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Enjoying the Little Things

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Chapter 6: Learning about my New Friends

While flying on Areno, we were all talking about our lives before the zombie outbreak. Aika went first.

"I lived in a village called Katashi with my mother, father and older sister. I hated my sister intensely. She hated me too. We were rivals for our parents' affection. My parents favored my sister over me. They always compared me to her. Like, "Why can't you be smart like your sister?" "You always dishonor the family name." After my family got eaten, I was so heartbroken that I attempted to hurl myself off a building until I saw a mob of zombies at the bottom," Aika explained.

"I lived in the Southern Temple with my mother and my sister. I was never confident and I was always shy around girls. I officially gave up on girls when I dated this pretty girl from the Eastern Temple and I found out she had cheated on me behind my back. I was so hurt that I stopped talking to girls. When the outbreak reached the Temple, nearly everyone survived but they're all in hiding," Kenshin explained.

"Oh yeah? Because I'm the prince of the Northern Tribe, my parents expected way too much. They even freaked out when they heard I was dating this hot chick who was a commoner. They immediately imprisoned the girl and I stopped talking to them. When the outbreak reached the Tribe, my entire family fled and are in hiding," Takeshi said.

"I had the worst childhood ever. I had overprotective parents who said that I was too 'delicate'. When they found out that I was the Avatar, they tried to lock me in the house to keep me from mastering all four elements. I ran away the second I was locked in my room. Ever since, I haven't heard from my parents," I explained.

"Wow, we all had rough childhoods," Kenshin said. I was glad to know more. We said nothing else as Areno continued flying.

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