing Aang to come out and investigate. Lee then began to have an epic battle with Aang. Chasing him throughout the city, Lee began to reminisce about his life.[2][4]

Lee threw a knife at Aang's shoulder, gashing throw it with a deep cut. Aang Earthbended a pillar over him to keep him captured. After struggling for a little bit, he summoned his giant mole-bat, who crashed out of the alleyway and destroying the pillar Lee was in. Now free, Lee let the bat-mole lay on his arm for a while to thank it, then let it fly off, whipping a knife at the wall and grinding it along as he mocked Aang on his unfortunate life.

Aang, angered, still kept his cool, and so Lee continued to mock him. He told him of his interest in the Genocide of his people, and that it was "such a shame," that they were "such a great people." He then brought up Aang's master, Gyatso, and Aang became enraged, leaving Lee the opportunity to attack him. Trying to stab him in his side, the two struggled for it, it finally clacking on the ground. After stepping back, Lee headed up onto the roof of the side building, decided to "take this into [Aang's] native element." Aang chased after him, speeding himself up with gushes of air.

"Why won't you DIE!?"
— Lee, engagingly throttling Aang's head into the wall in Hunted.

Lee is sentenced to death.

Lee stopped on one rooftop, pulling out a large whip from under his cloak, and striking at Aang. He dodged several, but missed twice, leaving marks and tearing his shirt. He continued more angrily this time, and Aang still dodged almost everyone. Lee snapped, charging after Aang, causing them both to fall off of the roof. Lee caught onto a step as Aang cushioned his fall, and Lee again violently tried to lash at Aang who deflected each whip with Air-gushes. Lee lost control to his anger, and slammed Aang's head into the walls several times.

Aang spiraled around, blasting Lee into the wall in front of them. He continued to blast Lee, putting so much pressure on him that he flung through the wall, briefly unconscious. Aang walked over to look at Lee, who then shot back up screaming. Aang activated his Avatar State in distress, fiercely palming Lee's head with Airbending, sending him flying back miles away.[2]

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I thought you couldn't fail. Hmm..."
Yino to Lee in Hunted

The Wind Killers recovered his bleeding and unconscious body to Yino at the Wei Long Blvd. meat shop, dragging him through the door and onto the table. Yino, in the darkness of the unlit room, told Lee of his disgust and disappointed. Lee tried to plead with the man, but he wouldn't listen. Yin told his men to take him to Ba Sing Se Bay and drown him. They did so, as Lee shouted, pleading for his life to be spared. The Wind Killers took Lee to the bay and held him under the water until he drowned.[2]

Personality and traits

"Name's Lee! And I'm here to kill ya!"
— Lee to Aang in Hunted

Lee is malicious and violent.

Lee was malicious, cocky, violent, cruel, and rude. He handled himself with the pure conception that he was the most powerful person ever, and cared not for any of his actions. No matter the consequences, he attempted to gain as much money and power he desired, and had a deadly thirst for revenge. When failing at getting revenge on the Runaway the first time, his persistence and obsession brought Lee's men to leave him.[3]

Lee's cockiness caused him to be a perfect bounty hunter. While fighting enemies, he easily broke their spirits by mocking them or something they loved. He used this on Aang while hunting him.[2] He was very violent, and was prone to kills his hunt with great ease, leaving himself with little to no injuries. In fact, the only time he gained severe injuries was when he faced the Avatar and lost his cool. Lee was sentenced to death due to it, and showed extremely rare signs of fearfulness.[2]

Behind the Scenes

Creation and conception


Galen Marek's cloak served as an inspiration for his Wind Killer cloak.

Lee, created originally for the humor story Sokka's Days, was later reused to be a much more serious character for a much more serious story, Avatar: Better World. In that story, TurboTony00 decided to delve into his already dark personality by having him be the one to attempt to kill Aang.

