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Lee is one of the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom.

His parents died when he was five years old, he lived with his uncle, his uncle live in the Fire Nation so he moved there with his uncle.

All Lee's family were firebenders except him and his mother were earthbenders, because of his mother death none can teach him earthbending, so he joined a school for teaching earthbending.

Lee was a great earthbender and he has that feeling he could metalbend too. However, Lee promised himself to metalbend one day. When Lee told his uncle that, his uncle was so happy because of his resolution.

Lee was training so hard to metalbend, after some days Lee was in the town buying some things for his uncle, then he fall by a rock in the street, his money was all on the floor, so he extend his hand to catch them, but when he did all his money go up, he was so surprised when he saw it.

When he went back home, he told his uncle what happened in the town, his uncle was so happy. Anyway, Lee started training on metalbending and earthbending.

One year later:

Lee started a school for metalbending just like Toph, Lee was a big fan of her. Anyway, Lee's school got a lot of students and fame.

After few days his uncle got sick pretty hard. Lee did everything he could do to find a medicine, after few days later his uncle died. Lee was so upset because of that.

He knows his uncle wants him to keep his school and do what he think it is right, so Lee did all of that and keep going in his own path.

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