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Tui and La By Millennia2 Part of the Alone continuity.

"You said the Avatar was never meant to be on Earth, so what is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing? I don't know how to be the Avatar."
— Leah to Aang in "Legacy Part 2: Avatar Aang".
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Leah Sanchez
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"Twin Towers, Part 3: The Burden of Atlas"

Leah Sanchez was the third Avatar in the fanon story, Alone


Birth and Capture

Leah Sanchez was born on November 20, 1984, to Maria Sanchez in Tucson, Arizona. Maria died in childbirth, and as a result, she was adopted by the midwife, Allison Wettstein. They moved from Tucson to Chicago shortly after her birth.

Leah lived a normal life for her first ten years, until she had pebbles ground into her skin from a bike crash. With no other option and risk of infection, Leah discovered her ability to earthbend. She quickly took to it, keeping it a secret, and began to practice by swirling pebbles in her hand during her school hours.

At her twelfth birthday, Leah and her adopted mom took a boating trip on Lake Michigan. When a freak wave hit their boat, Leah accidentally unleashed the Avatar State, saving both their lives. Allison was quickly shocked by this display of immense power, and Leah assumed that her mother had labeled her as a freak.

Leah chose to run away from home to get away from her 'misunderstanding' mother. On her way out of the city, she was ambushed and captured by the BDA, but not before injuring a portion of their numbers.

Leah was quickly transported to Uluru Bending Complex and brought to the Leader of the BDA, who explained the reason for her capture. She spent the next four years living in the compound. Leah detested being locked up simply for her abilities, and was obsessed with finding ways to escape the compound. She met the other residents, who helped to train her in the elements and dissuade her from escaping.

After four years living in the compound, Leah was given the chance to leave the compound for a week to go to Alice Springs. While a high school student in Alice Springs, she met Sierra. Sierra quickly took to her, and escorted her to her mansion. There, Sierra dumped all of her problems on Leah, quickly apologizing afterwards, but Leah was grateful just for having a friend.

After a day being with Sierra, Leah resented returning to Uluru for another four years. However, she learned from a teacher at her high school that glass was made from earth. Using this knowledge, she tempered with the idea of bending glass, an ability that she quickly discovered and excelled at. Excited at her new ability, she willingly returned to Uluru at the end of the week.


While preparing for her escape, her mentors increased their resolve to persuade her not to escape. She was personally visited by Avatar Bracken, who told her his story of becoming the Avatar and of his escape attempt. After her session with him, Leah was unraveled by the thought of dying in the attempt, and was haunted by nightmares.

Adrian, Leah's airbending master, took notice to her bad dreams and arranged for a psychiatrist Leah was furious at the man's attempts to pyscho analyze her, saying that the man had nothing to compare to Leah. The psychiatrist deduced that losing her mother was the reason behind Leah's hatred of the BDA.The psychiatrist showed Leah a video of what had happened in the four years she had been gone, and realized that her mother had moved on. The video deeply affected her, and she fell apart the second she returned to her cell.

Seeing her mother living without her only hardened her resolve to escape. The day before her attempt, she said goodbye to her mentors in the compound. While visiting Rose, Leah made a promise that should she ever run into Rose's daughter, Leah would tell her that Rose was sorry for leaving her.

The next day, Leah deliberatly bent in her cell, evoking the BDA to activate the guns in her cell. Before the glass bullets could reach her, she took control and stopped them. Smiling at her ability, she used the bullets to break through the glass wall and escape from her cell. She made her way through the prison, defeating any opposition that came to her.

Leah made her way to the garage and hijacked the Leader's jeep, using it to get to the outside of Uluru. There, she was confronted by the Leader, who offered her one last chance to back down and return to her cell. She fought with the Leader and was nearly defeated, before going into the Avatar State and unleashing it upon the Leader and a nearby group of Enforcers.

After she came out of the State, she was trapped by the Leader, who prepared to kill her with a bolt of lightning. However, she was saved at the last minute by Adrian. He redirected the lightning away from Leah and blasted the Leader away, before urging Leah to go to the airbending colony in New York.





Book 1: Glass

Book 2: Smoke

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Joel Matthews
November 20, 1984-September 11, 2001
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