Lee's extensive and sad background will be explained in the planned Better World Manga, planned to be released on DeviantArt at an unknown time. This will be done throw cut-aways during the battle. Lee's deadly appearance is inspired by several characters from different Animes. One example is the traditional Kunai Knife, inspired by the series Naruto.

Other inspirations include Star Wars. Lee's hooded cloak worn as a Wind Killer assassin resembles that worn by Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and by Galen Marek in The Force Unleashed. His scar also resembles that of Anakin Skywalker's, and even more that it was given to him by an assassin.

Several forms of Chinese martial arts and weaponry inspired Lee's arsenal and battle strategy. His main weapons, the Kunai Knife and Sword, are weapons included in ninjitsu. Taunting his enemies to weaken them as he attacks them is a popular move, used throwout time and throw media. The Art of War technique he uses, learned from fighting his enemies, is a strategic tactic in which you fool your enemy into a state of confidence that your opponent is useless.

Non-canon appearances

Clash of Worlds

"Silence!!! Lee Koisho isn't gonna stand any more muggy swampy days, living life alongside talking monkeys and parrots and no GODFORSAKEN BATHROOM! I mean, no wonder you all have urinary contractions, no one can take a frakking leak!!! That's right, Spirit World! The Lee-man is out! Wah-ha-ha!!!!"
— Lee in the non-canon crossover story Avatar: Clash of Worlds, Clash of Worlds, Part 1: Better World

Lee as well is a prominent character in the non-canon crossover fanfic Avatar: Clash of Worlds, which is currently being written and published by several members of the Avatar Wiki fanon community. In the story, Lee is a spirit who gets tired of living in the Spirit World, so he decides to take over his body and wreak havoc. In doing so, however, he causes a universal unbalance which causes for characters from different stories to fall into each other.[5]

The first thing Lee does after returning to life is try and finish the job of killing Aang. He gets distracted trying to figure out the name of Chef Emeril Lagasse but then attacks him in the style of The Matrix. He misses and his head is knocked off, Aang kicking it over the city with his body chasing drunkenly after it. He lands hundreds of miles off in the Rebel City of Kyoshi Revolts where he is reattached to his body. Rebels decapitate him once more and his head is sent flying through the roof of Avatar Chen, who freaks out until Lee shuts him up. When his head is returned to his body once more, he begins to fall apart further.[5]

In the second chapter, Lee's head falls off again and is seen hurdling down a large forest hill until being stopped by Yino, who's face is revealed to be that of a clown, and kept in a bag. Yino takes himself and Lee's head to the thrown of Supreme Fire Lord Azula to get the role of a minor adviser. Lee tries to help by jumping out of the bag and explaining to Azula that Yino is an amazing assassin. Disgusted by the sight of Lee and the realization of Yino's real profession, she kicks them out of not only the royal palace, but Disney World, which Lee is upset about since he was planning on going on vacation there with his ex-mother-in-law.[6]

He doesn't appear again until chapter four, where he tries to get Yino to get him out of the bag and explain why he accidentally got them kicked out of the Palace. Yino becomes enraged and his annoyance gets the better of him, slamming Lee's head in his surroundings violently. Suddenly, his body and Nero appear and Nero reattaches Lee and his body. Yino and Lee then fight in a heavy parody of Mortal Kombat games. Nero then joins the fight and in the aftermath, Nero tells them that they will go on a mission to supposedly find the mystic Gem of Balance to fix the universe. Before they go, Nero allows Lee to perform a "fatality" from Mortal Kombat and burn Yino alive.[7]

In Part 5, Lee and all the other fanon villains battle all the fanon heroes, but everyone grows tired of fighting and decides to go back to their respective universes.[8]

Clash of Worlds 2

Lee being emo

Lee sulking in the Spirit World.

Lee later appears as a primary character in the sequel to Clash of Worlds, tentatively entitled Avatar: Clash of Worlds 2, where he is portrayed as far more dimwitted and weak. In Part 1, Lee has decided to never leave the Spirit World again, and instead spends his immortal days sulking at the gateway between the Spirit World and the mortal world. Nero has been accompanying him sulking, which Lee begins to interpret as stalking. Lee eventually yells at Nero for this, as well as for "kicking [his] ass" in the first crossover. Nero, however, explains that he only desires to leave the Spirit World and return to the natural world.

