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Earth Kingdom; Si Wong Desert

  • Autonomous city state
  • Glass city
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Laobao is a city located in the south-east of the Si Wong Desert. It is one of the biggest settlements there.

By 230 AG, the city is one of the biggest settlements in the Si Wong Desert, home to thousands of people. Most of its citizens were members of sandbender tribes who decided to give up their nomadic lifestyle. Laobao is the only city in the world to learn glassbending, created by its founder Tum Guon.


Laobao was founded in 157 AG by Tum Guon while he was travelling through the southern part of the Si Wong Desert. Starting off with creating an entire landscape of solid ground to build his town on, Tum Guon then began forming hills to place the houses on. All throughout his founding of the town, he was able to get help from sandbenders while having to fend off several tribes.

Not before after, several roaming sandbender tribes decided to become citizens of the city. It is crowded with guards, traders and wanderers who find the city.

Tum Guon later began teaching his citizens, other than his children, to bend glass. The training areas are surrounded with glass plates and structures to use for practicing the art. The city has also been able to import earth from around the Earth Kingdom, as it is easier to train people earthbending with actual rocks than the ones Tum Guon made from the desert sand. Most of its citizens are benders, usually learning sand, then earth and finally glassbending.

During Kuvira's take over of the Earth Kingdom, the city was visited by her troops to demand their loyalty. Seeing them overreach and threatening his city, Tum Guon captured them and finally left them to die deep in the middle of the desert.

206 AG

Laobao was having increasing threats from the surrounding sandbender tribes led by Anjanun, with many feeling that Laobao had disgraced the Si Wong Desert with its non-nomadic ways. Knowing the city would face an attack, Yungyen (captain of the city guard at the time) convinced Tum Guon to let her lead the defense should an attack happen.

That day, she and the rest of Laobao defeated a third of this army including its leader, then convinced the rest of the army to live in the city, destroying the largest threat the city ever faced.

Layout and description

Laobao was built on top of a valley sized area of solid ground formed by Tum Guon himself. The buildings of the city consist of a number of skyscrapers and many smaller edifices. There are several guesthouses for special guests Tum Guon chose to receive. In the middle of the city stands a large imposing statue of Tum Guon.

Outside the main city, there are large outposts to act as a strong layer of defense against outside threats. These were the result of Anjanun's army destroying most of the old ones in 206 AG.

Also following this attack, hundreds of buildings were constructed to house the new residents, all former members of Anjanun's. The city maintains security by stationing guards with mastery in glassbending at every part of city and at every outpost, keeping it secure from ground and aerial attacks. As the city is still young, Most of its citizens are more preoccupied with waiting out until the next attack to test the protection of its walls.

The city also employs waterbenders to help sustain a water supply for the city, collecting the moisture from the desert air at night.

Notable Residents

The city is populated mainly of former members of many Sandbender tribes.

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