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By SuperFlash101 and Zukofan123 Part of the Rebellion: Final Hope continuity.
Lee profile (Rebel)
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


c. 86 AG, Earth Kingdom, near Eastern Forest

Physical description


Hair color

Dark blond (almost brown)

Eye color

Dark blue

Personal information
Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information



Earth Kingdom Rebellion

Lee was a member of the Earth Kingdom Rebellion during the years of The Great War with the Fire Nation. Lee was a partaker is several important missions with the Rebellion to pull back the Fire Nation from places of the Earth Kingdom, most importantly at the final front on Ba Sing Se to pull back Fire Nation occupation. Lee's location after the War is undocumented.


Early life

"[...]just like Eastern Forest back home."
— Lee, describing Kenji Forest.

Lee was born near the Eastern Forest in the Earth Kingdom. At a young age, he and his family immigrated to the Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se. There, Lee became upset with the rules and restrictions, regularly running away and going out the nearby small villages. There, he learned larger of the aspects of the War's tole on the world.

Joining the Rebellion

At around fifteen years of age, Lee took interest in the formation of a rebellion in Ba Sing Se, led by already marked and wanted rebels Mogra and Sazuki Yuro.

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