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Lee is a seventeen-year-old non-bender from the Fire Nation mainland. He cares for his brother, Mako as they travel through the Earth Kingdom and beyond with Yin, an Airbending master from the Western Air Temple.

In The Blood Bath of Fanons, Lee appears as Tribute #1 in an Avatar version of "The Hunger Games", a popular book by Suzanne Collins. Few details about the fanon have yet to be revealed, however the story is not, by any means, canon in The Road that Never Ends.

The Road that Never Ends

Before The Road that Never Ends


Lee was born in 17 BG to Hahn and Zula of the Fire Nation. While not being a bender, Lee is very handy with his dual dao broadswords. It has been hinted that Lee needed to practice sword fighting to become as talented as he has become. Lee was a very good sports player back in his homeland. Even so, he was apparently not popular with the ladies in the Fire Nation, according to Mako. Although Mako has been totally brainwashed with Fire Nation propaganda, Lee seems to have somehow evaded that fate.

Family life

Lee belongs to an upper class Fire Nation family. Hahn, Lee's father, works as a high-ranking military admiral, which means that his family is sufficient on funds. Because of this, however, he is often out at sea for weeks, and even months on end. Lee may actually enjoy the times when Hahn is away. Lee's mother is a stay-at-home kind of person, and throughout his and Mako's childhood they have been smothered by her. None of the children minded this one bit.

He and Mako are polar opposites in this aspect of life. While Mako loves and cares for his parents dearly, Lee has shown anger toward Zula and bitter hatred toward Hahn. This has been attributed to Lee's and Hahn's differing points of view on war. Zula would always side with her husband, and Lee may have felt neglected by them.

Lee's feelings for Mako are entirely different. Lee kidnapped his brother for the sole reason of keeping him away from his parents, who would continue to brainwash Mako for the rest of his life about war. Lee is now trying to make a breakthrough in his brother, who believes in things that Lee knows are wrong. Not all is well between them, however. Lee has the idea that Mako is more loved than him by his parents, something that is, sadly, very true.


On the night before the fire, Lee was told of mysterious military plans devised by the Fire Nation by Hahn in an attempt to make Lee join the Fire Nation's forces. All that is known of them yet is that they depicted destructive plans that will be used to begin a war. Lee had thought before that the Fire Nation was doing some things that were a little off, but this is where he drew the line. This is also where he began to worry for Mako.

The fire

At an unknown date before Lee kidnapped Mako, his and Mako's house burnt down. This happened the night after the Fire Nation's plans were revealed to Lee. Not Lee nor Mako know why their parents were fighting, but Lee suspects it had to do with him and Mako.

The kidnapping

On a cold summer night in 0 AG, Lee's father had invited Lee and Mako to join him on a short cargo trip to the Colonies to drop off some supplies. At around 3:00 AM, the ship docked on the west coast of the Earth Kingdom. Sometime between then and 4:00, Lee gathered two sleeping bags, a tea kit, a pipe, and two pairs of mysteriously acquired Earth Kingdom commoners' clothes. After taking his little brother up on his back, Lee kidnapped Mako while Hahn was sleeping soundly in his room. Mako was also asleep. None of the crew noticed the two leaving, likely because they had all left the ship to deliver the supplies. Lee walked at a swift pace through a dense forest for an hour until his brother woke up. At this point Lee took a short break, then continued the first neck of what would soon become a long journey.

Book 1

Deceiving Mako and second thoughts

When Mako woke up again, Lee knew he couldn't tell him that he had been kidnapped. After some small conversation, Lee decided to tell Mako that they had been left behind by their father's ship. Mako fell for it hook, line and sinker. Lee now knew that he couldn't ever let Mako know what had really happened, for fear that Mako would try to run away.

On his way down Mount Uko, Lee had second thoughts about kidnapping his brother. He reassured himself toward the bottom of the mountain, realizing that there was nothing that would keep him from teaching Mako the truth about his country.

Events in Pohan Village

Upon arrival at Pohan Village, Lee noticed how hungry he was after his long trudge down Mount Uko. He looked around the village until he saw a cafe in the middle of town. He entered and met Yin. After an awkward conversation, he mocked Yin and her heritage by saying that he didn't believe in flying bison. Shortly after this, an explosion was heard from outside, which was caused by a large platoon of Fire Nation soldiers. Lee realized he didn't know where Mako was, and went looking for him alone.

Lee found himself in a corner after a lengthy chase through Pohan's alleyways by three Fire Nation soldiers. Believing he would be killed, Lee lit his pipe for what he thought would be the last time when a shadow grew overhead. Yin jumped off of what Lee realized was a Sky Bison. He fainted right after the soldiers were defeated by Yin.

Lee's first flight

Lee awoke to the bright light of a full moon shining in his face. Little did he know that he was in the sky! When Yin revealed that they were on a Flying Bison, Lee proceeded to vomit off of the side of the saddle. Once done with his ordeal, Lee went right on to ask about the village's inhabitants, whom Yin reluctantly said had been slaughtered. At a crucial point in the story, Yin tells Lee that her reason for leaving the people to die was because they would be "together in death".

Making enemies

Lee made his first enemy in Saimyo Village, where him, Mako, and Yin went looking for a weapon that Lee could use. When Yin stole a pair of dual dao swords, the town's chief-of-police, Kato, began to chase the trio. Lee used his new swords to defeat Kato in a speedy (and humiliating) battle. This is the first time Lee shows he powerful sword abilities.

