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Lee Chun
Lee Chun
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Earth Kingdom


90 AG

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5 ft. 6 in.

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Black Lotus Assassins






75,000 Gold Pieces

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A Different Kind of War


Childhood in Ba Sing Se

Taken in Secret

Joining the Fight

Meeting the Other Assassins

When Lee had become skilled enough in Des' eyes he was introduced to the other top assassins. Lee used his talent at animating earth to make several earth soldiers and surrounded the others, only to have Des destroy them and lightly scold him.

First Battle

During Lee's first assignment Des told him to ambush Zuko, Toph, and Katara with his earth soldiers. Controlling the soldiers while hiding, Lee watched as Toph easily evaded them and noticed that she was kinda cute, despite her apparent gruff nature. After Toph defeated his creations Des and Lee revealed themselves. Des took on Katara and Zuko while Lee fought Toph.

During much of their fight, Lee kept trying to flirt with Toph, only to be shot down each time. Finally Toph got the upper hand on Lee after forcing him into a giant stone pillar. After being sent flying into a cliff wall Lee rose to his feet while declaring that he thought he was in love with Toph.

Building the Rocky Flower

Dating the Enemy

First Kill


Lee's personality is substantially different from the other assassins in the Black Lotus. Where most assassins only want the opportunity to kill as many people they can with no consequence, Lee just fights for the fun of it, and rarely actually kills his targets, much to the chagrin of his master Des. Lee's also rather confident in his charm, leading him to repeatedly try to flirt with Toph, despite the number of times he's been hurt in the process. He knows for a fact that he can't lie to save his life, due to almost everyone telling him so, yet he is able to successfully scam people on an occasion.


  • Lee's full name is a pun on the word Legion
  • His earth soldiers are based off the Terracotta Army

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