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I Really Need to Upload A Video In Youtube



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May 1, 2013

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Releasing Aang From That Blue Iceberg



"Aunt Toph?"

"What is it, Jinora?"

"I've been reading about all of your adventures. I have been dying to ask.. Who is your husband?"

"Yes! Yes! Katara, this is it!"

"Well, Jinora, it's an incredible tale.."

"Aunt Toph, you look young! Let's upload videos again! Huh Huh Huh?"

"Well, that's annoying..."

"Aang, your granddaughter is just like you. Cheerful, talkative, bla bla bla.."

"Jinora, you got to promise me that your teen age won't be like this.."

"I will not make such promises.."


"What is it?"

"Lin! Why?"

"She hit my arrow.."

"He hit my private part!"




"Let's just upload the video!"


"Meelo, quiet!"

"Upload when we're in the Sozin's Comet Battle!"


"What will be the title?"


"Who's that!?"

"Avatar Aang!"

"Oh, Avatar Korra!"

"Aww.. Give me a hug!"

"It's kind of strange.. You hug yourself.."


"Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang"


"Let's upload!"

Few moments later..

"Liberation of Ba Sing Se"

"Look at Master Pakku!"

"Wow, he's strong!"

"Wait a second.. These White Lotus guys are the one that guard me for 13 years!?"

"That's right.."

"That's a bad luck, Korra.."

"Okay.. Continue!"

"Look! Zuko VS Azula!"


"Brother VS Sister"

"Zuko is hot!"

"Emm.. Korra?"

"I cannot possibly said that Zuko's hot!"

"Admit it Aang.."



"Katara, look out!"

"Wow! Zuko ran faster than a lightning!"



"Why does it affected?"


Zuko peeks a little..

"Hey! You scared me to death!!"

"But you're still hot!"


"Wow! Aang is in the Avatar State!"

"Wow Aang! You're really strong!"

"I know Korra.."

"He he he he..."

"Aang bends all four elements in A TIME!"

"Arrow head guy, you're the best!"

"You too, Boomerang guy!"


"I am falling down! Toph hold my hands!"

"Ay aye Captain!"

"Suki to the rescue!"

"I decided to make a restaurant! Suki-Suki!"


"Aang! You, stop killing the Fire Lord?"


"So? You defeat them by?"

Energybending lights

Aang took Ozai's bending.

"By this"

As Aang take the bending away everyone gasp..

"Hear that background music!"

"That beam of light!"

"Oh, yes!"

Katara cries because it's the last time she uploaded a video in YouTube that day..

As Zuko's coronation, everyone cheered Zuko and Korra kissed Zuko.

"I love you, Korra.."


"Look at Ba Sing Se's sunset!"

"The Avatar's Love song!"


"Don't kiss! Don't kiss!"


"I love you, Avatar Aang.."



"I kissed Katara and I kissed Zuko?"


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