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Lee is a prisoner in Uluru in the fanon story Alone.

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Lee was born in San Juan, a firebending colony. When Lee was eight years old, the city was besieged by the BDA. His parents were among the many people who fought against the Enforcers. Unbeknownst to him, Avatar Joel had sought refuge in the city, bringing with him the Leader.

The Leader destroyed the colony with a massive explosion, scarring Lee and killing his parents in the process. Refusing to join the Enforcers, he chose to go to Uluru. There he met Peter, a fellow firebender from the ruins of San Juan. They lived together with the forty other survivors from the colony. Years later, the current Avatar asked to visit the firebending cell block.

Lee was the first person Leah met, being introduced by Peter. Lee expressed his admiration of Leah's skills and told her of what happened at San Juan at the time of her birth. Before she left, he advised her against escaping, pointing out the scars of the firebenders in the block because of their failed attempts. As a closing word, Lee advised Leah to fight fire with fire. Leah did not say goodbye to Lee or Peter before she escaped.

After her escape, Lee and the other prisoners lived under the lockdown put over the prison. Months later, Peter was taken from his cell by Kumara, leaving Lee behind. Lee expected to be punished for Peter's escape, and was soon taken by Vayu to a cavern. He was chained to a wall and left to wait.

The Leader came to Lee's holding cell hours later. Lee asked if he was being punished because of Peter, though the Leader did not respond. The Leader tried to generate lightning with his maimed hand, but failed. He left the cell and sent Vayu, who attacked Lee with an air blade. Vayu was later seen with blood staining his robes.


Lee was described as gruff. When he met Leah, he expressed admiration of her skills, but at the same time warned her against escaping. He showed care that the previous attempts had already done damage to the firebenders.

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