By Dragonfire333 Part of the Avatar: War of Nations continuity.
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Air Nomad



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Air, glider staff

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Maika, Kaoru, Jared, Haysumi, Yuki

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Airbending student

Lee is part of the Air Nomads, a friend of Kaoru and is a character in Avatar:War of Nations.


Lee is a member of the foreign race of Air Nomads that grew up on what was once Air Temple Island in a ruined Republic City where he was trained in Airbending alongside the other Air Nomad children. Lee and his younger sister Maika grew acquainted with each other while on the island. Having been trained by the monks, Lee became a talented Airbender but he wasn't yet a master. Lee was among the older Airbenders to be sent to the Sinae training academy where he made new friends in the form of Kaoru, Jared, Haysumi, and Kaoru's younger sister Yuki.


Lee is one of the more mature teenagers of the group along with Haysumi. He is a very likable person being instantly liked by anyone once he gets to know them. He can at times though act childish like all teens.



Lee stirring up a wind

Lee is a gifted Airbender who has almost completed all 36 tiers of Airbending. Similar to the new race of Airbenders, Lee is prone to more forceful airbending attacks then the evasive and defensive maneuvers of the older Airbenders. Lee has been called a genius airbender due to him passing the first 31 tiers of airbending at a relatively young age and having created not one but several new airbending moves albeit two of them are slightly frowned upon due to their nature.

Lee is also proficient in using his glider-staff and a spear in conjunction with his Airbending. He mainly uses his glider-staff for defensive purposes while he uses his spear for both defensive and offensive purposes, but making his attacks faster and sharper.

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