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Leaving a Utopia is the twenty-ninth chapter of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts. It premiered on March 12 2010 as part of the first ever Kyoshi Revolts marathon.


When Kama ends up catching a deadly virus, Kambi, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu must find a way to save Kama's life with a cure. Eventually, they find out that the only cure is outside of the city, in the Fire Nation inhabited wilderness. Meanwhile, the Rebel City has some surprise visitors.


The chapter opens with Giu and Mina casually conversing around the fireplace. Out of curiosity, Giu asks Mina if Kaila and Chen have always hid their feelings for each other. Mina giggles, and says that at first, Kaila wanted to kill him. Giu scoots over to Mina, and attempts to put his arm around her, saying that he's "never wanted to kill her". Mina rolls her eyes, and shoots an arrows right through the sleeve of Giu's shirt, throwing him back about three feet. As Giu stands up, Mina tells him that he is lucky that she is under the training of Arrow, and that if she wasn't, that arrow would have either missed him completely or pierced his chest. Before Giu can retort, a worried looking guard runs into the room. He tells them to come into Kama's room, and that it's urgent. Mina and Giu rush over to Kama's room.

When they get there, they find Ray, Chen, and Kaila standing in the doorway. Kaila and Chen tell Mina and Giu that Kama is sick. They walk over to see Kambi, bent over his grandmother's body. Kambi asks her if she's okay. Kama, however, tells him the doctor said that she has Purple Fever. Kambi is distraught by this news, but he regains his composer, and asks if Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu will come and talk with him, while Momo keeps Kama company. When the others leave, Kama asks Momo if he wants to examine her moles. The lemur, as if comprehending what Kama has asked him, flies out of the room at an immense speed. Upon seeing everyone has left, Kama yells "You bastards!" before falling into a long nap.

Bored Mai

Mai is irritated by Azula's harsh words against Chen

Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation Capital, Azula holds a conference with Mai and Ty Lee. She paces around her throne room uneasily, telling Mai and Ty Lee that she hasn't received word from Mitsuki yet. Both of Azula's apprentices are concerned, though Ty Lee is thrown into a state of panic over her daughter. Azula dismisses her, and expresses her deep desire for Chen, not Mitsuki, to die. Mai, however, tells Azula that she doesn't think that she should be "going so hard on the poor kid". Azula is stunned by what Mai is saying, and angrily asks her why she would say something as foolish as that. Mia hesitantly responds that Azula spends too much of her time wanting to kill family, like she did with poor Zuko. Upon hearing this, Azula tells Ty Lee to "leave them alone". Ty Lee does as she is told, and leaves the room in a rush.

Azula angrily comes to the realization that Mai's guilt isn't about Chen; it's about Zuko. Mai tells her that that isn't true. Azula viciously responds that it "better not be". Mai is stunned, but Azula continues hammering her with words, telling her that Zuko never cared about her: "He betrayed you; threw you away like a dirty rag!". She goes on to tell Mai that Zuko never had loved her, and that if Zuko was still alive, she wouldn't have Quanlee; she would have a bastard of a child with a worthless loser of a father. Mai sits in her chair with her eyes closed shut, as if trying to restrain herself. Azula finishes her traumatic speech by telling Mai to remember why Zuko died, and to remember why she fights. Mai keeps her head down, and Azula storms out of the room, and Mai, now alone, breaks down in tears.

Back in Kein Forest, Kambi addresses his advisers. He tells them that as they know, his grandmother has been struck by the deadly Purple Fever virus. He goes on to say that the only cure for it is from the bark of the Roki-berry trees, which are only found near the coastal Eastern Earth Kingdom in a secluded area. Kambi says that Kama needs to be taken their immediately to receive the treatment, and that transporting it to the city would take too long. Kambi asks for volunteers to help with the mission. Ray, however, cuts in. She tells him that he has duties to attend to as ruler of the city, and that she will take Kama. Mina, Chen, Kaila, and Giu also volunteer. Kambi tells them that the journey will be dangerous, as the area between there and the Rebel City is inhabited by Fire Nation troops. The five children do not back down, and Kambi tells his servants to help them prepare, as the journey will take a few days. He also makes sure they are accompanied by three bodyguards.

While Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu prepare to leave, Kama is transported over to them on a flatbed. Kambi says goodbye to the children, and tells them he'll see them in a few days. He looks down at his grandmother, who is now sleeping, and tells her that he loves her. Kama suddenly awakens, and responds with "I love you too, Kimbo." This causes Kambi to smile slightly. The six of them then depart, all of them telling Kambi that they will see them in a few days. Once they are out of sight, a man approaches Kambi. He tells him that the three wealthy warrior girls have arrived in the city. The man also tells Kambi that the girls were in a battle against Princess Mitsuki and her friends, but luckily, they defeated her. Kambi, still worried for his grandmother, simply says, "that's good." He then leaves to greet the girls.

Back in the Fire Nation Capital, Azula orders Z.Z. to file some documents on the Rebel City's security system for her. Ty Lee then comes running up to her, and joyfully tells Azula that she bought a pet poodle-monkey. Upon seeing Azula, the poodle-monkey growls, and then jumps into Ty Lee's shirt. Ty Lee begins running around the room frantically, as the monkey refuses to leave her shirt. While Azula watches, Mai shows up. She apologizes to Azula, and tells her that she was right: it isn't good to dwell on the past. Azula smirks, though she and Mai are interrupted by a messenger. He hands Azula a note, telling her that it regards Mitsuki. Azula and Mai read the note, and their eyes widen in shock.

In the Rebel City, Kambi stands on the stairs of his palace, looking outward into the sunset as the three girls approach the palace. The girls are clad in expensive, yet fitting clothing, with the rebel insignia on the front. Their faces are slightly shadowed by the towering statues above them. They are also accompanied by two large men dressed in darker, male versions of their uniforms. The sounds of trumpets and festive music are also heard buzzing in the background, which slightly annoys Kambi. As the three girls walk down the paved pathway toward the palace, Kambi looks up into the sky to the spirits. He whispers to himself that "at least one thing has a chance of going well."

He was dead wrong.


  • The three wealthy warrior girls were previously shown in Chapter 26, in which they were attacked by Mitsuki and her friends. Evidently, the warrior girls won the battle.
  • This is the first of many chapters that gives Mai and Ty Lee a substantial role.

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