Parents and other thoughts

Lee went without his pipe for over a day, and began to think about his complex life. During this time, Lee remembered the fire and the first time he heard of the Fire Nation's plans. It is also the first time we hear of Lee's true feelings about his parents.

Compromise and search party

Yin landed Lin at a barn to stay in for a few days after her banishment. Once Lee had let Mako go practice Firebending and him and Yin were alone, Yin began to question Lee about his personal life. Lee quickly collected that Yin had seen the wanted poster of himself and Mako, so before Yin could kill him he assured her that he wouldn't hurt her. Lee told Yin that he couldn't tell her why he kidnapped Mako, but he did give the vague reason that his parents are "crazy". Yin seemed to accept the excuse, but Lee was warned that if he made any false moves, Yin wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

When Lee realized that Mako hadn't yet returned, he began to worry about what might've happened to him. He recruited Yin to help him search for his brother. While in the forest, Lee finally learned about what happened at the Western Air Temple. The two also touched down on a subject (very briefly) that was first noted in Together in Death, Part 1. Yin told Lee that she smelled a carcass, and Lee immediately thought that it was Mako and ran all the way to the source, which turned out to be a dead hog monkey Lee (and not Yin) saw it was killed by Firebending. Lee became prideful of his brother's skill, but he did not know Mako was using techniques that he'd mimicked from a Fire Nation soldier.

Rescuing Mako

Lee and Yin arrived at the farmer's house and asked Ping, the owner of the farm, if he or his wife had seen Mako. They lied and said they hadn't, but the boy suddenly came stomping down the stairs and shouting that the house was on fire. Lee stood up and tried to attack, but held his stance when Ping pulled a knife on Mako and threatened to kill the boy if Lee of Yin moved. Lenorna, Ping's wife, and Lee had an all-out brawl, but Lee managed to defeat the woman with his dual dao swords.

The house was falling apart by now, fire in every room. Lee witnessed Mako killing Ping with his Firebending. He knew that if Mako hadn't done so than Yin would have had a bleeding leg, but he still wondered if his brother might've killed a man under less drastic measures. He wondered how much Mako had been taught that couldn't be unlearned. He just had to wonder when he would have to give up on Mako.


Lee, while not able to Firebend, is a master in the art of sword-fighting. At an unknown point in time, Lee was taught how to use dual dao swords by his father.

Lee's power when it comes to sword-fighting is unsurpassed, matched only by Hahn. His dueling ability is obviously high, himself able to defeat enemies who were even able to bend, and they did so during their battles.

Lee's fighting style is based around stealth and agility. If he were made to fight with a larger, stronger opponent than he, he wouldn't simply make himself known to his opponent. Instead, Lee would hide himself and wait for the right time to strike. When this time comes, Lee would use his superior speed to frustrate and confuse his enemy by, say, running around him or making it seem as though he were going to attack, only to fall back and watch how he reacts. This is when Lee would, in some way or another, render his opponent unable to battle or, if absolutely necessary, deliver the final blow.


Maybe Lee's most obvious quality would be his protectiveness. The most blatant example of this trait is when he kidnapped his own brother just to protect him from their evil country's ideals. It is likely that Lee would do the same thing for anyone he truly cares about.

Lee seems to act differently in front of Mako than he does with others. This is probably because he wants to be a good role model for his brother, but the situation he finds himself in (on the run from Earth Kingdom police) requires him to do things he may not be proud of. For example, when he is with Mako, Lee makes sure to act mannerly and kind to Yin, as opposed to the time he threatened to kill her if she tried to turn him in. At that time, Mako was not present. While Lee's actions in that situation can possibly be attributed to the fact that if Yin turned him in, Mako would be returned to the Fire Nation, there is no way he would have done such a thing in front of Mako.

Lee does not tolerate the idea of or, possibly, the participation in war, another aspect of him totally opposite of Mako. It's become obvious that Lee hates war, which was his main reason for kidnapping Mako in the first place, but it is not known if he felt differently about it before he was told of the Fire Nation's plans. Furthermore, Lee seems to tie his feelings about his parents to his feelings about war, as every time he thinks about how much he hates his father and mother, he also thinks about what side of the battle they are fighting for.

While Lee's take on war is plain to see, his thoughts about violence are varied. Although he has been trained in the art of dual dao swords, he has not been seen using them unless he is defending someone, like when he defeated Kato to defend Mako and Yin. It's safe to say, without a doubt, that Lee would not normally use violence unless it was absolutely necessary.


Lee wears a sleeveless green Earth Kingdom top, darker green sweatpants, and has his hair styled in an Earth Kingdom commoner's top-knot. How he acquired these clothes is still sketchy, but it is possible that Lee had them shipped to the Fire Nation from the Earth Kingdom. The same kinds of clothing are worn by Mako.


Book 1

The Blood Bath of Fanons

Before The Blood Bath of Fanons


While not canon in the The Road that Never Ends' storyline, if this fanon were to be put at any point in time during TRTNE's timeline, it would probably be directly before the fanon begins its main plot, i.e. Mako's kidnapping. Therefore, all of the events that take place in the section "Before The Road that Never Ends" except for "The kidnapping" can be considered canon in The Blood Bath of Fanons.


  • Piandao's suggestion to Sokka, "Try 'Lee'. There are a million 'Lees'", is where Lee's name comes from.
  • The only reason I made Lee use dual dao swords instead of any other was that I had seen Zuko use them and knew what they looked like in combat best.

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