Leaving Home
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Chapter 2: Leaving Home

All of a sudden, at the sight of me on Areno, the zombies got excited and began stumbling towards us and snarling.

"Hut-hut!" I commanded. At once, he took off. As we flew away, I was in shock. All of a sudden, Roku's voice spoke to me in my mind.

Avatar Masami, if you are wondering how the flesh-craving demons had come, it all started with a strange plant in Omashu. The plant was known as the Red Ivy. It was dangerous and had to be left alone. A person had accidentally touched it, caught the Red Plague, died that night and reanimated into a zombie the next morning. Within two days, zombies were radiating out from Omashu. You must go to Omashu and destroy the plant. Roku said.

He was right. If I didn't destroy that plant and save the world, there won't be a world to save. It ultimately became my destiny to do that job.

Author's Note

Sorry about the length

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