Lee insisted that he should not participate in any sequels to CoW, as he intended to garner prestige from more professional projects and eventually earn an Academy Award. However, he succumbed to peer pressure and followed Nero into the portal, only to realize that his body had been preserved. As a response to "a voice's" claim that leaving the Spirit World was against the rules, Lee declared, "Screw the rules, I have money!" This was quickly followed by an accusation that he was a "dirt-poor hobo," which he seemed to acknowledge as accurate, responding tearfully. After fleeing to Ba Sing Se, Nero commanded Lee to take off his pink sweater, to which Lee staunchly refused. After his sweater was tied to a messenger hawk and sent away, Lee attempted to interrogate an Earth Kingdom soldier on the whereabouts of Avatar Aang, with himself as "good cop" and Nero as "bad cop."

After being abandoned by Nero, Lee eventually encountered a mid-forties year-old Azula from Kyoshi Revolts in the Ba Sing Se palace, who he proceeded to boast to about his false accomplishments. This quickly turns sour when his "wife" appears and Azula realizes that Lee is dead, poor, and the same man that attempted to be hired by her while he was a disembodied head. The two brutally attacked him, leaving his seemingly-lifeless body in the palace, where he encountered Mitsuki, Tam Mee and Quanlee, and attempted to flirt with them before being lit on fire by Mitsuki, which entertained Tam Mee. Lee's head was later found by Nero, who took advantage of Lee's inability to follow him and ran off. Without any apparent physical explanation, Lee returned to perfect physical condition and accompanied Nero when he confronts Peter/Better World Aang.

Nero desired his aid in helping Lee to hook up with Azula, restoring order to the multiverse and lastly ridding himself of Lee's presence. The three later encounter Lian, Giu and Mitsuki as Peter instructed Lee on getting a psycho to like him. Peter was kidnapped by a mysterious figure and Nero sought to evade the lovesick Lian and Mitsuki, choosing to toss Lee as hard as he could and run after him. The two eventually arrived at Ozai's house in Guardian, with Lee declaring that singing only Disney songs could not be forgiven. The two proceeded to watch as a massive fight broke out, before Nero cut it short, ordering everyone to return to their respective fanon universe. Lee interrupted, demanding that the two would finally have their duel. Nero eventually won, and after he and everyone else had departed, Azula nearly kissed Lee before his wife cut in, attacking him with a frying pan again. Azula kicked him in the groin and left, after which he returned to the Spirit World, cursing the author's name.

Clash of Worlds 3

Following with the tradition that the first two entries established, Lee was a prominent member of the cast of Clash of Worlds 3. The story opened with him tackling Nero, who accused him of attempted rape. The ensuing conversation revealed that Lee's gamertag on Xbox Live was CaptainYourMom86, and that he had evidently team-killed Nero in Halo co-op.

Clash of Worlds 4


Critical reception to Lee has been overwhelmingly positive. Vaznock has at multiple times applauded the character, calling him "Such a good villain," and noted that he was sad to see the character die, hoping that Yino would be a suitable replacement for him as an antagonist. Zukofan123 praised the character, calling him "A really good [villain]." Zukofan also wrote that he desires to make The Black Master, the main antagonist of his series Avatar: The Legacy of Fire, "that good of a villain." Similarly, M10 wrote that the character's Avatar Wiki page "Looks good."[9]

In 2009, Lee's article became Avatar Fanon Wiki's Featured Article.[10] The character was nominated for "Best Villain" at the First Annual Fanon Awards, but lost to Mitsuki from Kyoshi Revolts.[11] At the Second Annual Fanon Awards, Lee has been nominated for "Best Main Character (Male)" for Clash of Worlds 2.[12]

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