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The Phoenix Estates, Et Dah

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Chapter II:The Northern Air Temple

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Lee lived in the town of Aggni all his life. When he heard he would be sent off to war, he ran, but he was caught and forced into the army. He was sent to fight at Ba Sing Se. When Bharato decided to follow Appa because he thought it was the Avatar, Lee was on the airship. When the airship began to go down, he, along with other members of the crew who had been forced into the army, were saved by Juna. He later asked Juna to take him and his comrades to the Fire Nation, and she accepted. While in the Fire Nation he organized a rebellion, including Hiroto and Balin. He was captured by Et Dah, and set to be executed. Though he wasn't hanged, as was intended, he still died in the Nov Sol arena, as part of his execution.

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