Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple
Finding the Secondary Airbending Master
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Avatar Phoa



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March 16, 2012

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The Destruction (Avatar Phoa)

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Leaving the Island is the sixth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Kodok's Saddle, 03:55

Phoa awoke to the cold of the mist, when the stars was still shone at the morning. Joy, Fansha, Ratih, and Sister Lio was sat down in the flying bison's saddle, when they fly over the sea. She opened her eyes, sat down beside her friends when she still sleepy.

"Where're we?" Phoa said, doesn't recognizing the dark sky.

"We're in Myung Ching Sea, Phoa. Sister Lio told us to go up Kodok." Ratih said.

"We're in a hurry." Fansha replied.

"But, what about my airbending training?" Phoa asked.

"Yeah, you know, you must finds the another teacher." Joy said.

"Wh-what? But, I can't! Even the basic techniques I have not been able to bend!" Phoa demanded.

"Calm down, my dear. Somebody will teaches you at there." Sister Lio assured her wisely.


"Eastern Air Temple." Sister Lio replied.

Eastern Air Temple, 10:04

When the sun rising at the horizon, shattered onto a small pieces of the shine, when the wind calm and gently blow the sea onto a wave, when the birds fly beside the flying bison, the Avatar and the rest of the team arrived at the mysterious misty Eastern Air Temple.

"This? Whoa... Look at the LCD TV! Phoa, looks at yourself there!" Fansha said amaze.

"Wow. The technology was so beautiful." Ratih said.

Sister Lio, after packing her supply and cue in the flying bison, she walked onto a Monk, who welcoming them.

"They're the Avatar? Who's?" a Monk asked.

"She, with the waterbender outfits. Probably you must trained her faster more than the rabbits run." Sister Lio said.

After entered the room, Phoa realized that she must training now. The Avatar joining the Monks, looking for her instructor.

"So, who will teaches me?" Phoa asked.

"Wait a minute, young girl."

The old Monk walked when the wind swept the leaves, and the others was sat down looking at the Avatar.

"Here you are, Avatar."

Flying Bison Field, 12:00

The sun was brightly shiny, when the water flows through the river, the white clouds shattered in the horizon, and the breeze freshen the air, Phoa was struggled for mastered the second element. Fansha, Joy, and Ratih are sitting in the rocks, looking at the Avatar.

"She's strong, isn't?" Fansha said.

"Yeah. Why you not practice airbending, Fans? Probably the teacher now matches to you." Ratih said.

"Alright, baby."

Phoa, in the center of Air Nomads Ancient Relics whom founded by Avatar Aang that used to training of Avatar Korra, when the wind spun the relics, starts her training with Monk Kiki. Suddenly, when the clouds shattered onto many pieces, beyond the silent mountain, Fansha interrupted them.

"May I join?"

"Of course. Choose your place." Monk Kiki said.

Republic City, 18:55

In the silent night, when the moon shone the metropolitan districts, almost black, the suburban was very quiet. The sounds of water dipping in the river, echoing through all of avenue, full filled the roadways. Ka'a, alongside with Nyiha and their parents rode the ships, went to the Air Temple Island while they don't know about the attacks.

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